Posted on March 24, 2024

Birmingham Police Chief: ‘Residents Haven’t Had Enough Yet,’ Don’t Cooperate in Homicide Investigations

Taylor Lang and Emma Owen, WVTM, March 20, 2024

The Birmingham Police Department believes the people in the city aren’t tired of murder, or they would be cooperating as witnesses.

There have been 13 homicides in March so far, with eight in a single week.

Police Chief Scott Thurmond said all it takes is one person coming forward with a small piece of evidence to help units solve the puzzle. But since people aren’t doing that, he said they must be fine living with the city the way it is.

“Our residents haven’t had enough yet,” Thurmond said.

Witness cooperation is the main problem in solving cases, he noted. {snip}


There have been 28 criminal homicides in Birmingham this year. Police said most of these have been because of the life choices people have made.