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Businesses swapped SNAP benefits for cash and drugs.

Researchers offer the clues to their own enigma.

Australian media must hire more Africans to overcome their biases.

Rules were changed because blacks were breaking them.

In Minnesota schools, blacks are suspended eight times as often as whites.

Illegals filed more than one million tax returns with fraudulent SSNs in 2017; IRS recommended prosecution for only 403.

More than 100,000 non-citizens were registered to vote in Pennsylvania’s recent congressional election.

Incarceration of Pacific Islanders in Australia has risen 88 percent in the last 10 years.

Even after being questioned about the memo, the assistant chief spoke of the children’s “consent.”

School administrators say “Somalis vs. blacks” melee was not racially motivated.

The victim had recently ended their relationship.

Thugs belong in prisons, not classrooms.

It’s simple: They cheat.

Black judge repeatedly reduced black criminal’s bail; now he’s accused of murdering a police officer.

Elderly couple robbed, beaten, and tied up before their home was set on fire.

In 2014 campaign, he admitted that he “only stole a little bit.”

State governments continue to protect noncitizen voters.

Arab crime family now controls Berlin’s drug and prostitution trade.

More than a thousand “youths of African appearance” swarm Melbourne streets.

“The idea that white people commit fewer crimes, is ridiculous. It’s a myth, it’s a fabrication.”

He was released on bail before ICE could get to him.

Grooming of young girls has been going on for 40 years.

Nanny says she was “touched by the devil.”

The solution is to step up integration efforts.

Canadian government plans to spend $100 million annually on “anti-gun and gang initiatives.”

Effort to end “school-to-prison pipeline” masked Nikolas Cruz’s crimes.

The boy raised an ISIS flag on the pole of another Utah school.

Nearly 800 such attacks occur in France every day.

Killings showed “an extreme level of violence.”

Man Took Pictures of Body After Murdering Pregnant Wife, Deputies Say, Adrienne Cutway, clickorlando, March 5, 2018

Perp took photos “that showed his wife bloody, with severe facial trauma and a gunshot wound to her abdomen.”

Race does not matter: “If they’re a gentrifier, they deserve to … die.”

Michigan State police learn that lefty protesters behave in typically disgusting ways.

Police initially thought the girl had been set up by her family.

Twitter suspends account for seven days for reporting a fact.

For the NYT, the problem is the weapons, not the people using them.

How Nikolas Cruz Got His Gun

Obama-promoted program helped him avoid a criminal record.


Oakland mayor says she does not regret tipping off illegals that ICE was coming.

North Dakota ranks highest.

Author thinks teachers’ union members would start firing at blacks and Hispanics in self-defense.

Throughout the video accompanying the original story the attackers are black.

She also says that “you have to do something about it.”

Half of those arrested have convictions for assault and battery and crimes against children.

Antifa didn’t care that band “vehemently denied any links to nazi ideologies or racism.”

Met deputy commissioner has no idea why sex offenses are on the rise.

Pennsylvania’s State Department refuses to allow inspection of its voting records.

There was a disagreement over assigned seating.

New Black Panther Party leader is forced to repay money he took from a client.

Defense argues it is not a crime to destroy public property if it is “racist.”

Even African immigrants are complaining.

The reason is “persistent biases we’re not even aware of.”