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Employee Terrell Demonte Alexander was the perp.

A required course for those majoring in elementary education.

MSU will pay for security and legal fees.

A checklist for white academics.

“The course needs to be taught, so that’s what’s going to happen.”

Lecturer defends his attacks on white student: “‘Whiteness’ is synonymous with evil.”

Students should break the law in order to smash white supremacy.

“Hate” speech is “disguised as free speech.”

Is It OK to be White?



When non-whites don’t pass remedial classes it’s a “civil rights issue.”

Student will not be allowed to appeal his suspension.

Claiming reverse racism is likewise . . . racist.

University officials never criticized paper’s racist columns until white students began complaining.

Student who was afraid of Donald Trump finds “culture of anti-black racism” in Canada.

Women at HBCU complain of sex crimes by men from neighboring HBCU.

Can Jared Taylor claim to self-identify as an African Pygmy?

“For people of color by people of color.”

University columnist to whites: “I hate you because you shouldn’t exist.”

University-educated student: Africa is “the greatest country in the world.”

Florida students tell professor they want more classes on race and racism.

Some students were required to attend.

Race and America’s Soul, National Review

A different look at abolitionists, Reconstruction, the “Civil Rights” movement, and black pathology.

Its lies laid bare in Steven Farron’s “The Affirmative Action Hoax.”

Diversity Obsession, LewRockwell.com

University officials are America’s main diversity hustlers.

School challenges authority of DOJ to investigate whether it discriminates against Asians.

Video from 1978 leads students to demand “annual anti-oppression workshop.”

Preofessor tweeted that a “white Europe of fraternal nations” is a “wonderful goal.”

“How to spot them in their natural habitats.”

Black activists try to change the school’s character.

Americans blacks want to exclude the brothers from the Caribbean and Africa.

Hoax prompted academy superintendent to give an impassioned speech condemning racism.

It’s so divisive to be white.

Teaching assistant calls on male students “if I have to.”

If diversity is so wonderful, why must it be imposed forcefully?

The signs don’t fit with the Lutheran “diversity message.”

Student Council passed a resolution for a “discrimination and harassment report” against the Republicans.

Course will “identify and explain the causes and impact of privilege, power, and oppression.”

She hopes to “awaken citizens to the danger of confusing bigotry with patriotism.”

Poster that says “It’s okay to be white” is “stupid and horrifying.”

It’s “one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy.”

She offered to refer him to a “behavior intervention team.”

“We do not support . . . giving a platform to beliefs that blatantly oppose our livelihood and humanity.”

Signatories include African Student Union, Black Student Association, and Muslim Student Association.

“Cultural appropriation” is in the air.

Authors prefer class-based affirmative action.

University of Kansas hires BLM activist who assaulted dean in 2015.

Blacks students want the university to “decolonize” the English Literature curriculum.

College Republicans are “white supremacists and fascists” who engage in “violent racist activity.”

The posters said “Don’t apologize for being white.”

Free Speech at a Cost

$600,000, to be exact.