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Congressman criticizes district attorney’s handling of “rape” case.

“In the name of tolerance, the media made news about a crime that never happened.”

Black college student perpetrates hate-speech hoax.

Told strip club co-workers, “I’m going to get paid by the white boys.”

Dismissing charges against Duke lacrosse players is “in the best interest of all black people.”

Duke’s Reichstag Fire, LewRockwell.com

College administors exploit false charges of hate crimes to malign and browbeat whites.

Black fabricated story of attack by whites to avoid arrest for underage drinking.

Whites targeted in attempt to make criminal justice system look “fair” to minorities.

Duke “victim’s” companion dismissed her account of rape.

SPLC says debate causes hate crimes; their only example is one burnt Mexican flag.

Duke, Race and Rape, Special to AR News

Duke Lacrosse players are being accused of a crime that almost never happens.

Prosecutor to press on with rape case against Duke lacrosse players despite lack of evidence.

Racism 101 at Duke, American Thinker

Duke hate crime hoax only the latest in a long line.

Alleged hate-crime rape at Duke University shaping up to be yet another hoax.

Another hoax.

Black Resident Gave Out KKK Fliers, Police Say, Daily Press (Hampton Roads, Va.)

Another hoax.

Possible Hate Crime May Have Been Staged, First Coast News (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Hate crime against black firefighters may be a hoax.

Another hoax.

Race Case Victim Held in Robbery, New York Daily News

Black victim in Howard Beach “hate crime” arrested for robbery.

Burnt Koran left outside mosque by Muslim student, not by “bigot.”

Another hoax.

Improbable hate crime accusation turns out to be a hoax.

Police suspect “hate crime” may have been a hoax.

Homosexuals using same tactics as non-whites.

Burning of black church turns out to be a hoax.

Columnist urges people to be less gullible about claims of racial hatred.

Campus goes into paroxysms over racial hate-mail . . . but it turns out to be a hoax.

Supposed hate-crime at the home of interracial couple turns out to be a hoax.

Black teacher delivered cards containing “hate messages” to himself and two colleagues.

Woosteria!, Cleveland Scene

College hate graffiti turns out to be hoax crime.

Hate crimes laws create specially protected victim groups and violate equality under the law.

Deadlock in Hayden Trial, Kootenai Valley News

Mixed-race couple stages fake hate crime to collect insurance money.

Hate-crime hoaxer Kerri Dunn sentenced to a year in prison.

White man goes to jail for a silly prank against a black teenager.

Another “hate” crime exposed: Murderers killed homosexual for money, not because of hate.

Blacks are 13 percent of the population, but commit 19 percent of hate crimes.

Stiff sentence for black hoaxer, arsonist.

Hate-crime hoaxer ordered to undergo psychological testing.

Another phony Arab hate crime.

Pakistani owner fakes anti-Muslim arson attack to collect insurance money on store.

Hoaxer faces up to three and a half years in prison.