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Nathan Damigo: Why We Fight

From race-blind soldier to public white advocate.


A white English liberal tries to understand America’s forgotten class.

Life After the Collapse, AR Classic Article

Guillaume Faye looks at how whites will emerge from the rubble in “Archeofuturism.”

She replies: “I don’t have to look a certain way to be black.”

Living with blacks is chic so long as you don’t have to talk to them.

Campus in a tizzy over posters that promote “ideology of hate.”

A white liberal tiptoes towards racial consciousness.

Why Race Matters, AR Classic Article

The assault on our race and culture must be met in explicitly racial terms.

A review of “A Colony in a Nation” by Chris Hayes.

The White Nation of Africa, AR Classic Article

A portrait of a tragic people.

AmRen makes Newsweek’s cover story.

South African blacks don’t buy it either.

Signs of racial consciousness in babies as young as three months old.

There must not be much white privilege going around these days.

“The best and most just reparation would be American immigration reform.”

Diversity not working well in India, either.

‘This Century is Ours’, AR Classic Article

The triumphalism of Jorge Ramos.

The Japanese still have a strong sense of national identity.

She “knew” she was black even as a child.

Many Indians don’t like blacks.

South African Human Rights Commission may soon investigate.

What Rep. Steve King’s ‘Racist’ Statements Teach

“There’s a class of people for whom no identity is permitted. They’re the people of Europe and the Anglo-sphere.”


Camp of the Saints — a haunting novel about the end of the white race.

It means “gift of God” in the Nigerian language Igbo.

How I Saw the Light About Race (Part VIII)

Stories of people who could no longer lie about the racial realities around them.


Says she is more hurt by the reactions of blacks than of whites.

Because she is Indian and always will be.

How I Saw the Light About Race (Part VII)

Anti-white racism and casual observation of other races often lead whites to their sense of racial identity.


How I Saw the Light About Race (Part VI)

Stories of white identity developed through urban crime, foreign war, and mixed schools.


How I Saw the Light About Race (Part V)

Stories of white identity and black hostility.


Conversation with a Black Race Realist

Young black man describes how he discovered the truth about race and what it means to him.


How I Saw the Light About Race (Part IV)

How did AmRen readers develop a sense of white identity?


Makes no difference how many blacks he represents.

How I Saw the Light About Race (Part III)

No two paths to white racial consciousness are the same.


Exchange happened in a black-owned restaurant.

American Renaissance Fuels Leftist Infighting

American Renaissance is now a talking point when Bernie Bros and Clintonians are at each other’s throats.


How a Young Black Man Became a Race Realist

It is the only view of the world that makes sense.


Doctors should understand “the uniqueness, importance, and nuances of your culture and lived experiences.”

“Heritage is not to be confused with patriotism.”

Trump is “the avatar of white grievance and white resentment.”

The Delusion of Black Separatism

Fresh insights from 45 years ago.


Our podcasts are popular.

Pro-white activists are making an impact.

He also defended the Nation of Islam.

“The beatings will continue until intersectional morale improves.”

Did not realize his Thai opponent is a daughter of the American Revolution.

Whites who live among Hispanics have the strongest identity.

MacArthur “genius grant” will help start “Racial Imaginary Institute.”

White Fratricide in Donbass

Why are whites killing each other in Eastern Ukraine?


We shouldn’t differentiate between apples and lemons because both have seeds.