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The madness at Kings College, London, never ends.

From Wide-Eyed Liberal to Race Realist

With a pause as a conservative.


NYT thinks it’s because students don’t want to go to a “racist” university.

Color-Coded Meds, Center for Equal Opportunity

Medical schools’ racial preferences are pronounced.

Racial Equality: “Noble Fiction” — or Noxious Poison?

Why we must talk openly about racial differences.


College “is committed deeply to diversity and inclusiveness.”

Another college caves to pressure from the Right.

College bows to pressure from the right.

And still has a job.

Absurdity at Evergreen State College.

Prof: “Being called a racist is the worse slur that anyone could possibly make against me.”

Hate crime hoaxers get probation, fines, but no jail time.

It’s an official, government-recognized Hispanic Serving Institution.

She was dumped in the name of “black power.”

“We Are Living in a New Dark Age”

Merely hinting at racial differences is grounds for censorship.


Understanding Black College Protests

And how to stop them.


He opposed new “affirmative action” policies. Now he’s holding classes off campus.

Privilege blinds whites to the “debilitating effects” of “subtle discrimination.”

Internet sleuths identified the antifa who hit a man in the head with a bike lock.

They want both African Studies and Black Studies departments.

James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA, social pariah.

She’s black.

In South Africa, often only 10% are black.

Anonymous “bananas” incident continues to reverberate.

Skin Color Determines “Who Gets In”, Center for Equal Opportunity

Quantifying how much race preferences distort admissions to elite colleges.

CNN interviews Jared Taylor.

Swastikas pointing the wrong way. Another hoax?

They are paid to tattle on insensitive students.

It prompted posters that said, “F**k your white complacency.”

Article asked if race is a social construct, why can’t Dolezal be black?

When Is It OK To Kill Whites?, The American Conservative

A professor at Texas A&M sheds light on the question.

There will be one for Hispanics, too.

Anonymous incident so traumatized them they can’t study.

UC Santa Cruz doesn’t want diversity of opinion.

His degree will be in aeronautical science.

The Trump Effect at Stanford

What the election was like for whining, privileged brats.


Professor says language isn’t “racist,” since 60% of its speakers are black.

AmRen makes Newsweek’s cover story.

Kentucky University students want open access for all blacks.

A team has been assembled to look into the problem.

Auburn administration tried and failed to ban him.

“VDARE, American Renaissance and Radix have become part of the political landscape.”

Looking into Tweets, Inside Higher Ed

Professor who championed white genocide is under investigation by his university.

She will not need Senate confirmation because she is an interim appointment.

“Hate group” is Center for Immigration Studies.

How I Became Conservative

It was a slow, reluctant process.


There were only 47 English majors in 2016.

He’s Muslim, of course.

Not even Catholics will stand up to Communism.