Posted on January 29, 2024

Biden Antisemitism Envoy: Belief Israelis Are ‘White Colonizers’ Has Stoked Campus Antisemitism

Ian Hanchett, Breitbart, January 27, 2024

During an interview with PBS’s “Firing Line” aired on Friday, Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism Amb. Deborah Lipstadt stated that anti-Israel sentiment on college campuses is partially due to a view that Israel is “the oppressor” and stated that campus antisemitism has come out of a view that “Israel are white colonizers.”


Host Margaret Hoover then said, “{snip} Explain how antisemitism in this contemporary moment has taken on the language of liberation.”

Lipstadt responded, “It’s taken it on with the Jewish colonizer. The Jew is white. Now, here’s the irony, 52%, 51%, we don’t know exactly, but that’s the guesstimate, of the Israeli population is non-European, non-Ashkenazi. … But if you ask some of the protesters on the campuses, whether it’s in this country or other countries, they will say to you, Israel are white colonizers. It’s an ignorance which has been too readily and too easily accepted. Whether, in every case, that ignorance has its roots in an antisemitism, I would say it’s often an unconscious — for some it’s quite conscious. {snip}”