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Exchange happened in a black-owned restaurant.

American Renaissance Fuels Leftist Infighting


American Renaissance is now a talking point when Bernie Bros and Clintonians are at each other’s throats.


How a Young Black Man Became a Race Realist


It is the only view of the world that makes sense.


Doctors should understand “the uniqueness, importance, and nuances of your culture and lived experiences.”

“Heritage is not to be confused with patriotism.”

Trump is “the avatar of white grievance and white resentment.”

The Delusion of Black Separatism


Fresh insights from 45 years ago.


Our podcasts are popular.

Pro-white activists are making an impact.

He also defended the Nation of Islam.

“The beatings will continue until intersectional morale improves.”

Did not realize his Thai opponent is a daughter of the American Revolution.

Whites who live among Hispanics have the strongest identity.

MacArthur “genius grant” will help start “Racial Imaginary Institute.”

White Fratricide in Donbass


Why are whites killing each other in Eastern Ukraine?


We shouldn’t differentiate between apples and lemons because both have seeds.

In one state, the boards even “measure lip size, hair texture and nose width.”

It would be “Middle East and North African.”

Don’t Write Off the Liberals, AR Classic Article

A real racial movement cannot be exclusively conservative.

Racial identity is important to non-whites.

It’s tough being light-skinned.

Some Asians want statistics on Hmong, Samoans, etc. Others would rather not know.

23andMe may be less accurate for non-whites.

Louisville bureaucrat: “We understand you need to teach these boys a little bit different.”

One Soros-backed group wants to solve the “persistent problem of the under-representation of Latinos.”

Black Metal Ethno-Nationalism, AR Classic Article

Waging culture war.

Mexican history, that is.

Sample topics: “What it Means to be Black,” “The Infinite Mind of the Afrikan Child.”

At least half of US jihadi attacks in the last decade have been by second-generation immigrants.

“White male” turns out not to be.

It makes white people nervous.

Black children know they are black. Some whites are confused.

National Review gets it half right.

One says, “In America now, being a white Christian is the hardest thing.”

Can a white man claim to be a Chinese woman?

White woman pretends she’s black.

We’re still waiting for blacks who straighten their hair to be accused of “appropriation.”

White privilege, for one.

Doodle is titled “My Afrocentric Life.”

“The DNA of blacks cannot be distinguished from the DNA of Asians or the DNA of whites.”

Matchmaking professional: “Race is the number one characteristic that people are looking for.”

People are “outraged” that Hispanic actress wore dark makeup and a false nose.

The Real Right Returns


The search for European identity.

Reviewed by F. Roger Devlin

America’s Balkan Values, National Review

The absurdities of liberal views of race.

New paper claims that “racial classifications do not makes sense in terms of genetics.”

All-black dorm will protect black students from a “hostile” campus environment.

National Review: Demographics aren’t as bad as they seem because some non-whites identify as white.

Yet another form of discrimination is unmasked.

They react in a healthy, normal way.

Columnist says Republicans should acknowledge racial identity.