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Another headscarf hoax.

Hate Crime Hoaxes in America, AR Classic Article

What leftists don’t want you to know.

She used words forbidden to whites.

Exaggerated response to hoax turned students against one another.

“Die cracker.”

Behind the Mizzou protests were hate-crime hoaxes and a fake hunger strike.

But it’s still the fault of white people.

Hate-crime hoaxer also falsely claimed to be a Canadian citizen.

Employee Terrell Demonte Alexander was the perp.

Officials worry backlash to the hoax will result in actual hate crimes.

Black Failure, White Folly, AR Classic Article

Paved With Good Intentions: A powerful book about race relations that attacks liberal myths head-on.

The Politics of Tribe

When elections become a racial headcount.


The Psychology of Hate Crime Hoaxes

What drives hoaxes and why do whites fall for them?


But will face no jail time.

Myth of anti-Muslim backlash is spread by CAIR and ”terrorist-front organizations.”

Navy is using black sailor’s hoax as an excuse to “provide additional crew training . . . that racism will not be tolerated.”

His crimes had “a hate crime enhancement.”

Antifa beats up people because of their ideas, not because of race, religion, or ethnicity.

Twice as many crimes against whites as crimes against Muslims.

Facebook will have to hire 500 new people so it can comply with law.

The student is non-white.

The Content of Character

It matters less and less in the age of Trump.


The number of anti-black hate crimes has declined.

FBI stats must be adjusted for population.

Hoax prompted academy superintendent to give an impassioned speech condemning racism.

Prosecuting fake hate crime “not in the best interests of the community,” say police.

Halloween Happenings

Horrifying hoaxes, pallid politicians, and more.


Victim is 13 years old.

Campus police spent 1,080 hours investigating the incidents.

Reported hate crimes up, but prosecutions are down. Could some be hoaxes?

Students surprised that a “hate crime” was faked by a black man.

Fake News from the SPLC, Wall Street Journal

SPLC is slow to correct bogus “hate.”

Noose reported by courageous student turns out to be a lost shoelace.

Yet another benefit of diversity.

It’s not about the South, it’s about whites.

“Inciting a riot” would become a “hate crime,” with harsher penalties and all.

They asked strangers if they were Muslims or Christians before assaulting them.

A black former lawyer for St. Petersburg.

Liberal critiques the $PLC.

What Do We Mean by “Biased Media?”

It is on both the Right and the Left.


A “neutral” group that reports on non-profits is doing the SPLC’s bidding.

Hate crime hoaxers get probation, fines, but no jail time.

SPLC now has a track record.

The museum is not releasing video surveillance tapes.

Anti-Trump Hate Map

We’ve documented nearly 200 attacks on Trump supporters.


Eric Cruz-Lopez has confessed.

Swastikas pointing the wrong way. Another hoax?

It prompted posters that said, “F**k your white complacency.”

Man who spray-painted “heil Trump” and Swastikas on church in order to “mobilize a movement.”

Yet another hoax.