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Apparently, he is not a threat anymore.

Aspiring boxer hit her as hard as he could.

Age is not the only thing they had in common.

The UAE asked them to leave earlier this year.

Police unsure if it was random or targeted.

Black crook is still at large.

Black judge paid for sex and took drugs while she presided over drug cases.

Gangs made death threats ahead of the holiday.

False Black Power?, Frontpage Mag

Black author: Electing blacks doesn’t seem to help blacks.

A brutal black-on-white crime.

Among many other crimes, he “misappropriated” money intended for his mother’s nursing home care.

All the teens have something in common.

Brawl at a Waffle House after midnight leads to arrests.

Tales from the Hood, AR Classic Article

A Chinese woman tells what it was like.

1,300 extra police deployed for the weekend.

This was not his first assault on a patient in his care.

He then crashed into a squad car.

More than 100 gunshots disrupted the vigil.

More straight talk from Colin Flaherty.

Says raping 8-year-olds is OK in his culture.

Ex-congresswoman looted an education charity.

It’s called “National Mama’s Bailout Day.” It’s for black prisoners only.

. . . after complaints about her service.

“Rowdy teens.”

White teacher goes down with a concussion.

She replies: “I don’t have to look a certain way to be black.”

“The so-called Negro is the original man and is superior to the white devil.”

Police: “The suspect is described as a black male, aged in his early 20s.”

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Video is more persuasive than print.


Step father: “It can happen to the best parents.”

Amateur camerawoman when victim begins to bleed: “It’s so time to go.”

Colin Flaherty pulls no punches.

Anikqua A.E. Williams has confessed.

During a brawl in a black high school.

He just deleted the tweet.

The Horror, the Horror, AR Classic Article

Witchcraft on the rise in Africa.

The usual “youths.” No arrests.

White man offered to pay for two blacks who didn’t have enough money for their meal.

Something else to blame on whitey!

A black-white relationship becomes another black-on-white crime.

“Kids” are black teenagers.

Colin Flaherty on the latest anti-white and anti-Trump attacks.

17-year-old goes to prison.

Why Do We Have an Underclass?, AR Classic Article

A look at the “Great Migration” and its consequences.

Black on black violence reaches new lows.

Beyonce fails to win a Grammy; it’s racism of course.

W.E.B. Du Bois taught us all what to think.

Democracy in South Africa.

No Thug Left Behind, City Journal

Racial quotas set on school discipline with predictable results.

Suspect is black.