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She was going through a “hard time” in her life.

Apologizes “for all the things that the police have done dating back 200 years.”

Black law students demand “accountability.”

30-year-old gym teacher challenged a 12-year-old student to a fight.

#MeToo doesn’t care.

Half of Black America Supports Louis Farrakhan

Who are the “haters”?


Activist group Decolonize This Place says it perpetuates “ongoing legacies of oppression.”

Hate Crime Hoaxes in America, AR Classic Article

What leftists don’t want you to know.

No possibility for parole for 20 years.

Make that “Black Americans go on rampage in Korean subway.”

Toleration of classroom violence is the price of getting federal funds.

Previous approach was “eurocentric.”

“[R]acial disparities in employment are indifferent to geography and politics.”

Con man was “spiritual adviser” to George W. Bush.

Two sisters beat white woman for being “disrespectful.”

Another shakedown.

Customers and employees fight it out.

Evangelical whites voted for Donald Trump, and they haven’t repented.

NAACP complains it’s still higher than white unemployment.

Nanny says she was “touched by the devil.”

It’s racism, of course.

Predominantly white schools “feel different” from more mixed schools and HBCUs.

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” became an anthem for black activists during the 1960s.

She has an unpaid bill of $94,000 and thinks she is being treated unfairly.

Welfare and anti-discrimination laws haven’t worked.

Throughout the video accompanying the original story the attackers are black.

There was a disagreement over assigned seating.

Exploring the outer limits of black racial thinking.

Saving the Negro Family, AR Classic Article

Patrick Moynihan and the black family breakup.

Reviewers outdo each other with praise for a “magnificent” film.

Blacture is to be the “go-to” destination for seeing the “state of black America today.”

They beat a 3-year-old boy on the head, stomach, legs, and arms with a bat.

Nowhere to Run

Why we must unite across class lines.


Black model accused of killing another black model; police are still working on a motive.

The children’s parents and guardians helped manage the operation.

The usual explanations.

Blacks account for 40 percent of the country’s abortions.

But Latin music has the highest growth rate.

Responsibility for black poverty and crime does not lie with black families.

The steepest rise in deaths from overdosing is among older black men.

Employers of low-skilled workers prefer Hispanics to blacks.

Report: Black families are much more wholesome than the media would have you think.

Publishing isn’t about books; it’s about role models.

Black mothers in the U.S. die at three-to-four times the rate of white mothers because of discrimination.

Ford says he is innocent and plans to sue the woman who has accused him.

A group of white people on social media trained to help blacks deal with wicked racists.

His girlfriend claimed he stabbed her.

Her gibberish didn’t help the defendant either.

Women at HBCU complain of sex crimes by men from neighboring HBCU.

“The men do not share a friendly relationship,” state’s attorney informs us.