Posted on April 14, 2024

The X Files: O.J. Simpson Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 14, 2024

O.J. Simpson is dead. The always amusing New York Post declared:

The Associated Press had a different story:

The Gray Lady had an interesting view:

Blacks celebrated O.J.’s acquittal not because they thought he was innocent, but because they thought he was guilty.

I suppose “he was a murderer but the acquittal was good because we need to fight racism” is the nuanced position.

Nothing new.

This should be a reminder that there is no moment when whites will suddenly “wake up.” The Simpson trial got heavy coverage for months. Whites around the country were shocked that blacks celebrated his acquittal, but few learned anything from this — or, more likely, few were willing to consider what this meant about their black “fellow Americans.”

The White House is in mourning.

The late Dexter Reed, a black man, decided to open fire on police who were pulling him over. His mother summarizes the case:

The American legal system is not safe for whites, not even for Donald Trump — especially not Donald Trump.

The Washington Post is doing its best to support this storyline.

Another journalist puts it this way:

A scene from America’s school system.

Would it not be better to admit that some people are just incapable of learning and pay them to stay home and practice birth control?

Liberal Jewish professors continue to be devoured by the beast that they helped create. Here’s Professor Erwin Chemerinsky bragging that he would keep discriminating against whites.

Here is what he is dealing with now.

No one could have predicted.

The “conservatives” at Praeger U take the far-left position that Reconstruction was not harsh enough.

White parents were sentenced to jail because their son committed a crime. The son was charged as an adult, which seems a contradiction.

Do not hold your breath waiting for black parents to be treated the same way. There would be an awful lot in prison.

Disney says it could fire Gina Carano because of what she thinks.

What this really shows is that Freedom of Association is just a question of who is in a protected class and who is not. It is illegal to hire the most qualified applicants or fire whomever you want for whatever reason. However, non-whites and, increasingly, sexual minorities, can count on government protection so they are hired and keep their jobs, whether they do them or not. Until conservatives start standing up for their own and add ideology as a protected category under the Civil Rights Act, we’ll keep getting cases like this. I doubt Gina Carano will get much relief in the courts.

Remember, all black children get “the talk” because they are all terrified of police.

You can move to the suburbs to get away from blacks, but you can’t escape them on TV.

You laugh, but I would not be surprised if this lady is vice president someday.

Considering how few blacks pay taxes compared to whites, it would not make much difference.

One of our leaders opines on space travel.

Remember though, the Republicans are the Stupid Party.

Another libel from Salon.

Those punching women in New York City, not surprisingly, tend to be from our more melanin-enhanced citizenry. Among those charged is a descendent of Marcus Garvey. If only the government had not sabotaged his “Back to Africa” movement, we might not have this problem.

Minority contractors get advantages when they sell equipment to hospitals.

The Washington Free Beacon says this has been “linked to corruption and higher prices.”

Remember, the person in the next video is just as American as you are.

America today is something less than a proposition nation.