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Why Joe May Be Courting Stacey

Biden has an unfashionable history to make up for.


March 22, 2019

He claims Google tends to push fence-sitters Democrat.

Because races are different.

” ‘Lone wolves’ may act alone, but they hate in groups.”

Dhimmi mentality.

Bardot: “I am not proud of what France is today.”

“If a college or university does not allow you to speak, we will not give them money. It’s that simple.”

Former employee describes the SPLC as a “highly profitable scam.”

Alderman is pushing for a criminal investigation.

“White supremacists” are hiding in law enforcement and the military.

It’s getting harder for DACA beneficiaries to get any kind of mortgage.

‘Africa, Rise Up’

Senegalese tries to burn 50 Italian children alive.


March 21, 2019

Inequality = bias.

They were all caught—and all claimed asylum.

Critics say that if states prosecute illegals for identity theft, it could lead to “discrimination.”

$17 billion sent to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras in 2018.

American Bar Association wants the immigration court system to be modeled on the U.S. Tax Courts.

State senator thinks it’s a “reconciliation” process.

Iraqis don’t want to be “replaced.”

40,000 “asylum seekers” have crossed into Canada at unauthorized points of entry.

Thierry Baudet: “We won because the country needs us.”

Skilled migrants will have to live outside Sydney and Melbourne.

French counter-intelligence director: Right-wing groups “would like to spark inter-communal clashes.”

She said the Christchurch shootings were “personal” for her because she had lived through the Bali Bombings.

Beto O’Rourke’s Strategy Is Ethno-Masochism

Will non-whites love him or despise him for it?


March 20, 2019

In 2018, there were 50.

Paying interns is a way to get more non-whites.

Harvard is still profiting from this slave’s suffering.

He wanted to avenge migrant deaths.

Coders may be guilty of unconscious bias.

Asians took 74 percent of the spots.

They want 14 percent of new analysts and associates to be Hispanic and 11 percent to be black.

The conditions that provoked the atrocity must be addressed.

Blacks are afraid there’s something sinister afoot.

They want to win the support of “patriotically minded migrants.”

The Political Violence They Support

It’s OK if it’s against nationalists.


From Communism’s ‘Enemy of the People’ to PC’s ‘Hate Criminal’

In New Zealand we have seen the consequences of repression.


March 19, 2019

Bolsonaro: “The vast majority of potential immigrants do not intend to do good to the U.S. people.”

The committee wants to know what DHS and the FBI are doing to combat it.

Also, “white supremacists” are as great a national danger as ISIS.

They do not tolerate affiliations that “even romotely” seem to them to be biased.

Ian Fleming always intended for the spy to be white.

Australians need to take more blame for the New Zealand shootings.

More than a million illegals with “final deportation orders” are still in the country.

Nearly half of all Democrats think illegals should have driver’s licenses.

NBC: “This is what happens when anti-racism is no longer a major goal of educational policy.”

DNA has identified her killer.

Do They Want More Christchurch Massacres?

Media and government elites act as if they do.


March 18, 2019

Two Cheers for Israel, American Conservative

They’re having children and defending their culture.

ISIS sympathizer killed eight people.