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Black model accused of killing another black model; police are still working on a motive.

The children’s parents and guardians helped manage the operation.

The usual explanations.

Blacks account for 40 percent of the country’s abortions.

But Latin music has the highest growth rate.

Responsibility for black poverty and crime does not lie with black families.

The steepest rise in deaths from overdosing is among older black men.

Employers of low-skilled workers prefer Hispanics to blacks.

Report: Black families are much more wholesome than the media would have you think.

Publishing isn’t about books; it’s about role models.

Black mothers in the U.S. die at three-to-four times the rate of white mothers because of discrimination.

Ford says he is innocent and plans to sue the woman who has accused him.

A group of white people on social media trained to help blacks deal with wicked racists.

His girlfriend claimed he stabbed her.

Her gibberish didn’t help the defendant either.

Women at HBCU complain of sex crimes by men from neighboring HBCU.

“The men do not share a friendly relationship,” state’s attorney informs us.

Black congressman calls for more anti-discrimination legislation after social-media calls for his resignation.

For people who don’t have bank accounts, smart phones, or credit cards.

Race and America’s Soul, National Review

A different look at abolitionists, Reconstruction, the “Civil Rights” movement, and black pathology.

For blacks, it’s the whites and the police who are the enemy.

Liberalism teaches blacks that authenticity comes only from victimhood.

Album is titled “Make America Crip Again.”

Assata Shakur.

She also says: “My people built this country.”

Uniformed police may not participate in “partisan political campaign.”

Beware of Man.

Another pattern with predictive capability.

Surprisingly good sense from Piers Morgan.

Endless rioting is probably not the best way to lure new business.

School district refuses to say whether disciplinary actions have been taken.

Rioters wreak havoc after cop acquitted in killing of heroin dealer.

What Cultural Marxists Would Say About Looting

There’s one rule: Don’t mention race.


The strange fruit of hip hop.

“When has a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee killed a black person?”

Needless to say, looters are not Dutch.

Florida Sheriff: “If you think you are going to take advantage of these evacuated properties, be prepared to spend the storm at the county jail.”

It will offer “hot chicks, cool cats and cult classics.”

Critics are unconvinced.

The “doctor” said eating human flesh would make them bulletproof.

Katrina Diary, AR Classic Article

A first-hand account from someone who saw it all.

While in South Africa, she whipped another woman with an extension cord—diplomatic immunity may be rescinded.

Namely: Black Lives Matter and antifa.

Race, Crime, and Loathing in Minnesota

The more clear a pattern, the less our rulers are willing to face it.


Some blacks are more equal than others.

The city’s total homicides for this year is now 207.

Including one who was convicted to two separate shootings.

White woman jumped out of moving car to escape rape.

Released on his own recognizance.

Fish swim; birds fly.