Posted on November 6, 2023

Manifesto of Trans Nashville School Shooter Leaked, Full of Anti-White Hate

Andy Ngo and Libby Emmons, Post Millennial, November 6, 2023

A leaked manifesto reveals the Nashville trans school shooter had a violent hatred of the “little crackers” with “white privilege” that were murdered.

First obtained and released by the Louder with Crowder conservative Rumble show, the three-page handwritten document shows Audrey “Aiden” Hale meticulously planned their last moments and the mass school shooting at The Covenant School on March 27. Three young children and three school staff were killed before Hale, 28, was shot dead by responding police.

The manifesto, written in a spiral notebook, has various screeds and thoughts scrawled down by pen.

“DEATH DAY,” Hale wrote on one page with the drawing of a target reticle and a pistol, along with the date “3/27/23.”


“Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m ready,” Hale wrote. “I hope my victims aren’t.”


The last entries to Hale’s schedule were for 12:35, where she would “open fire,” and then it was “time 2 die [sic].” Hale was shot dead by police at around 10:27.

In one of the pages headlined, “Kill those kids!!!,” Hale calls the students “crackers” and expresses hatred for their “white privilege.”

Hale wrote: “those crackers… going to fancy private schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertibles.”

“F*ck you little sh*ts,” she wrote.

Hale added: “Wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little faggots w/ your white privileges f*ck you faggots.” Critics of trans ideology have often highlighted that some trans people transition because they cannot cope with being homosexual. Hale was lesbian before identifying as trans.


Authorities have been criticized for months for not releasing Hale’s manifesto. {snip}