Detroit Riot 50th Anniversary

‘Detroit’: A False Morality Play

Review by Glen Lenhoff
Protest of far-right against Facebook in Poland

The Soviet Roots of Today’s Corporate Censorship

By Frank Ellis

The Camp of the Saints: This Century’s ‘1984’

By Chris Roberts

Did Jefferson Sleep with His Slave?

By Jared Taylor

September 19, 2017

Not white Christians, that’s for sure.

All of them Hispanic.

. . . but that might not be the case.

Another black-on-white murder in Baltimore.

Robots may soon provide personal care, as well as pick grapes.

AfD may become the third most popular party in Germany.

Yet another data set discredits black opinion.

Rioters wreak havoc after cop acquitted in killing of heroin dealer.

ICE Director to MS-13: “You are not welcome in the United States and you will find no harbor here.”

The left continues to cleanse science of “white supremacy.”

No cultural appropriation, of course.

September 18, 2017

A biracial race-realist wants an end to hypodescent.

Nancy Pelosi not leftist enough for activists.

After all, it isn’t a white city anymore.

Somali Muslim immigrant may be the first Minnesota legislator married to her brother.

“Minor refugees” staying with foster parents linked to London train bombing.

Antiracism is being weaponized across the political spectrum.

39 percent of Americans agree that “white people are currently under attack in this country.”

Police chanted “Whose streets? Our streets.”

Now saints are getting the Confederate treatment.

Another university President proudly cowers.

One of “intolerance,” needless to say.

September 17, 2017

There’s one rule: Don’t mention race.

Race and Health, AR Classic Article


Racism is usually blamed for bad health among non-whites. The real causes are likely to be genetic.

September 16, 2017

With speeches from Richard Spencer, John Derbyshire, RamZPaul, and more.

Hispanic Consciousness, AR Classic Article


Happy Mexican Independence Day.

Our favorite comments from last week.

September 15, 2017

DACAmnesty would mean betrayal.

Remember what happened to Bush in ’92 . . .

Oberlin, for example, is scaring off sensible students.

Black mayor draws the line.

Not even Texas preserves her Southern symbols anymore.

Until recently, ads could target people who had searched, “blacks destroy everything.”

London is hit again with the new normal.

Berkeley spends $600,000 for Ben Shapiro speech.

Another superhero goes PC.

Diversity brings vibrancy to high school football game.

Immigration concerns are fueling their rise in popularity.

Fear of street violence is cracking the left’s coalition.

September 14, 2017

Feminists Don’t Care About Gang Rape, Commentary by Nicholas Farrell


Unless the perps are white.

Is Trump playing Three-card Monte or 3D chess with immigration promises?

Black law professor calls SPLC a hate group.

A look at a classic book from American Renaissance.

Effects of Neanderthal genes are seen in modern European brains.

Next to nothing escapes the country’s partisan divide.

Guinea has refused to take back 2,137 criminals.

The hammer continues to fall.

They claim they are preventing genocide.

The strange fruit of hip hop.

Australians are just as crazy as we are.

September 13, 2017

No Amnesty is a Good Amnesty, Commentary by Ann Coulter


Trump must decide if he wants to save America, or end it.

And sexual orientation as well.

Yet another benefit of diversity.

But doesn’t name anyone specifically . . .

Not all nations are afraid of eugenics.

And dissidents are likely to make inroads.

Refugees don’t have a “bona fide” connection to the United States.

And they’re not the first town to do so.

Back to the future.

Who brought these third-world conditions?

Esteban Rodriguez-Olivera.

September 12, 2017

Tribalism Marches On!, Commentary by Pat Buchanan


And President Bush’s “New World Order” is fading away.

Between white supremacy and me.

Red paint was poured on his hands.

NAACP is not happy.

It passed unanimously.

Number four is that it was largely concocted by La Raza.

The mainstream can’t get enough of our posters.

“When has a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee killed a black person?”

. . . not true.

Now that he has rejoined Breitbart, he isn’t holding back.

Black says it was all in fun.

September 11, 2017

It doesn’t have to be national suicide.

Portland Mayor: “It was the right thing to do.”

State must pay for interpreters in civil as well as well as criminal cases.

He views the coming century as a competition for hegemony between us and them.

Needless to say, looters are not Dutch.

They don’t want to become like their neighbors . . .

Florida Sheriff: “If you think you are going to take advantage of these evacuated properties, be prepared to spend the storm at the county jail.”

There are very simple ways for the state to prevent future 9/11s.

An excellent letter to the editor.

And he asks to be forgiven.

Centrists look to take the wind out of the sails of the rising populist right.

September 10, 2017

Telling It As It Is, AR Classic Article


The truth about our civilization and its enemies. Find it in Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “Infidel: My Life.”