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Those Targeted in Vegas Are What Makes America Great

Unsung valor in the face of crisis.


“It’s a feeling of color.”

“They do not seem to understand the concept of consensual sex.”

Native Americans are not entitled to land in North America.

Faction of the Presbyterian Church of America leads the hate whitey club.

Canada hasn’t accepted a single South African refugee this year.

Who Truly Imperils Our Free Society?

Not white Christians, that’s for sure.


The left continues to cleanse science of “white supremacy.”

Now saints are getting the Confederate treatment.

The strange fruit of hip hop.

Charlie mocks Texans. Will there be another shoot out at the Hebdo corral?

The Black Kansas City Serial Killer Fits a Pattern

Black killer, white victims.


An anti-white Muslim ghetto, celebrated by elites.

It’s not about the South, it’s about whites.

Katrina Diary, AR Classic Article

A first-hand account from someone who saw it all.

“Africa Greets You”: The Anti-White Terrorism of Mark Essex

What came before Black Lives Matter.


The Left Reveals Itself

Its censorial, anti-white impulses are taking hold.


The Real Race War, Frontpage Mag

David Horowitz on Charlottesville.

Who in the media cares about white victims of black crime?

Whites have a “seething, irrational fear about an increasingly diverse America.”

There are already dorms for black men and for American Indians.

White woman jumped out of moving car to escape rape.

Now it’s Hispanics who want to keep whites out.

Hatred against whites, of course.

Goes on to recommend suicide for Australian white men.

The left continues to fight itself.

And progressive psychologists say “racial fatigue” is real.

Went on to note how much he hates cops.

What Does Anti-White Racism Look Like?

Just look at the headlines of any major newspaper and you’ll find plenty.


She used the word in jest in a private Twitter message.

Dear Bret Stephens: Why Not Treat America as Well as Israel?

Hypocrisy at the New York Times.


A socialist tells a comrade that “white privilege” is probably worsening his depression.

Black Land First activist told journalist he’d have gotten worse treatment if he had been white.

Not all babies are created equal.

Black land-confiscation group outraged at presence of white judge at their trial.

Let’s Hate America, AR Classic Article

And let’s teach our children to hate America, too!

Another college caves to pressure from the Right.

Death Wish Progressives, American Thinker

Feminists call for mass abortion of white babies.

College bows to pressure from the right.

What is Racism?, AR Classic Article

Everyone talks about ‘racism’ but no one ever defines it.

And still has a job.

The Threefold Death of Hannah Cornelius

I grieve for one of my tribe.


White South African liberal doesn’t back down.

Stop being racist against whites.

Boycott by Whites Threatens South African Restaurants

Purchasing power is one of the few powers left to whites.


Says South Africa won’t become another Zimbabwe.

Notes on a new part of the Canadian curriculum.

Budget has some good news.

After the Confederates, Who’s Next?

Don’t think this will end in New Orleans.


Privilege blinds whites to the “debilitating effects” of “subtle discrimination.”