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Especially schools with large numbers of non-whites.

He’s not dark enough.

She remains convinced that someone was behind it.

Case could have ramifications for dissident government employees.

Another misstep in Virginia.

Blacks move out as whites move in.

Some students thought the cowboy’s lasso was a noose.

Six in ten blacks favor reparations.

The problem is that “white adults are too fragile to have a conversation about race and power.”

You have to be careful how you celebrate Black History Month.

Student: Administrators are trying to “cleanse our ethnic beauty.”

Some blacks consider it a “Cosby-esque jab.”

Nothing he could accomplish would make him as interesting as being a “hate” victim.

Being the descendant of a Jamaican slave is not the same as being a descendant of an American slave.

He accused the NFL of colluding to keep him from playing.

Black student lectures on the pernicious “idea of the white man.”

He and an acomplice staged the murder to look like a drive-by shooting.

Blacks have higher drop-out rates, lower six-year completion rates, and they owe more money.

For months they beat the child with a belt, burned her, and withheld water from her.

Black students in New York schools know the anti-discrimination laws protect their behavior.

Smokey Robinson: “Anyone who is upset is stupid.”

When he wouldn’t give them his car keys, they shot him.

Financial pressure could force him out of office.

Walmart says the policy was “data-driven.”

Seventy-three percent of knife crimes were committed by non-whites.

Featuring products that “feel authentic, relevant, and respectful.”

Now he says he is ashamed of it.

Virginia’s governor has no “moral or rhetorical credibility” in the “struggle against white supremacy.”

“Black love is an anomaly.”

She says the charges are “an attempt to criminalize Black protest.”

White mom “chose to look away” while her black boyfriend beat her child to death.

Actor: “If I play for the NBA, I want ’em all.”

Black man thinks his self-absorption should be indulged.

Courts will vacate nearly 5,000 convictions.

Enforcement had a disproportionate impact on blacks.

“This all comes down to people trying to see one another’s point of view.”

White Catholics were blamed for confrontation with Indians and “Black Hebrew Israelites.”

City council will move to override her.

The school is 94 percent black.

She’s demanding “an explanation.”

White people have a right to be heard, but not “at the expense of other people.”

Some Seattle employees “encounter” hypodermic needles on the job nearly every day.

Six Women Brawl at Mississippi Grocery Store, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Women left the store littered with cantaloupes, syrup, and hair extensions.

Integration isn’t working in New York’s schools.

“Who doesn’t care about black lives now? I’ll let you answer that.”

America’s most murderous serial killer is a black man.

Youths ring out the old year in their characteristic style.

All the money was spent on parties.

Just like math.

And, of course, she wants an official apology.