Posted on January 17, 2024

University of Washington Forces White Staff to Answer How They Are Working ‘Every Day to Stop the Killing of Black People’

Katie Daviscourt, Post Millennial, January 15, 2024

University of Washington Health in Seattle, Wash. has mandated its white employees to undergo extensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training that forces them to yield positions of power to non-whites to atone for the racism that they were allegedly naturally born with {snip}

The DEI Training also requires white employees to learn how to be “antiracist” and forces them to provide examples of their so-called white privilege and fragility. It also instructs employees to take courses on unlearning the systemic racism that they were inherently born with, according to documents.

The coursework orders employees to read multiple articles on how to be antiracist, and then provide a self-reflection.

The required reading includes “6 ways to be antiracist, because ‘not being racist’ isn’t enough” and “Stop Killing Us: A Real-life Nightmare.”

Some of the questions they are forced to answer are: “Do I understand the definition of racist? Do I understand that being not racist isn’t the same as being antiracist? Have I confronted the racist ideas I’ve held or continue to hold? Have I confronted my fear of identifying my power and privilege? What am I doing every single day to force myself to think about racism and white supremacy? What am I doing every day to stop the killing of black people?”