Posted on September 23, 2020

Orania Versus “Freedomtown”

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 23, 2020

I don’t know how many all-black communities there are in the world. Probably hundreds of thousands. In Africa, you expect to see all-black villages and towns. The cities are overwhelmingly black, with a sprinkling of whites and Asians. In the United States, many cities that were built by whites are now overwhelmingly black: Birmingham, Detroit, Jackson, Camden and many others. They are bad places to live; even those who preach aboutinclusion” think so.

I mourn the destruction of American cities through population change, but I have no desire to move to these places. Its fine for blacks to have places for themselves. The countless black de-facto ethnostates don’t trouble me either.

Sam Dickson once said that every morning, many whites go to jobs where they will spend the day thinking of ways to help non-whites. No non-whites get up in the morning and worry about how to help white people.

There’s a similar double standard in how people live. Those with power want every white nation to turn brown. We apparently have a moral duty to accept as many immigrants as want to come. The United States is on the brink of being a Third World country already. Matthew Yglesias, hardly a fringe figure, is calling for “one billion Americans.” As Ann Coulter wrote in 2007, “If this sort of drastic change were legally imposed on any group other than white Americans, it would be called genocide.” Leftists such as Mr. Yglesias are eager to extinguish the historic American nation for good.

One Billion Americans by Matt Yglesias

Miss Coulter is rarely wrong, but it’s not just white Americans; it’s all whites, even in our ancient European homeland.  The UN and the European Union fiercely criticize Eastern European countries for not taking in enough Muslims. The Great Replacement is not a conspiracy theory; it’s a fact, openly acknowledged by those who want it to happen.

It’s not just that there can’t be a white country. There can’t be even a white town. In Germany, nationalists created a small community in the East. Journalists reacted with fury, as if it were the Fourth Reich.

There is an Afrikaner enclave in South Africa called Orania. It’s the one place in the whole country that is exclusively white. Afrikaners suffer under government-mandated racial discrimination, high black crime rates, and frequent attacks on white farmers. The government has banned Afrikaner self-defense networks that could protect them. Afrikaners are a subject people under a hostile regime. It’s not surprising at least some of them want one place to call their own.

Welcome to the Afrikaner home

“Welcome to the Afrikaner home. Pay with the Ora.”

The ANC government is increasingly hostile to this hamlet. Prominent figures recently called for Orania to be destroyed and its leaders jailed. “If our laws on racism are not strong enough on racism to do that,” said ANC activist Carl Niehaus, “pass the necessary legislation.” Orania’s right to exist is in the South African constitution, but so was a guarantee that the government would not take white land. The world media is implacably hostile to Orania. 

Why do journalists care? Why are a small group of people who want to be left alone a threat? The last story gives it away. It’s safe, growing, and prosperous. It works. Its success reveals the failure of the “Rainbow Nation,” a wreck surviving on what whites created. Author Tembeka Ngcukaitobi calls Orania a representation of “downright hostility to the idea of a single, united, non-racial country.” Maybe so; black politicians sing songs about killing Boers.

We must defend Orania. However, we must also raise our own flags. What is our fate if trends continue? Some white advocates, including myself, have compared our situation to that of the American Indians facing European settlers. If we continue to encourage Third World colonization, we will become a minority. The abstraction known as “the economy” might be better according to some measurements, but we won’t be better off. We will have lost control of our destiny. We will have been replaced.

The official flag of Orania

The official flag of Orania.

Unlike the American Indians, we won’t get reservations. Indian reservations are often depressing, but they have advantages. They have a certain amount of sovereignty. People enjoy special benefits from belonging to a tribe or Indian “nation.” That is why so many people want to join, and why tribes guard their identity. The Cherokee, for example, expelled blacks. They don’t want to dilute the benefits they receive from being part of a privileged class. Of course, blacks act the same way when deluded white women pretend to be black.

Whites will never enjoy such privileges if we are a minority. When people attack “white spaces,” they are admitting that we create prosperous, peaceful, attractive communities. Whites don’t need fantasies like “Wakanda.” We actually build them.

Can blacks do the same? We may find out. Nineteen black families have bought 97 acres of land. This, they say, will be “Freedomtown,” where they can live away from white privilege and police oppression. (“Pro-black” whites, whatever that means, will supposedly be allowed to live there.) Journalists could barely conceal their jubilation. Their articles had a far different tone than the ones about Orania.

I wish “Freedomtown” well. If blacks want to create their own communities, that’s fine with me. I wish more would do it, but I suspect “Freedomtown” won’t be truly independent. It is already getting donations from a website we privileged whites can’t use. It will enjoy privileges from the “racist” American government. The town may soon be the subject of a television show, which will no doubt spur more donations.

One of America’s greatest mistakes was stopping Marcus Garvey from taking blacks back to Africa to build an empire of their own. If blacks want their own community, good. If “pro-black whites” want to live amongst blacks, good for them, too. Let’s hope Freedomtown has better luck than the Seattle anarchists who tried to start an “autonomous zone” that quickly sank into warlordism and chaos.

Marcus Garvey

Black separatist Marcus Garvey

However, I demand the same right for whites. Whites should have the right to build our own communities. We must restore so-called “restrictive covenantsand freedom of association. Just like blacks, we need places of our own, ultimately a country of our own.

Would we be allowed to start something like “Freedomtown?” It wouldn’t be easy. If the Democrats win the next election, they will surely restore the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule that would make white neighborhoods accept non-white welfare recipients. Maybe a white community could escape destruction by refusing to accept federal money. However, the Supreme Court said serving food that traveled on roads was “interstate commerce,” which justified forcing integration on even a tiny restaurant. Uncle Sam would probably try something.

That said, it’s still a way forward. Many of us are tied to a certain place because of mortgages, family, and jobs. We must still congregate in a smaller version of “The Great Trek.” The experience itself could forge a new people.

Many of us have already become de facto refugees in our own country, fleeing non-white cities for the suburbs. We may already have to be surrounded by like-minded neighbors just to be safe. White flight will speed up regardless of what white advocates say or do. The pandemic may have an unexpected benefit because now more people work from home, giving us more freedom to choose where we live. Since this white migration is happening anyway, we should give it a direction and a goal, and pursue as much local autonomy as possible.

Where to go? We shouldn’t discuss that on the Internet. You should work that out among yourselves, in your own networks and groups, offline. There could be many American Oranias.

Maybe the government would try to stop it. Maybe the media would launch a furious campaign against it. Let’s have that fight. It’s coming anyway. Whites need to raise banners of hope and stop mourning our decline and waiting for someone to save us. Regardless of who is president, our plan should be the same. Let’s build something of our own. We won’t get the institutional support our “fellow citizens” get, but we built this country, we carry the torch of Western Civilization, and we must build anew.