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At least 217 people have been arrested.

A Muslim declaration of faith warded off the attackers.

“Driver” was an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

Many were decapitated.

Lajada, Nakya-Senat, Alfanesha, Ciara, and Keionna were all shot.

Shooting was sparked by a rap rivalry.

FBI are not saying why.

He fled to Guatemala but was extradited.

Guadalajara Cartel tortured American agent to death.

Algerian man is now in custody.

Afghanistan’s heroin epidemic has arrived in Scandinavia.

The mall becomes totally lawless after 8:00 p.m.

How I Would Prosecute the Chicago Hate Crime


Remember: No case is a slam dunk.


DOJ rushed to publish the report before Trump took office.

Lawyer says man lost control of his “high sex drive”

Practice appears to be on the rise.

Suspects are at large.

Sanctuary cities can’t be held liable for crimes committed by illegals.

“2017 must be a year of prosecution.”

African Superstition Kills African Wildlife


The “muthi” trade threatens many species.


They have a large presence in every major American city.

Common sense in Britain.

American citizen “Zia Zafar” was upset over a visa dispute.

Group Crimes


Yet another racial pattern.


Shooter appears to have been a professional, and is still at large.

“Asylum seeker” was “heavily intoxicated.”

He wants to wear a veil in court so he can’t be identified.

Germany won’t say how many have been convicted.

He’s the pastor of True Love Church of Refuge.

Decreasing crime since 1990 has led whites to recolonize non-white neighborhoods.

Photographer capturing the New Year’s celebrations concludes: “Malmo is a lost city.”

Blacks tortured a white man while yelling “F*ck Donald Trump!” and “F*ck white people!”

The pizza place has now stopped delivering to the dangerous neighborhood.

Trial covered the most violence alleged against a single Chicago gang in two decades.

Sore loser. Must be a Democrat.

Non-whites in Britain also defend the obviously guilty.

Because blacks are disproportionately the perps.

It was a 17 percent rise compared to last year.

He wanted to fill trucks with thousands of pounds of explosives and drive them into crowds.

In Dortmund, Muslims attacked police, threw fireworks at families, and shouted “Allahu Akbar.”

Police racially profiled North Africans.

A Year to Remember: 2016


Some reflections.


He is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl on a Greyhound bus.

The Best Reply to “Black Lives Matter”


We must refute the implied meaning, not the literal meaning.


All could be punished because of the misbehavior of blacks.

Who needs terrorists when you have “youths”?

To get financial info for insider trading.

Over 4,000 people have been shot in Chicago in 2016.

Six are Syrian, one is Libyan.