Posted on April 24, 2024

UC San Diego Is Going Khmer Rouge on Career Hopes of Students From Good Families

Steve Sailer, VDARE, April 22, 2024

Meanwhile, the University of California at San Diego is making up new class-based rules to inflict disparate impact race discrimination on Asians and whites.

UC San Diego, once a prestigious STEM school, is now going Khmer Rouge on its own non-poor students, putting them at the back of the line for being allowed into Selective Majors like Computer Science behind low-income and first-generation college students.

From UCSD’s website:

Selective Majors

Last Updated: April 9, 2024 2:43:20 PM PDT

A selective major is a major that limits enrollment.

If you choose a selective major on your admissions application, we highly recommend that you also select an alternate major that is not selective.

An alternate major that does not lead to a well-paying job.

If you are a prospective applicant and you have further questions, please contact Admissions.

It may not be possible to change to a selective major as a continuing student.

Beginning in Summer 2025, currently enrolled students who want to switch into a selective major will be able to apply to selective majors once per year (between Summer and Fall quarters). The selection criteria for entry to the major will consider academic achievement in the specified screening courses and will also be aligned with UC San Diego’s priorities of serving California residents, first-generation college students, and students from low-income families. Continuing students who apply to switch to a selective major must have completed the required screening courses for that major and be in good academic standing. They will then be considered for the major using a point system that awards one point each for having a 3.0 GPA or higher in the major screening courses;

Notice that you don’t get any extra points for having a 3.5 or 4.0 GPA in the major screening courses.

California residency; Pell Grant eligibility; and first-generation college status (as determined by information received at the time of initial admission to UC San Diego).

So far, students who need glasses or contacts aren’t having a point subtracted, but who knows what the future will bring?

Students with the highest number of points will be admitted until all available spaces within the major have been filled. Ties will be broken using random selection. Being a double-major does not disqualify a student from consideration.

As I pointed out last year when reviewing “racial reckoning” era changes to UCSD’s admissions, the goal is to turn UCSD into a Hispanic-dominated college, even at the cost of ruining its traditional strengths in the sciences. (UCSD has long been famous for its large number of Nobel laureate faculty.)

UCSD is banned by the California constitution, as reaffirmed by voters in 2020, from using race/ethnic quotas. So, in pursuit of its goal of becoming a Hispanic-dominated college, it’s making up rules that have a disparate impact on whites and Asians.

So, if you are a smart, middle-class kid with educated parents from out of state who wants to major in computer science, do NOT go to UC San Diego. You get only one point and are last in line.

If you are a smart middle class California kid with college-educated parents, you get two points. Your chances of getting into a good major sound pretty iffy. Do you really want to take your chances of winding up in Sociology when you didn’t get into Biology so you could go pre-med?

As far as I can tell, UCSD in lovely La Jolla is even more radical at the moment than Berkeley or UCLA at punishing smart kids from good families. Last year I wrote about the games UCSD was playing to admit more Hispanics without technically violating the California constitution’s ban on affirmative action, which was reaffirmed 57-43 by voters in 2020.

But this a major step forward in race quotas to punish students once they make it in the door by not letting them major in the fields for which they are well qualified for the sin of having good parents.

Where else in the UC system are these shenanigans especially bad? Will they spread across all the campuses or is UCSD going to self-destruct and others will learn from it?