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Will NFL Demand Respect for Old Glory?

Or might America lose interest in football?


What Can We Expect from Germany’s AfD?

Other parties will try to freeze them out. AfD will use guerrilla tactics to remain relevant.


September 25, 2017

Venezuela, newly added to the ban, says it is “psychological and political terrorism.”

The Ferguson effect continues apace.

Latinos will hit zero twenty years after that.

More toxic residue from BLM.

“Hidden Figures” to become a children’s book as well.

SCOTUS will starts reviewing its legality on October 10.

NFL players continue to anger paying fans.

Riots unlikely to occur in response.

They are merely practicing to be citizens.

Europeans showing signs of a will to live.

Photos: The Gangs of Latin America

A land where criminals outgun cops.


September 24, 2017

The German Death Wish, AR Classic Article

Frank Ellis on Germany’s best seller: “Germany Consigns Itself to Oblivion” by Thilo Sarrazin.

Tucker Carlson’s Last Laugh

Full-throated nationalism is winning out over snarky centrism.


September 23, 2017

Our favorite comments from last week.

Will the Ephialtes of Germany Get Her Due?

The German election is Sunday.


September 22, 2017

SCOTUS will hear oral arguments about the ban in two weeks.

Another show in the growing trend of Hispanic sob stories.

Unsupported assertions accepted as conclusive on campus.

Leaked government report speculates that her unilateral immigration decisions were illegal.

Goes on to claim that Christian missionaries, past and present, are “migrants.”

Unarmed black men are killed by police as often as they are hit by lightning.

It would make the company “a better place to work for a Muslim.”

Let the character assassination begin; former Rep. Tom Tancredo musing a run for governor.

Surprisingly good sense from Piers Morgan.

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh is finally gone, and permanently barred from reentry.

They Don’t Call It ‘the Great Tweet of China’

“The wall has to get built, and nothing else matters.”


September 21, 2017

Jared Taylor chats with Sargon of Akkad.

Adults see KKK endorsement in 5th grade assignment.

Players ask NFL for opportunity to alienate more viewers.

Facts on U.S. Latinos, 2015, Pew Research Center

Minimal gains in English proficiency by foreign-born Hispanics since 1980.

It published a piece called “The Case for Colonization.”

Endless rioting is probably not the best way to lure new business.

Free Medicare for Mexican moms-to-be draws many takers.

The SPLC guide to eradicate free speech on campus.

School district refuses to say whether disciplinary actions have been taken.

This Asian was not heading to a Shinto or Confucian service.

September 20, 2017

An English leftist ponders the most recent demographic projections.

The law is an ass.

But two suspects are still at large.

“I’m the s**t I’m fartin’, I don’t know how to potty.”

Dylann Roof wants lawyers he doesn’t consider “political and biological enemies.”

Campus Democrats and Republicans alike support the use of violence.

But Associated Press still won’t use “alt-right.”

We’d rather return voluntarily than be deported.

A conversation with a black race realist.

Canada hasn’t accepted a single South African refugee this year.

Who Truly Imperils Our Free Society?

Not white Christians, that’s for sure.


September 19, 2017

All of them Hispanic.