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“We will relentlessly resist. We will not rest. We require restitution.”

Guillaume Faye, Rest in Peace

We have lost a brilliant and impassioned champion for our people.


She says the New Deal was “racist.”

By definition, anything white nationalists say is hateful propaganda.

Among the Living Again, AR Classic Article

RIP to Guillaume Faye, who first introduced himself to American Renaissance readers at our 2006 conference.

Crown Court grooming trial continues to dog him.

ADL counts 1,187 leaflet distributions across the U.S. in 2018.

Headline should read: “After Muslim Parents Protest.”

Everyone Was White!

Signs of hope from Eastern Europe.


Case could have ramifications for dissident government employees.

The Third World wants white money, but not whites.

Where Europe is Still European

Jared Taylor reports on inspiring nationalist celebrations in the Great White East.


Lara Logan: “It is the one-sided nature of this fight that disturbs me.”

Minister for Public Safety blames the internet and wants more censorship of it.

The case is being treated with “the highest level of seriousness.”

Suit says the Post published seven “false and defamatory” articles.

Finally, a Useful Book on Identitarianism

A Portuguese scholar has written a fair account of the movement.


“We got the guillotine, you better run!”

Human nature triumphs over liberal delusion.

Antifa thug is “linked” to Maxine Waters and Sherrod Brown.

Speaks against integration, in favor of a new black nation.

About half of all illegal entry attempts succeed.

All kindly arranged by a Nigerian “chef-activist.”

Convincingly places the blame exactly where it belongs.

Not to worry: They’re just there to help.

Identity Evropa: “Build the wall. Make Chicago safe again.”

McInnes says SP that “in the world of SPLC fundraising, mo hate is mo money.”

Police have waited a year to arrest them.

“It’s OK to be white” is “offensive.”

He never set foot in Nam and spent most of his service as a refrigerator technician.

Nathan Phillips is just another left-wing troublemaker.

“If everyone is Canadian, then to be Canadian means nothing.”

The Bern canton plans to create 36 camping spots for Gypsies despite local opposition.

Nathan Phillips is just another race hustler.

White Catholics were blamed for confrontation with Indians and “Black Hebrew Israelites.”

Lawyer claims SPLC published stolen documents and engages in “ritual defamation.”

Black writer: “White women have no right to demand anything of Black women.”

AfD says its members have increasingly been targeted by antifa.

Lefties come from Oregon and Virginia to castigate the border patrol.

What will they do when they learn he was “anti-wetback”?

In just a few days he has already raised more than $5.3 million.

He says lefties “have got to dispense with nonviolence.”

It’s not “OK to be white” at Eastern Michigan University.

The city allegedly violated several laws when they sold the park and statue.

Opposition to the UN Migration Pact brings down the government.

It honors white men who have significantly influenced Western civilization.

Identity Evropa is circulating fliers asking whether he can be trusted to treat white students fairly.

The Santa Barbara school district has paid more than a million dollars to propagandize children against whites.

“Nazi” College Republicans used the “OK” hand sign on a poster.

Shop owner reportedly said “it would be nice if we [whites] had some kind of greater solidarity.”