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Judge says his intentions may have been noble.

His lawyers have access to thousands of DEA documents.

Sanctuary city didn’t keep him free.

He just deleted the tweet.

DHS is publishing lists of illegals, their crimes, and the localities which release them.

Guatemala and El Salvador aren’t sending us their best, either.

Some 50 illegals were arrested.

A black writer defies orthodoxy.

Black prosecutor would not pursue the death penalty for black defendant.

Being a white farmer in South Africa is “the most dangerous job in the world.”

A white man defended her against three non-white attackers.

Report: Police should have deployed in force after first attacks.

Attack happened in public, in broad daylight.

The usual “youths.” No arrests.

Government cannot control crime.

White man offered to pay for two blacks who didn’t have enough money for their meal.

The situation is worse than Trump said.

The Congressman wants Trump to know he disagrees with administration’s immigration plans.

He used scissors on his two-year-old.

Project now on hold.

South African: “Please fellas, join me, we have to rape their kids with AIDS virus too!”

People then tried to burn the bus and the passengers inside.

Non-white students are now ransacking and setting fires in schools.

‘Immigrant Privilege’ Drives Child Rape Epidemic


Muslims drive it in Europe, Hispanics drive it in America.


Sentenced only to community service for trying to sabotage the “Deploraball.”

“There was no clear information about a possible motive.”

Sewanou Yoro had been an Uber driver in Virginia for more than two years.

The charity was called “Freedom from Torture.”

Especially for lone women at night.

Black man had just been released from jail.

“Kids” are black teenagers.

Seven injuries and ten arrests reported so far.

She claims she was misinformed.

They used baseball bats and machetes on unarmed girls.

They “sacrificed” a girl to the “beast” they worshiped at the satanic shrine in their apartment.

The truth about “last night in Sweden?” How about the last five years?

Heather Mac Donald on the promise of Trump and Sessions.

Government urging citizens to remain calm.

Five had been granted refugee status.

Colin Flaherty on the latest anti-white and anti-Trump attacks.

Dennis Prager is learning.

Trial is set for May 30th.

Native blacks don’t like newcomers from Somalia and south Asia.

17-year-old goes to prison.

The Benefits of Leftist Violence


It pushes fence-sitters into our arms.


Police Superintendent notes criminals aren’t afraid of the criminal justice system.

The truth could sway a jury the wrong way.

Muhiyidin Moye has been arrested.

Police are looking for three young black men.

Resident: “I am scared most of the time when I leave my apartment.”