Activist’s Corner

Many people want to know what they can do to help spread the message of American Renaissance. Such activists play an important role in publicizing our website, and we are grateful to them. The main way you can help is to talk to people you know about the issues and news discussed on this website. However, if you want to do more, we would urge you to do the following:

Help Jared Taylor get interviews and speaking engagements:

Mr. Taylor has extensive experience with radio interviews and public speaking, and these appearances are highly effective ways of publicizing American Renaissance and promoting its views. Local radio talk shows are often receptive to listeners’ suggestions, so you can urge them to interview Mr. Taylor. You can also bring Mr. Taylor to the attention of any group that sponsors speakers. We especially recommend this option to students at universities, where there are many student groups that sponsor speakers.

Talk about AR on discussion lists and message boards:

Discussion lists and message boards often have thousands of readers, so postings there can be a highly effective form of promotion. We see our hit count surge whenever a link to our site is posted in a popular forum.

Leave comments on mainstream news articles:

Most news websites let readers leave comments. Though comments sections are sometimes closed or heavily moderated for race-related articles, often they are not. Leaving thoughtful or witty comments from a race-realist perspective is a great way to spread the message. You may want to add links to AR or, if links are not allowed, suggest that people Google “American Renaissance.”

Write letters to editors:

Local newspapers and news sites are always looking for new content, and controversial (that is to say truthful) commentary on race is often available only in the letters section. Feel free to send us your published letters and we will post them as news items.

Attend conferences:

There are a number of race-realist organizations, including American Renaissance, that host regular conferences. These conferences are a great way to network with like-minded people and hear from and meet some of the most courageous academics, authors, and journalists of our time.


See what others are doing in our archive of news stories on activism.

Once again, we thank you for any effort you make to publicize AR.