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“Force and Determination” plans to run candidates in next year’s congressional elections.

Identitarians in action!

Anarchist Extremists: Antifa, New Jersey Office of Homeland Security

Common sense on “antifa” from New Jersey’s office of homeland security.

California continues to do all it can to defy Trump administration.

“At the end of the day stronger people are harder to kill.”

Local media think the park’s beauty will be sullied by “racists.”

“[I]n four weeks the area will be packed with folks for the American Renaissance Conference.”

Amnesty International and similar groups plan to fight with everything they’ve got.

Richard Spencer leads a rally without incident.

The kids are alt-right.

Every major American city is now a sanctuary.

Absurdity at Evergreen State College.

Her goal isn’t to win, but to show the strength of indigenous people.

Kris Kobach wants proof-of-citizenship laws in every state.

Germany’s largest Muslim organization refused to take part.

Texans don’t want to go the way of Louisiana.

There was violence and arrests.

Preparations have received virtually no media coverage.

He was badly cut up but will survive.

This will help them stop the “rescue” ships.

Fourteen arrested.

2012 American Renaissance Conference Now on YouTube

You can now watch the full lectures for free.


A nice advertisement for our 15th conference.

Muslims attack nationalist.

CNN interviews Jared Taylor.

Activists in Europe are getting serious.

Mayor said it, “harkens back to the days of the KKK.”

Government still won’t say when they’re to be removed.

Code Pink activists now face jail time.

The Trump Effect at Stanford

What the election was like for whining, privileged brats.


Illegal Alien Day, Frontpage Mag

Why celebrate workers when you can celebrate immigrants?

The police had to be called.

AmRen makes Newsweek’s cover story.

Libertarians Prove Their Irrelevance in Auburn

“Freedom—yes, but for whom? To do what?”


Auburn administration tried and failed to ban him.

Prisoner of Democracy, AR Classic Article

Reflections of a man who has gone to prison because of his racial views.

“Hate group” is Center for Immigration Studies.

An honest look at anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson.

Identitarians on the march in France.

AR makes waves.

Four anti-Trump protesters arrested.

How Movements Succeed

Lessons from the past.


Anti-Trump groups are imitating the Jacobins.

Not apologizing for being white is “white supremacy.”

Amnesty International is planning anti-Trump events around the world.

The ADL is unhappy with American Renaissance’s new posters.

We are familiar with this incident and can vouch for the truthfulness of this account.

“Men of the west, you have the power to expose the anti-white double standard.”

Spread the Message of White Consciousness

Activism in the Trump era.


A Weekend to Remember

We are winning and the other side knows it.