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What Race Were the Pharaohs?, AR Classic Article

And what about the Hittites, Amorites, and Philistines?

Black Caucus member says FBI report is “bigoted investigation and surveillance.”

Aboriginal children should be placed with Aboriginal families.

Biblical law respects boundaries of race and nation.

Keith Ellison’s Ties to Louis Farrakhan

Black racial consciousness is not verboten.


What real diversity sounds like.

Who Are the Jews?, AR Classic Article

Using DNA to find out.

How to Bust the ‘Racial Is a Construct’ Myth

Whites should “identify” as non-white.


Wakanda: The Perfect Ethnostate?

Blacks are dreaming of a homeland.


Israel’s deportation program costs $86 million per year.

The Fall of Wakanda

The fantasy kingdom contains the seeds of its own destruction.


She’s white, but pretends to be black.

The Eternal Lure of Nationalism

What vision do our “elites” offer?


“Brazil’s white elite’s ever-present racial and class-based fears are palpable.”

Wakanda, the New Black Homeland

A fictional answer to whites’ real-world success.


Cheddar Man and the Pharaohs

Media show their biases again.


“Economically unfit” Liberians should not be “vulnerable to competition” with whites.

“White people shouldn’t even have passports.”

“Black Egypt” story loses its queen.

Some Israeli leftists say they’re willing to do so.

Viktor Orban calls George Soros a “public enemy” and says he orchestrated mass migration into Europe.

“To say that in the long run this heralds the makings of a societal catastrophe is to understate matters.”

Rules for Revolutionaries

The wisdom of Dominique Venner.

Review by Thomas Jackson

“These days a lot of people are asking about it.”

Netanyahu calls migrants’ presence “a threat to Israel’s social fabric and Jewish character.”

A priest and philosophy professor gently reproves the AR point of view. He calls attention to a larger crisis.

Intermarriage accounts for some decline in Hispanic self-identification.

Publishing isn’t about books; it’s about role models.

The Privilege No One Wants

Please! Let me be anything but white.


“Race matters a lot more to most people than they’re willing to admit.”

The Crisis We Face, AR Classic Article

Jared Taylor calls for a revival of white identity.

“Aligning oneself with a historically oppressed people makes one feel less guilty.”

No Counsel for White Men

The rule of law is fading for white advocates.


What We Owe Our People, AR Classic Article

A scientist explains the genetic basis of nationalism.

Eastern Europeans understand what it means to struggle for their identity.

Liberalism teaches blacks that authenticity comes only from victimhood.

The Roots of the White Man, AR Classic Article

The origins of our racial characteristics lie in the distant past.

The Ways of Our People, AR Classic Article

What are we fighting to preserve? And why is it threatened?

Black parenting in the age of Trayvon Martin.

It’s “the sort of self-determination we and the broader Alt-Right support.”

A Guilt-Free Columbus Day

President Trump issues a positive proclamation.


The Race Equality Foundation doesn’t approve of her transition.

Dove apologizes and pulls the ad.

The Tribalism of “Kneelism”

Tribalism—and vanity too.


Uniformed police may not participate in “partisan political campaign.”

How Can We Solve the Race Problem?



Millennial Red-Pilling and the Future of Europe

The keynote speech of our 2017 conference.


Jared Taylor chats with Sargon of Akkad.

Hispanic Consciousness, AR Classic Article

Happy Mexican Independence Day.