Outrage Erupts After ‘White Only’ and ‘Colored’ Labels Appear in College Dorm

Dave Urbanski, The Blaze, September 3, 2014

After two labels reading “White Only” and “Colored” were found “affixed” to doors and water coolers in a Virginia college dorm last week, the administration of Sweet Briar College took fast action to get to the bottom of it.

The all-women’s school, located about 12 miles north of Lynchburg, sits on a former plantation and was racially integrated 50 years ago, WSET-TV reported.

Indeed the urgency seemed palpable in the note to the school from interim president James F. Jones Jr.

“For someone who grew up in the deeply segregated South, those words recall to me a world of racial discrimination, disregard for human dignity, and institutionalized prejudice,” he wrote of Thursday’s incident. Jones said an investigation had been launched and that the person responsible should come forward, per the school’s honor code.


Sure enough, Jones got an anonymous email from a student that night confessing to the whole thing–right along the lines Jones himself suggested as a “more theoretically positive” reason: “My mission was to show others that words can still have an extreme impact, and the past still resonates with us all,” the student wrote, adding that “I was trying to make a point, but the point ended up ‘making me.’”


Then Jones got another email from the student, this time with her name. In a follow-up note to the school community Tuesday, Jones wrote that he and Dean Cheryl Steele “met privately with the student into the night” then posted the student’s entire mea culpa.

Jones didn’t reveal the student’s name nor did he indicate if she faces disciplinary action. {snip}


Student Body President Katie Craig told the station she stayed up until 3 a.m. consoling fellow students after the incident was reported.

“I’m sad and I continue to be sad,” Craig told WSET. “It’s not indicative of what we are.”

Craig also emailed a note to students emphasizing Sweet Briar women are progressive, not oppressive, the station noted.


UPDATE 6:33 p.m.: President Jones said late Wednesday that the person behind placing the “White Only” and “Colored” labels in the dorm is black and is no longer enrolled at the school. Sweet Briar wouldn’t comment to TheBlaze if she was expelled or left on her own, citing federal guidelines protecting students’ educational records. In addition, Jones noted that the ex-student’s name will not be revealed.

Here’s more of Jones’ statement:

Over the past several days, it has become increasingly clear that I need to clarify one point: the calls made for forgiveness for the student–who came forward and admitted to making and placing the labels in Meta Glass Hall–do not remove the need for responsibility and accountability. As I stated previously, the College has continued its investigation.

As a result, the student responsible is no longer enrolled at the College.

Per federal regulations, the name of the student involved will not be released, but because of the circumstances and the questions it has raised, I can tell you that she is African-American and that I believe her apology was sincere.

While this closes our investigation, the discussions about inclusion and respect must continue on our campus. We must acknowledge the pain that has befallen our community, and we must find a path forward. Very soon I will have information to share about how the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities will be helping us in that effort.

UPDATE 7 p.m.: Sweet Briar College was under a lockdown for about an hour Wednesday morning after the school received a threatening phone call, according to Christy Jackson, the college’s director of media, marketing, and communications.

The call seems to have been in reaction to the label-posting incident on campus last week, according to WSET-TV, citing the Amherst County Sheriff’s Office.

The station, citing Major Betty Wise, reported the anonymous male caller made the following statements:

  • “We want justice.”
  • “Who is the white girl that did this?”
  • “Ferguson and now this.”
  • “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”
  • “We’re coming up there. We want justice.”

Wise told WSET that the phone call lasted 30 seconds or less and was too short to trace.


At the time of the lockdown students were texted letting them know that it was not a drill, WSET reported, adding that the campus siren was also sounded. Students and faculty were told to stay where they were, the station added.

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  • D.B. Cooper

    Why would the suspect admit to it in the first place? What was she afraid of? Getting expelled? Well someone be sure to add this latest crime before it disappears from memory? Remember this guy? I’m making sure you don’t forget.

    • Alexandra1973

      I give up–who is the guy?

    • bilderbuster

      You need to put a name to that antiracist mug.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      I remember that “aw, shucks” grin from an earlier Amren article, but i can’t recall which.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      He will be emptying sh!t barrels at the camps.

  • Locking down the school?
    Another progressive profile in courage.

    • Oil Can Harry

      This just in: the sista who caused the uproar with her monkeyshines has now dropped out of the school.

      From 1901 to 1966 this all-girls school was also all-white. You know the students were much happier back then and had to deal with less drama.

  • I bet the “anonymous male caller” and the unnamed student who put these signs up who we now know is black are closely linked to each other somehow. Brother/sister, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

    Student Body President Katie Craig told the station she stayed up until 3 a.m. consoling fellow students after the incident was reported.

    Two joke signs on one floor of one dorm inflicts so much trauma that they have to be consoled until the middle of the night, (though they would be awake anyway doing that which lesbians do). Imagine what they would do if they had real problems and hardships to contend with. Many people today have lives that are so charmed that they have to invent their own struggles, which are “struggles” that would have constituted a good day for a Rosie the Riveter whose husband was on the other side of the world maybe never to come home and still had a house full of kids to care for even after she came home in the evening.

    • bilderbuster

      Why are these women going to college?
      If this gets their knickers in a knot and they need consoling then what kind of job could they possibly be preparing for?
      Even working in a flower shop would be too stressful for them.
      They would be a ball of nerves every time the phone would ring because it might mean an order for flowers for someone in the hospital or they’d have a breakdown if someone died and there’s a funeral.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      The MUGgers (Minority Underlying Government) do the same thing, such as the EEOC (which is 50% Black). If a company isn’t submitting to a demographic shake-down they have “anonymous complaints” called in to OSHA, IRS, etc.

      It’s called the Chicago Way.

      These college kids are practicing “…the Chicago Way…”.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    These hoaxes where blacks try to make whites look like racists are pure projection. The truth is that, left to themselves, whites hardly ever think about race, never mind make up signs about race. Blacks, however, are obsessed with race and are generally antagonistic about it. They wrongly assume that whites think like them.

    • Whites have more important, more productive things with which to concern ourselves.

    • Douglas Quaid

      I would occasionally think about race and race relations maybe monthly, tops. Ever since Obama got elected though it has been a weekly conversation. Now with St. Micheal of Ferguson’s martyrdom it is a daily conversation.

    • Tim

      Bam X10…

    • AndrewInterrupted

      They are keeping the hustle alive.
      There will be a major payback after 2014/2016.
      The White guilt era has ended.
      The Age of Tokenism–>over.

  • LHathaway

    “those words recall to me a world of racial discrimination, disregard for human dignity, and institutionalized prejudice”

    It would seem nothing has changed at all in 30 years.

    • Who Me?

      I doubt that she is even 30 years old, not to mention old enough to recall any of the old Jim Crow stuff. Hell, I’m 58 years old and I never saw any of that stuff. (Granted I was raised in the northwest, but still…) Somebody needs to teach that little female a lesson.

      • bilderbuster

        You were raised in the northwest huh?
        In that case here’s how it was in the wicked south in the pre 1964 MLK era.
        All White men had Klan uniforms in their closets and when they had nothing better to do, which was most of the time, they rode around lynching innocent, hard working, Black men.
        All Black women worked cleaning the homes of the Whites and the White women screamed at them all day long.
        When they were through being worked to exhaustion they had to sit in the back of the bus all the way home to their shacks.
        Then one day there was a Black woman named Rosa Parks…
        That’s what they taught me in the public schools anyways.

  • Truthseeker

    The agitation will never end. As long as Whites have any authority in a society shared by non-Whites, the non-Whites will feel the need to lash out at us like this. This campus sounds like a bastion of insanity and detachment from reality, where no one possesses the ability to critically analyze why situations like this happen.

    • anony

      ” As long as Whites have any authority in a society shared by non-Whites, the non-Whites will feel the need to lash out at us like this. ”

      You’ve nailed it, and that is exactly why we will never have a harmonious society with mixed races. Multi-culturalism is a glaring failure.

      Separation is the only answer.

  • Dave West

    If a white student did this black “scholars” would be picketing the deans office within seconds with a list of idiotic demands. “we want a new student union,” “we want you to let in more black people,” “we want mandatory black history classes.” etc.

  • Next in the news, we will be told that this race-baiting hoaxer was “confused”.

  • phorning

    How can they not understand the overreaction is making the problem worse? Next time something like this happens, just take down the signs and ignore the incident. How could a person under the age of 25 need consoling as a result of seeing a sign that says white or colored?

  • John Smith

    There have been dozens of these incidents over the years.

    It’s always the same. In the beginning, agonizing hand wringing about “racism” and the specific incident…and all the “hurt”.

    After the hoax is exposed, more agonizing hand wringing about the overall need for constructive “dialogue” about whatever issues in general the non-whites want to complain about.

    And of course, whites are expected to sit there and be lectured on everything and nod their heads apologetically.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Right, even after it has been shown to be a hoax they still say something like, “This is still a teachable moment, a time to remember how troubling and hurtful discrimination ….blah blah blah.”

      • Malgus

        They learned well… problem, reaction, solution…

        Let’s see.

        Problem: “Someone” put some “raaayciss” signs up in an all-female college.

        Reaction: Cue the crying, the rending of clothing, ashes and sackcloth, the “consoling”, phony baloney “outrage”…

        Then “someone” writes an anonymous email to the stand-in President, some guy named Jim Jones. Email “confesses” to everything.

        Later on, Jones has a Come-To-Jeebus moment with the alleged faux “raaayciss”, who – in a fit of grief – apologizes for the whole thing.

        Then, Solution: Jones, who won’t tell us who the faux “raaayciss” actually is, tells us “oh, she don’t beez wif da college no mo..”… mumble, mumble, inclusiveness, mumble, healing, mumble hurtful, mumble, mumble…

        Then, “someone” makes an alleged threatening phone call – a call that was conveniently neither traced nor recorded – an entire week later after the “incident”.

        Really? We’re supposed to swallow that bilge? This whole thing was created whole cloth for the specific purpose of ginning up “outrage”, denouncing “raaaycissms” and drawing attention to their puny “college”, most likely so they can get more funds from somewhere.

        Same old, same old… the same as the black preacher who spray-painted “NGIGER” on the side of his church, just to gin up outrage and draw attention to himself and his “church”… just more “LOOKSIT MEEE!”

    • Who Me?

      Because, of course it COULD have been racism… (They will say)

  • Lefties never miss an opportunity to exploit a “crisis,” including a manufactured crisis. That’s what many people are missing.

    “Pain” is an INTANGIBLE in the sense it’s used to gin up the BS in this case. It can’t be measured. Lefties love to claim being in pain. If they can’t marry their dog, they’re in pain, and a new civil rights movement starts. If they get taught Greek philosophy, they’re in pain, and it’s dropped from the curriculum. ETC.

    The point is that we must reject these “pain” claims. When we have the courage to do that, then, it will stop. Universities are in need of money. That’s why they kowtow.

    NEVER donate money to ANY university for any reason.

    • Nancy

      For the past 25 years, my alma mater (an expensive private university in ATL) sends me letters begging for money (the tens of thousands my parents spent in the late 80’s weren’t enough). Ironically, they keep addressing it to “Mr. Nancy…”, never bothering to notice I’m not, and never have been, a man.

      Yet they have the millions to erect butt-ugly modern sculptures and get the Dali Lama to visit each year.

      They’re not getting a dime from me.

      • I feel the same way about UC Santa Cruz, and consistently used the self-addressed, postage-paid return envelopes to send extremely nasty letters as my replies to requests for money by the chemistry department and the alumni association. For some strange reason, it has been years since I have received any mail from either of them.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      I attended Toccoa Falls College, I am ashamed to admit, and when in my last year, they suddenly admitted a bunch of black males who joined the basketball team. Two white girls there suddenly began dating two black males and a third (unrelated to the other two) also started dating one of the black males.
      Up to that point, I had never given this sorry excuse for a college a dime. And to now, still not one penny. Glad I never did.

      • saxonsun

        Speaking of white women with black males, we were in Connecticut for Labor Day weekend. While in the picturesque town of Mystic, we saw many attractive, well-heeled white women with black males. I was astounded; I never expected this there.

    • Tim

      My Alma Marta shot and killed a student three blocks off campus after following him to an apartment complex…. Sound familiar?!?

  • TheCogitator

    When Sweet Briar was founded it was to educate “white girls and young women.”

  • 4321realist

    “Outrage Erupts After ‘White Only’ and ‘Colored’ Labels Appear in College Dorm,”

    That EXACT message is tacitly expressed all over the United States in every neighborhood every single day of the year when blacks move in and whites move out.

    No amount of words could better describe how whites feel about blacks than that.

  • Those labels need to be attached to the female college students as appropriate, not to the water coolers.

  • fatbaby

    I have learned to interact with blacks as little as possible.

  • Bobbala

    Whites don’t get paid for white racism, only blacks do. It pays better than anything their natural talents and skill could provide them. How could they ever give that up?

    • stonepillow

      You should have quit after your first sentence – more impact. In marketing there’s a phenomena called “talking past the sale.” Opps – did it myself.

  • Dave West

    Libtard article headline:

    “African American woman violently forced out of store by racist worker for shopping while black.”

  • Should I take it this to mean that the USA does not produce enough insane people on its own anymore, and must now import them?

  • Rommel15

    If whites had a place for themselves on the North American continent “racism” wouldn’t exist. How can one be a “racist” when everyone is the same race? Is there “racism” in China? No, because everyone in China is Chinese.

  • mike smith

    Yes, and if DNA connects me to the body and crime scene I’ll confess…

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Let’s add voodoo to the deportation criteria, when the time comes.

  • edwin karninsky

    There would be many more hate hoaxes like this, except many blacks can’t even spell KKK.

  • bilderbuster

    Because of Black crime it’s not safe for Whites to even ride the bus in Montgomery anymore

  • Blacks can nearly always pull off this sort of hoax with impunity, unless it involves torching their own homes, businesses or vehicles, in which case only “plain-vanilla” arson charges apply. Whites who might be tempted to do this are generally smart enough to want to avoid felony charges on “ethnic intimidation” alone, even when there are no physical injuries or property damage.

  • FransSusan

    The perpetrator is probably a black girl.

  • Lagerstrom

    Another important ‘learning experience’ for White America.

  • bilderbuster

    “I hope Neil Young will remember, Southern Man don’t need him around anyhow!”