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All of them Hispanic.

They claim they are preventing genocide.

The mainstream can’t get enough of our posters.

A Public-Private Initiative to Curtail Debate

A response to calls for the IRS to revoke tax-empt status from dissident organizations.


Douglas Murray on antifa in Europe.

A center-left commentator fears the backlash they could cause.

Liberals look at the women of the alt-right.

Commentator notes that soon enough, they’ll turn on their liberal enablers.

Luckily, only one injury has been reported so far.

J.P. Morgan’s Hate List, Wall Street Journal

Corporations bend to the knee to the $PLC.

The Left Reveals Itself

Its censorial, anti-white impulses are taking hold.


Non-white leader of rightwing rally maintains the rally is not for racists.

Linda Sarsour was a featured speaker.

Several arrests made after protesters attack the police.

Chomsky is to the right of Mitt Romney.

Dozens of police needed to keep the peace.

Counterprotest was 40,000 people.

Arrest records paint a balanced picture.

Why Did the Police Stand Down in Charlottesville?

Malice, incompetence, image?


She can’t be fired unless she is convicted.

The mainstream believes President Trump is reading us.

The same fight is breaking out across the West.

Red Ice on the latest.

Forever is not forever for Confederates.

Major companies are tripping over one another to grovel the most.

Richard Spencer will not be returning after all.

PHOTOS: Chaos at Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally

Violence reigned as police stood down.


The Real Race War, Frontpage Mag

David Horowitz on Charlottesville.

They demand impeachment.

If We Erase Our History, Who Are We?

“Are we building our utopia on a sandpile of ideology and hope?”


In his latest comments, Trump denounces “alt-left” violence.

She brought it up in the context of Charlottesville.

Police failed to establish a buffer zone between Unite the Right and violent antifa.

“My conclusions are that police wanted this to happen.”

Google Goes Berserk; So Does Charlottesville

The system is lashing out at dissidents.


Three Big Questions After Charlottesville

Anarcho-tyranny is here. How will we respond?


The account doing the doxxing is called, “Yes, You’re Racist.”

Namely: Black Lives Matter and antifa.

“God sent his son – a brown Middle Eastern man . . .”

Unite the Right: Who Got It Right?

Press and politicians are blind to the truth.


James Edwards makes some predictions.

Journalist turns to Jared Taylor for answers.

Suspected attendees’ accounts were permanently deleted.

2017 American Renaissance Conference Videos

The full speeches are now available.


Even the Right has civil rights.

“They are the KKK in suits and ties.”

Lauren Southern reports on Europe’s identitarians, and their attempt to block “migrant” entry.

“Something’s happening here, and it’s a privilege to be a part of it. I only wish I’d been born 50 years later.”

“AmRen 2017 could not have been a better introduction to our movement.”

AmRen Diary, The Z Man

A popular blogger reflects on his first AmRen conference.