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White privilege produces people who are “unaccustomed to taking orders.”

The bill wanted to label Alt-Right “a very real threat to social and racial progress.”

Students must learn how to “decenter whiteness.”

“Whiteness is the equivalent of original sin.”

“Angry white people can go to hell.”

Police wouldn’t stop antifa from blocking people who wanted to hear the speech.

“Ties” to radicals matter only if you’re white.

Black man is charged with murdering six white people.

“It is long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents.”

“Inclusion is not inherently good, and exclusion is not inherently bad.”

CNN anchor: Farrakhan is more dangerous than the Alt-Right.

Campus postering campaign terrifies lefties.

“Your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour.”

White male president can’t understand what it means to be “reduced” to his sex and race.

“Die cracker.”

Helping students to understand and counteract whiteness.

Hungarian city therefore cannot be a “European Capital of Culture.”

Artist: “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing.”

What Canada needs is for more white people to be found guilty.

“White people shouldn’t even have passports.”

All freshmen will be subjected to it.

“So beautiful. So beautiful.”

“It’s okay to be white” is an opening to “dangerous messaging.”

Freshmen must study “diversity, bias, and privilege.”

Course name was “scholarly and succinct, precise and powerful.”

But it’s still the fault of white people.

Dating a white woman was a way of “getting even or getting back.”

Putting “social justice” ahead of learning didn’t close the achievement gap. It just lowered everyone’s scores.

Study finds blacks discriminate in favor of each other.

Whites can’t prosecute fairly.

AmRen is “heavily influenced [by] the ideology of the KKK.”

Spiritual guru asks white audience members to repeat after her: “I apologize . . .”

A required course for those majoring in elementary education.

What was supposed to be a peaceful protest turned to shouting, tire-burning, and violence.

Who Wants to Abolish the White Race?

And how do they plan to do it?


Current and former employees explain Twitter’s politically-motivated censorship.

The purpose is to foster racial discord and seize power.

“The course needs to be taught, so that’s what’s going to happen.”

Suit claims non-PC employees are “mistreated, and systematically punished and terminated from Google.”

Lecturer defends his attacks on white student: “‘Whiteness’ is synonymous with evil.”

And that’s why it’s okay for the media to do it.

Students should break the law in order to smash white supremacy.

Is It OK to be White?



Ten percent of the proceeds go to the SPLC.

Actor says we’ll get better movies and more interesting stories once whites stop running things.

The network that features white people doing white things is the only top-15 channel with double-digit ratings growth.

Publishing isn’t about books; it’s about role models.

But will face no jail time.

Last month alone, there were three major outbreaks of rioting and looting.

A group of white people on social media trained to help blacks deal with wicked racists.