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Black Scholar Unmasks a Fundamental Lie of Race Relations

But hopes we can all get along anyway.


‘That’s Part of the Problem, and I’m a White Man’

Beto O’Rourke explains why he shouldn’t be president.


She remains convinced that someone was behind it.

Nooses, graffitti, hijab-cuttings—all fake.

A different kind of hate crime hoax.

His plan to boost his acting career has backfired.

‘Fear Mongrels’

Jussie Smollett spread hatred for white America.


He is charged with felony disorderly conduct and faces three years in jail.

After Another Blood Libel, We Want Justice

Fake hate crimes should be treated as hate crimes against the accused group.


Nothing he could accomplish would make him as interesting as being a “hate” victim.

Sharpton says it wasn’t a “left-wing hoax” since Trump bought it.

Now it’s a federal matter.

They are “persons of interest” in the case.

A Government ‘For the People’?

Hungary has one, America doesn’t.


There are no witnesses and no legitimate suspects.

“Half the people who live there are gay and the other half are black.”

‘Lawmakers Were All but Paralyzed’

Black face gives Dems a black eye.


And looking more and more likely to fade away.

Blackface meets #MeToo in Virginia.

Judge: “There is no evidence about what the offender meant or whether she holds or promotes an ideology.”

Chicago has one of the most extensive surveillance systems in America.

Perps allegedly said “this is MAGA country.”

Senator gets prison sentence for comparing black politician to an orangutan.

AfD says its members have increasingly been targeted by antifa.

LaPorsha Washington told reporters the perp was white; police arrest a black suspect.

Reports by tax-supported “speech monitoring group” have led to 144 “hate speech” convictions.

CNN swallows FBI distortions.

Blacks First Land First members beat up a woman in an elevator.

Killer held a personal grudge against the teacher after failing his exams last year.

Crimes were still a “symptom of racism on campus.”

The nooses were hung by supporters of the black candidate.

Because the woman who planted it was “teaching a grandchild the bad things the flag represents.”

No interest in who is committing hate crimes or in how many of them blacks commit.

Fake News from the FBI—the 2017 Hate Crimes Report

Meaningless rise in meaningless numbers is blamed on Trump.


A get-out-the-vote ploy?

Twitter gives leeway to leftist thugs.

Black former chairman of equality commission says UK must admit that knife killings are racial.

Antifa’s speciality: intimidation, threats of violence, and vandalism.

New York Times profiled the black man when he was working on initiatives to end hate crimes.

School decides that “oppression is a relevant topic in all academic disciplines.”

“It’s Okay to Be White.”

She said four teens slashed her tires and told her to “go home.”

Even 7-year-olds know how to pin it on whitey.

Attack a man’s wife—no problem; use a racial slur against the attacker—a felony.

Bike-lock-bashing “philosophy professor” gets slap on the wrist.

The waitress had had a bad day.

Middle Easterners learn quickly.

He’s been charged with a felony.

The media hide the race of a perp when he’s black.

“True equal treatment may not always mean treating everyone in the same way.”