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Black Lives Matter Wins Sydney Peace Prize

For contributions to “global peace.”


May 27, 2017

Our favorite comments from last week.

After the Confederates, Who’s Next?

Don’t think this will end in New Orleans.


May 26, 2017

Bill also prevents changing school names that are more than 40 years old.

Food stamp rolls in some trial counties have dropped by 75 percent.

“Multicoloured descendants” would “kill right wing poison in the egg.”

He opposed new “affirmative action” policies. Now he’s holding classes off campus.

Privilege blinds whites to the “debilitating effects” of “subtle discrimination.”

Internet sleuths identified the antifa who hit a man in the head with a bike lock.

Last year there were 71 shootings over the weekend.

Appellate panel threw out perp’s argument that the death penalty is racially biased.

They want both African Studies and Black Studies departments.

“. . . attack them in their homes, their markets, their roads and their forums.”

Manchester Massacre was Murder-by-Muslim Immigrant

The immigration policies of the West guarantee more.


May 25, 2017

A nice advertisement for our 15th conference.

The vendors were white.

With great success.

More anti-EU secessionists gaining support.

They need to stop worrying about “Islamophobia” and start worrying about terrorism.

Not even the military-industrial complex is safe from anti-racist interference.

Our embassy in Brussels wants to make the world a better place.

Blacks and whites have different opinions.

New sheriff says it’s unprofessional and cruel.

Common sense still common in the UK.

And 51% are overcrowded.

Rome Burns—Nero Worries About Pyrophobia

This isn’t a game.


May 24, 2017

A simple solution.

Says he was wrong to think free exchange of ideas would improve the world.

Liberal tries to understand jokes, memes.

But no change in immigration policy.

Libyan Coast Guard now cooperating with Italians.

Proposal includes plans to hire 12 new lawyers.

No city better represents “E pluribus unum” than New Orleans, he says.

“This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.”

He returned from a trip to Libya earlier this week.

Army now in the streets of major cities across the UK.

Why Yankees Must Defend Confederate Heritage

A common purpose unites all whites.


May 23, 2017

More than 100 gunshots disrupted the vigil.

“This wicked ideology must be obliterated – and I mean completely obliterated – and the innocent life must be protected.”

ICE has a policy of not entering churches.

More straight talk from Colin Flaherty.

They are recommending that all Somali children by vaccinated as soon as possible.

They cite Hungary as a model.

Politicians repeat the same hollow lines.

A narrowly drafted order should survive court review.

Seven years after the earthquake, it’s time they left.

It is a protected religious practice, claims defense attorney.

The deadliest terror attack in the UK since the bus/subway bombing of 2005.

Nathan Damigo: Why We Fight

From race-blind soldier to public white advocate.


May 22, 2017

“These findings provide new insight into the genetic architecture of intelligence.”