Obama Is Out!

By Jared Taylor

Viktor Orbán Fights for Europe

By Guillaume Durocher

How a Young Black Man Became a Race Realist

By Robert Smith

White Renegade of the Year—2016

By Gregory Hood

How Blacks Changed Our School

By George Holiday

January 21, 2017

I Was There, AR Commentary


Jared Taylor reports on the inauguration.

Stories from AmRen readers on how they became race realists.

January 20, 2017

The West is threatened by porous borders to our south, not Russians to our east.

“Every decision on . . . on immigration . . . will be made to protect American workers and American families.”

Including orders on the border wall and Latin American refugees.

At least 217 people have been arrested.

Hundreds of lefties chanted “No KKK. No Fascist USA.”

Non-whites gloat that America is becoming more non-white.

Trump’s immigration proposals are leading to investments in automation.

And the guy teaches at Yale?

Yet another Trump hoax.

AfD, PVV, National Front, and Northern League will participate.

Muslim posted to Facebook: “I’LL TAKE YOU ALL OUT . . . YOU NEED AN ARMY TO TAKE ME.”

January 19, 2017

Stories about how AmRen readers came to learn the truth about race.

“But that’s a very tough situation.”

Trump is politically safe so long as he stays in the good graces of whites.

Assignment featured a fictional woman extolling the virtues of Islamic law.

Some are calling it “Blaxit.”

Donald Trump is already causing “self-deportation.”

Company will now post the ad online during the Super Bowl.

Venezuelan media interview Jared Taylor.

Al Jazeera tries to capture the rage and the joy as Trump becomes president.

A Muslim declaration of faith warded off the attackers.

First stage would be a free-trade “Mediterranean Union.”

January 18, 2017

We have been warned.

An import tax could raise more than enough money.

“Driver” was an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

America is less white and more divided.

Victor Davis Hanson on the Americans who back Trump.

Angelo M. Codevilla on the origins and destination of PC.

When will white women stop slugging the tar baby?

His terror group was responsible for hundreds of bombings.

Malta wants to do the same.

Many were decapitated.

January 17, 2017

Both represent a voice for the people, not the elites.

Lajada, Nakya-Senat, Alfanesha, Ciara, and Keionna were all shot.

Exchange happened in a black-owned restaurant.

So the army should have had its eye on him.

Paul Kersey on the the Trump and Lewis spat.

Study suggests “education genes” inversely correlated with fertility.

Unclear if employee who wrote it will be fired.

Shooting was sparked by a rap rivalry.

Some in the EU want to pay Egypt to keep African migrants out.

It wants Europe to protect itself less.

Koran claims Mary was ashamed after giving birth to Jesus.

January 16, 2017

If Western Civilization isn’t special, why do blacks claim Africans are secretly behind it?

Are you a model citizen?

FBI are not saying why.

Mexican smugglers reuse them.

He fled to Guatemala but was extradited.

Guadalajara Cartel tortured American agent to death.

Algerian man is now in custody.

She has more followers on social media than any other French candidate.

His party is expected to win but may not be able to form a government.

Afghanistan’s heroin epidemic has arrived in Scandinavia.

The mall becomes totally lawless after 8:00 p.m.

EU urges relocation of thousands of “refugees” from Greece and Italy to the rest of Europe.

Milking the Dream, AR Classic Article


The MLK “legacy” brings in a lot of money.

January 15, 2017

How much damage can a Trump presidency undo?

What are the best books for race realists?

The Real Obama, AR Classic Article


F. Roger Devlin reviews “America’s Half-Blood Prince” by Steve Sailer.

January 14, 2017

Our favorite comments from last week.

January 13, 2017

Most petted president in history gives his farewell address.

Remember: No case is a slam dunk.

DOJ rushed to publish the report before Trump took office.

We’ll soon get Asians, Hispanics, and American Indians.

Despite incentives, company still has few blacks or Hispanics.

Another way to blame white people for black failure.

Professor: “Donald Trump is rolling back the clock on diversity.”

Another great injustice has come to light.

Blacks and Hispanics less likely to get it but it is more serious.

Lawyer says man lost control of his “high sex drive”

Quebec is stirring, too.

Practice appears to be on the rise.

January 12, 2017

Ann Coulter offers some free advice.

Suspects are at large.

Rep. Brooks has spoken out against the war on whites since 2014.

Interior removals down 73 percent from year Obama took office.

Mexican official: “It’s a matter of dignity and national sovereignty.”

But black and white officers have differing views.

Sanctuary cities can’t be held liable for crimes committed by illegals.

She is not saying why she was there.

Author says college madness is fueling the “far right.”

“2017 must be a year of prosecution.”

Just in time for elections that threaten Merkel’s majority.