Reckoning Without Race

By Raymond Wolters

The Problem with ‘The Problem with Apu’

By Gregory Hood

Are We a Country or a Joke?

By Jared Taylor

AmRen 2018: The Fire Taking Hold

By Gregory Hood

Not a Prophet in His Own Land

By Hubert Collins

May 20, 2018

Our favorite comments from last week.

May 18, 2018

Celebrated author was clearly a race realist.

Jordan Peterson and White Pride, Commentary by John Press


He is wrong even by his own terms.

Conservative Caucus to Paul Ryan: No immigration bill? No farm bill.

Judges must now decide deportation cases instead of suspending them.

“Integration was one of the worst things that happened to black people.”

High-SES white women are the group most likely to adopt children from other races.

It’s harder to become a Danish citizen now, and fewer Muslims are doing it.

More than half a million illegals have been apprehended on one man’s farm.

NAACP president wants much more censorship.

Hollywood actor feels like “the lone anti-President Donald Trump voice.”

Once out of prison, they either disappear or fight deportation orders.

The same week a terrorist went on a knife rampage.

May 17, 2018

An unapologetic defense of nationalism.

The overall fertility rate has hit a 40-year low.

In most places, blacks have higher disability rates than whites.

Rate of imprisonment for white women increased 56 percent between 2000 and 2014.

Three-year-old Obama administration decree is “an American value,” say congressmen.

And about half were committed against underage girls.

Many states and localities are resisting immigration enforcement.

Even lefty journalists recognize SPLC’s chairman as the “arch-salesman of hate-mongering.”

There’s a “growing federal investigation” into his personal finances.

“I’ll call your skinhead cop chief,” says black driver.

17-year-old says wearing the sweatshirt is his First Amendment right.

We celebrate tragedy as if it were victory.

May 16, 2018

Black pastor doesn’t want a white church in his neighborhood.

“The race or ethnicity of the professor is not an academic ground and, thus, should not be a consideration.”

“Or maybe it’s just white people.”

Calling the police is an expression of white dominance.

Video shows NAACP pastor made it up.

Twitter says it is aiming to relieve users from the “work” of dealing with “abusive” tweets.

Science “must welcome everyone”—except for Nobel-laureate James Watson.

Liberals still pretend the blacks loitering in Starbucks did nothing wrong.

But say the show will be less political in future seasons.

May 15, 2018

And cracked a political opponent’s head open with a bike lock.

“It would appear that the ’emerging Democratic majority’ requires anti-white identity politics as its midwife.”

It’s Lee’s “best” and “most incendiary” film yet.

Criticizing the Turkish prime minister counts as inciting hate.

Nigerians are getting travel visas to the US, then heading to Canada to seek asylum.

At 51 of the top-ranked liberal arts colleges, the Democrat-to-Republican ratio is 10.4:1.

Are “racism” and “systemic bias” really to blame for black shortcomings?

Somali immigrants are fleecing taxpayers with bogus day cares.

Black man punched white man from behind, then ran him over with a car.

Soros’ group complains of “an increasingly repressive political and legal environment.”

May 14, 2018

Blacks Want Segregated Graduations, Commentary by Gregory Hood


Let them have them.

“Diversity” is the priority from admissions to classrooms to the workplace.

Trump administration is creating a “culture of compliance.”

A man was walking with his girlfriend when “youths” sent him to intensive care.

Liberals consider him “possibly the most repulsive politician on earth.”

Only when one immigrant returned to Poland “did she understand what it means to feel really safe.”

St. John’s College explains the “depravity” of whiteness.

The solution is to create low-income housing in wealthy communities.

White woman expected blacks to follow the rules.

She’ll hit the big screen as part of the same series as ‘Avengers.’

Lega Nord is likely to be part of a governing coalition.

May 13, 2018

Race is an Illusion, AR Classic Article


We are only “racialized” to be black or white.

May 12, 2018

Our favorite comments from last week.

May 11, 2018

Help black women make bail for Mother’s Day.

Mothers should talk to their children about the GOP before it’s too late.

Someone dared suggest she stop talking about discrimination.

He’s been convicted of rape, misappropriation of campaign funds, and tax evasion—so he’s going “home.”

According to a Berkley commission on free speech, it’s conservatives.

Her coworkers were caught making sensible comments about eskimos.

She wants to “open up the eyes of white folks.”

DACA in return for 10,000 more border agents.

He makes $210,000 per year.

There is no evidence that “implicit-bias” training changes behavior at all.

Other Canadians must wear helmets.

Canadian police chief says wait for facts before deciding who was at fault.

May 10, 2018

White women’s tears are a form of “psychological violence.”

“This is the last time asking your stupid ass.”

So might genes.

The figure is 16 percent for Londoners.

Party chief insists that it’s not “all over” for the party.

Without “guidance” legislation, the auto-sales industry says it can offer lower prices to everyone.

Chinese-American is charged with spying for the Chinese and faces a possible life sentence.

And another 451 “turn backs.”

Antifa were prepared to use violence to shut down the AmRen conference.

It occurs almost exclusively within non-white communities.