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Doing so denies black people their reality.

Sensitivity training to become part of statewide 4-H programs.

When science contradicts liberal dogma, the scientists must be punished.

The other university admissions scandal.

It’s “racist” because more blacks commit felonies than whites.

The reasons the admissions offices give are “unacceptable.”

Promoting “diversity, inclusion, and belonging” is a priority at Harvard.

By definition, anything white nationalists say is hateful propaganda.

Black senior lecturer: “We are Harvard, we can do whatever we want.”

UC-Berkeley’s commitment to free speech is “unwavering.”

Ashamed of Dixie

Politicians eat dirt to placate critics.


“Confucius Centers” spy on us and promote Chinese interests.

Things haven’t changed for black students since 1962.

Nooses, graffitti, hijab-cuttings—all fake.

Some students thought the cowboy’s lasso was a noose.

78 percent of whites and even 62 percent of blacks.

“Positive discrimination is needed to address this vitally urgent issue.”

The rise in “skilled” immigration, as measured by educational attainment, is often overstated.

Other efforts to reduce the gap between rich and poor students have failed.

“There is no quick fix.”

Many yearbooks come from Midwestern and Northern “bastions of liberalism.”

The case is being treated with “the highest level of seriousness.”

A university police force would be “antagonistic” toward non-whites.

Black student lectures on the pernicious “idea of the white man.”

Blacks have higher drop-out rates, lower six-year completion rates, and they owe more money.

Author is “so g****mned tired of listening to white boys.”

HBCUs are enlisted in the politics of personal destruction.

Historically black college’s accreditation is in jeopardy.

Students can alleviate their unearned guilt.

More training in self-hatred.

That’s a good thing because it will help young Hawkeyes become leaders.

Board president says pledge is “steeped in expressions of nativism and white nationalism.”

Warning students of possible consequences is not only discriminatory, it is “coercive.”

“If everyone is Canadian, then to be Canadian means nothing.”

“Killing some white people isn’t genocide; it’s killing some white people.”

The equivalent of tuition for 708 full-time students.

Against Diversity Statements, Chronicle of Higher Education

Some universities are requiring faculty to declare their “diversity” bona fides.

Language standards perpetuate white supremacy.

Because “you can’t have instutional learning that’s not complete.”

Much of formal math is “metaphysical junk” and must be replaced with indigenous ways of teaching.

Just like math.

Next in line is Texas.

Gandhi didn’t think well of the “Kaffirs” in South Africa.

It’s not “OK to be white” at Eastern Michigan University.

All four founders of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary owned slaves.

FIRE finds that 90 percent of American colleges and universities restrict speech.

University of Cincinnati founder “cherished the desire to found an institution where white boys and girls might be taught.”

Students will not be allowed to have any “indigenous” mascots on their backpacks or hockey bags.

Non-whites at American University just don’t feel “safe” or “welcome.”

They’re also demanding dental insurance for graduate workers and reduced parking fees.