Into the Digital Gulag

By Jared Taylor

Guided Tour of America’s Future

By Chris Roberts

The Education of a Race Realist

By Rafe Aegirson

America at the Crossroads

Interview by Jared Taylor
April 2, 2016 - Wroclaw, Lower Silesia, Poland - Protester burns picture of Angela Merkel during anti immigrant and anti Muslim protest organized by Oboz Narodowo-Radykalny (National Radical Camp) in Wroclaw, Western Poland. (Credit Image: © Marcin Rozpedowski/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire)

Notes from a White Country Part V

By Jack Krak

November 23, 2017

Your Uncle at Thanksgiving, Commentary by Anthony Bryan


Another dig at white America.

A Voice For Our People, AR Classic Article


Frank Borzellieri fights the multicultural monster.

November 22, 2017

The War on Thanksgiving, Commentary by Victoria Garland


We must defend every precious piece of our heritage.

Campaign against an unnamed chain will be Trump administration’s first.

57 percent of jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree in Silicon Valley are held by foreigners.

University officials are America’s main diversity hustlers.

Canadian government doesn’t know how well 40,000 Syrians are being “integrated.”

White scholars are retiring.

Hispanic caucus demands DACA fix or they will vote against the funding bill.

White generosity remains unsurpassed.

Neighbor: “Someone breaking into your house, you got a right to shoot them.” Burglar survives.

Bank is refusing to process National Front’s check and credit card payments.

Watches, parties, and a Batmobile: What happened to the wealth of Rhodesia.

Border controls make Hungary one of the safest countries in the world.

Refugees and “migrants” cost Austria $2.12 billion annually.

November 21, 2017

School challenges authority of DOJ to investigate whether it discriminates against Asians.

“This Administration seems determined to Make America White Again.”

The student is non-white.

Police place school on “lockout” after brawl between Hispanics and Kurds.

Without H-4 visas for spouses, fewer H-1B visas will be sought.

Montrreal mayor disappointed that her party didn’t elect more non-whites.

Civil rights icon John Conyers said to have abused staff and used tax funds to fly in mistresses.

DOJ says Obama appointee oversteeped his authority.

Neanderthals survived nearly 3,000 years in Spain after dying out in the rest of the world.

The despot is out after 37 years in power.

“Anti-Muslim racism” is responsible for all inequalities between Muslims and others in Britain.

The purpose is to “give the existing refugee population a chance to integrate.”

November 20, 2017

We are serious about it; blacks are not.

Important human traits may have developed in East Asia.

“White, male privilege is an attractive quality in men for straight women.”

Residents required to show indentification before entering neighborhood for nearly five days.

Video from 1978 leads students to demand “annual anti-oppression workshop.”

Powell wrote her a poem every year on their wedding anniversary.

Impeachment proceedings now probable.

Former mmigration judge explains the connection between immigration policy and gang violence.

And women get lighter sentences than men.

Black man hits white woman in the face and says he has raped other white women.

Enjoyment of the great outdoors is a manifestation of white privilege.

Blacks are 54 percent of the population, but only 5 percent of those with management jobs.

Preofessor tweeted that a “white Europe of fraternal nations” is a “wonderful goal.”

Black nurses ignore white nursing-home patient’s calls for help.

November 19, 2017

A first-hand report on the consequences of affirmative action.

Our favorite comments from last week.

November 18, 2017

Why We Push for an Ethnostate, Commentary by John Ingram


What seems fanciful today can be reality tomorrow.

November 17, 2017

The End of White Celebrity, Commentary by Gregory Hood


Whiteness is a birth defect.

Typical white student attends a school that is more than two-thirds white.

She suggested a room full of blonds could still be “diverse.”

NYT: It’s crazy to think that blacks with “racial grievances” will band together and act violently.

Left-wing icons starting to fall to political correctness.

School did nothing about teacher’s known history of “improper behavior.”

Her son’s victims take a different view.

“How to spot them in their natural habitats.”

Who is surprised?

Another scalp: Because apologizing is never enough.

Residents are afraid to leave their homes as murders reach 300 for third year.

Trump’s policies are America’s only chance to get rid of stupid immigration laws.

Whites are having to make their peace with black-on-white crime.

November 16, 2017

It matters less and less in the age of Trump.

He also said that Islam is not a religion of peace. But he’s sorry for all that now.

“Hate” is not allowed.

Black activists try to change the school’s character.

Muslim cries, “Allah Akhbar!” and hits director in face with blunt object.

Racial separation is a “scheme of the devil.”

2016 election: Whites can be mobilized by race, ethnicity, multiculturalism and immigration.

Casey draws on Michael Hart to argue that you can’t have a multicultural democracy.

Dianne Feinstein, Janet Reno, and Barbara Boxer used to be in favor of enforcing illegal-immigration laws.

You have to “nip racism in the bud.”

Mugabe and wife continue to resist “graceful exit” after coup.

“Analysis is needed to improve understanding of the reasons for the increase.”

November 15, 2017

One in nine Virginians is foreign-born.

The current 600,000 backlogged immigration cases should go down.

Obama holdovers continue to stymie efforts to enforce immigration laws.

Overnight “bloodless correction” may bring Mugabe’s rule to an end.

Immigrants don’t commit rape; men do.

Rate of poverty for non-white families several times higher than that for whites.

Eastern Europeans understand what it means to struggle for their identity.

Tom Homan: When it comes to enforcement, “No one is off the table.”

Twin Falls refugees bring TB and horrific crimes, but Republican governor is happy about “growth.”

Former employee claims he suffered “severe and perservasive harrassment.”

What’s next? Jihadi Ken?

DOJ alleges they falsely claimed to be a family.

Muslims still selling Africans as slaves.

November 14, 2017

The cost is not just in corpses.

“Diversity” is not a priority.

“Unexpected” relationship between Section 8 grants and violent crime.

Donald Trump asked Xi Jinping to intervene on the thieves’ behalf.

The number of anti-black hate crimes has declined.

It’s more lucrative for gangs than selling drugs.

“It’s still better than living in Afghanistan,” chirps refugee advocate.

Zoo employee: “Something like this has never happened here before.”

Ban doesn’t apply to people with “bona fide relationship” to someone in U.S.

“The Trump Effect”: Number of illegals down; automation up; wages up.

Another black football player; another dead white woman.

FBI stats must be adjusted for population.

And yet, “applicants with migration background are emphatically recruited.”