Posted on November 10, 2023

Anti-White Manifesto Leaked

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 10, 2023

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There is one thing more threatening to the system even than violence: white racial consciousness. That undermines our system. And that is why the way whites react to a crime is often treated as a bigger problem than the crime itself.

In Britain, when whites killed a young black man (Stephen Lawrence) in 1993, the government elevated his mother to a Baronetcy, established a holiday, and promised a permanent fight against white racism. When an Islamic terrorist killed 22 people in Manchester, the media and political classes cheered as whites sang “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” When non-white teenagers deliberately ran over a white retired police officer in Las Vegas, the family assured us the case was not about race, told people not to politicize it, and said it didn’t want to start “cultural wars.” The two perps smirked and flipped them off in court anyway.

In short, when a non-white dies, it is a major social problem for which whites must atone. When a white person dies, it’s like a natural disaster, with no political importance. Non-white crime has social causes such as poverty or lack of opportunity; white crime is a moral failing.

When a crime is in progress, internet sleuths compete with tech companies to find out details about the accused before the information can be deleted. If the murderer is white, like Dylann Roof, whites are collectively punished. If the shooter is part of a protected group such as non-whites or sexual minorities, that group must be carefully protected against “backlash,” perhaps even rewarded. The crime has no political significance and is quickly forgotten. Victims of violent crimes by protected groups often forgive the killer and urge the public to draw no larger conclusions.

Thus, when “transgender” Audrey Hale shot up a Christian school full of children near Nashville, TN, “transgenders” themselves became the true victims. President Joe Biden said “trans” people “shape our nation’s soul” and the White House Press Secretary said it was “trans” people who were under attack. MSNBC blamed conservatives, because “research shows mass shooters often experience trauma and deep levels of social rejection and bullying, conditions that far-right rhetoric reinforce.” Journalists accused conservatives of “exploiting” the killing, even as leftist protesters stormed the state capitol and honored the shooter among the victims.

The shooter’s notebooks were initially going to be released but law enforcement reversed course. This is what happened when black man Vester Lee Flanagan shot two whites on live television. Police refused to release his 32-page manifesto. In both cases, the excuse was that this would hurt the families of those killed. No one worried about the families when international media eagerly reported the writings and motives of Dylann Roof, Anders Breivik, Brenton Tarrant, or Peyton Gendron. Their motives become an excuse to deplatform or punish anyone who may have “inspired” the killings. It strains credulity to believe the authorities are concerned about the victims rather than the political usefulness of a crime. One person even threatened a radio host trying to get the notebooks from the Nashville transgender shooting released, calling the host ethnic slurs, insulting his politics, and allegedly saying he would go to prison to “end you.” He was arrested.

However, we now have a few pages from the Nashville transgender thanks to conservative talk-show host Steven Crowder’s scoop. The killer said she wanted to “kill all you little crackers” and hoped for a “high death count.” The children were “faggots with white privileges.” She also raged about their “fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/their daddies mustangs + convertibles.” Children with “mop yellow hair” deserve death. Anti-white hatred, rage at “privilege,” and the justification of violence are all respectable decolonial ideas. Disavow violence, and you can make a career this way. Just say you want to “exterminate whiteness,” instead of whites, though occasionally our critics slip up and say what they really think.

Instagram moved quickly to deplatform Mr. Crowder’s information. YouTube deleted his show. Facebook said it went against “Community Standards on violence and incitement.”

New Nashville mayor Freddie O’Connell said the incident “naturally invokes additional emotional trauma” and promised an investigation. That may “involve local, state, and federal authorities.” Nashville Police Chief John Drake — a black man who last made headlines when his son killed two police officers and then himself — said he’s “greatly disturbed” by the “unauthorized release,” which confirms that the pages are authentic.

What the killer wrote is spite and rage from a mentally disturbed person. However, its ideas — if we can call them that — are not unusual. Educated and influential people were driven to fantasies of violence against children during the Covington Catholic hoax, even about feeding a young man into a woodchipper. This shooter simply took the racial orthodoxy of our society to its logical conclusion. There will be no campaign to deplatform any source that may have inspired her because the culprits would include almost every media outlet, NGO, and university in the country, as well as the President of the United States.

Some of the victims’ families had urged that the killer’s manifesto be kept hidden. The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, which has begged for favor from left-wing media in recent years, opposed the move. Brent Leatherwood, whose children were at the school, called the person who leaked the pages a “viper” and said the “shock jock” and anyone “amplifying it [the document]” should try being “human” instead. After the shooting, he had called for gun control and rhapsodized about the infinite value of human life and God’s love, with little sign of such anger.

The New York Times said the release “enraged the parents of surviving students.” It didn’t quote a single word from the notebook, saying only that “on Monday, Senator J.D. Vance, Republican of Ohio, and the billionaire Elon Musk were among those who seized on a mention of white privilege in the published excerpts to argue that the shooter, who was white, was carrying out anti-white violence.” The paper invoked unnamed “experts” to justify silence. It never mentioned the killer’s fear of being caught or her hopes that her victims “won’t be ready,” which would seem to argue against more gun control.

Families of victims had reportedly not seen the shooter’s writings. Then, why oppose their release? Some parents may not want the killer to be glorified or her message to spread, though such concerns don’t seem to matter in other cases. When there are victims from protected classes, “trauma” is a marketing strategy. Families, friends, and supporters get money and attention from the media, and promote their grievances. White Christians don’t do this, partly because media sympathy won’t be forthcoming.

Certainly, our rulers don’t want whites or Christians thinking of themselves as a group under attack. People who think that way organize. Our system depends on whites alone repudiating the identity politics all others take as their due. Even Christian leaders seem uncomfortable with the idea of mobilizing for concessions, power, or even sympathy. What’s surprising here is that Christianity apparently had nothing to do with the killer’s motives; just race. She asked God to soothe her “anxiety” so that she wouldn’t botch her mission.

These few excerpts don’t tell us everything. At least one victim was black, whether deliberately killed or only in the way. The police and political leaders are angry that we saw even a few pages about anti-white hatred, so the entire collection will probably never be released.

It’s a big problem for our rulers if whites realize that some people really do want to kill them. It’s a bigger problem if they connect that to what political and cultural leaders say about them every day. What would happen if whites decided they weren’t taking it anymore? It’s far better that they grieve quietly and in private, limiting their public actions to showy acts of forgiveness. Politically, white lives don’t matter.

This sad story will never end until whites develop and act on racial consciousness. This truth threatens those in power, and so their fury is understandable. The reaction to white farm murders in South Africa, black crime in America’s cities, or gruesome acts such as the Zebra Killings or the Knoxville Horror is a bigger problem for our rulers than the murders themselves.

George Floyd, Emmett Till, and Matthew Shepherd show the political power of celebrated martyrdom. Even if the facts don’t fit perfectly, the myth is more important than facts. The reverse is also true. In order to sustain the myth of white oppression, the truth about even the most innocent white victims must be hidden. Sure, someone killing some white children is awful, but for our rulers, it would be much worse if whites began to wonder why.