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Muslim posted to Facebook: “I’LL TAKE YOU ALL OUT . . . YOU NEED AN ARMY TO TAKE ME.”

Many were decapitated.

Shooting was sparked by a rap rivalry.

Guadalajara Cartel tortured American agent to death.

Sanctuary cities can’t be held liable for crimes committed by illegals.

They have a large presence in every major American city.

He will be the first person on death row for hate crimes.

Group Crimes


Yet another racial pattern.


Esteban Santiago-Ruiz claimed in November he was being forced to fight for ISIS.

Anis Amri and the Capitulation of Europe


The Berlin massacre highlights everything wrong with “refugee” policy.


Over 4,000 people have been shot in Chicago in 2016.

Anti-racist South African journalist stabbed to death in his own home.

Chicago accounts for nearly half of the rise in the national murder rate.

Cheik Tidiane Diaw will serve 30 years.

Tijuana’s murder rate is six times higher than Chicago’s.

Nine dead, at least fifty injured.

Assassin was a Turkish police officer.

He is already in prison for growing marijuana.

August and September were the most deadly months in almost 20 years.

Merkel is worried about next year’s election.

The organization sets up refugees and asylum seekers with German families.

The victim volunteered at a refugee center in her spare time.

Shooter posed in front of a company Christmas tree shortly before the attack.

How to Spread the Truth About Race If Twitter Bans Us

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Be ready to spread the truth if we cannot.


Shooter described only as “a man.”

Many victims were tortured and dismembered.

New research from John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center

One dead, one hospitalized.

Murders Shot Up in 2015


Blacks account for most of the rise.


The victim was black.

People like vigilante justice.

Psychologist testified that blacks have higher recidivism rates.

Influx of Salvadorans terrorizes Long Island town.

Over three days, police say he committed two murders, two robberies, arson, and other crimes.

Murder more than doubled in 2015.

Legal and effective.

Heather Mac Donald refutes claims of police racism.

FBI Releases 2015 Crime Statistics, FBI National Press Office

Murder and non-negligent manslaughter up 10.8 percent from 2014 to 2015.

The “troubled young man” is a Turkish Immigrant.

Protesters blamed police, but police say video shows suspect fired the shots.

Paying the price for foolish policies

Laos refused to take her back.

But Haiti wouldn’t take him back.

NYT calls on Mayor de Blasio to shut down chronically violent West Indian parade in NYC.

Chicago officer who has shot the most people is a black woman.

A jailhouse confession sheds light on the nightmarish details.

He hit her head, broke a vertebra, and caused a blood clot that killed her.

He hit an 85-year-old man in the head and set him on fire.

AmRen vs. SPLC


Who does more with less?


The EEOC will decide if the Gadsden flag is “racially-tinged.”