Posted on April 24, 2024

The X Files: Too White for Wikipedia

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 24, 2024

Christopher Rufo has been unveiling the anti-white statements of Katherine Maher, the new head of NPR.

An editor resigned after he wrote about left-wing bias at taxpayer-funded NPR.

The new anti-white head will keeps her job despite her views, and NPR boots a dissident. Institutional control is secure.

People make fun of scholars from a century ago who tried to define race, but even the most complicated taxonomy is simple compared to racial categories on campuses today.

Remember, in today’s political orthodoxy, this black woman is the person who lacks “privilege:”

After the following clip, one might wonder how much American “history” is fake.

Most media take for granted that Thomas Jefferson slept with his slave, even though this is unproven and doubtful. The evidence was always thin. Thomas Jackson wrote the definitive article on this. This nonsense is a disturbing reminder of the low standards most journalists and academics have, especially when they see a chance to smear an American icon.

A joke went over about 48,000 leftists’ heads.

For those who need it explained:

Taylor Swift spends much of her time apologizing for her previous image, including her relatively apolitical stance early in her career and for opening for conservative country star Toby Keith. (She still has said nothing since Keith died). Apologies do her no good.

Yesterday was St. George’s Day. The English national holiday prompted the usual rage and scorn from non-white occupiers.

St. George wasn’t “Turkish.” There were no Turks in the historic heartland of the Eastern Roman Empire. A supposed anti-imperialist accepts and approves the results of imperialism and colonialism if they were against whites.

The police used force against a small demonstration, something they didn’t do during recent non-white, left-wing protests.

The federal government is suing Sheetz because it doesn’t hire enough convicted criminals, who, of course, are more likely to be black. This is not “political correctness gone mad,” like some foolish conservatives say. This has been standard practice since the 1970s.

An excellent article describes the pattern:

It is well worth your time.

At Columbia, protesters who believe Israel is “white supremacy” have halted classes through protests. The Ivy League school is now essentially an online degree mill.

There is also excitement at NYU.

Senator Josh Hawley thinks President Biden should send in troops.

If the Republican Party reacted to the decades of anti-white discrimination the way it has to anti-Israel protests, we would have a lot far fewer problems. Instead, one of the country’s most “right-wing” senators reinforces civil rights mythology.

Another black attacked a white in a nursing home.

You cannot trust institutions with a “diverse” work force. We may need to start our own nursing homes and hospices so whites can end their days in peace.

The war on free speech continues. In Australia, one senator said someone like Elon Musk should be locked up.

Anti-white speech on TikTok is common, and no government cares.

TikTok may end up banned in the United States, but not because it’s anti-white.

“Law and Order” specializes in making fictional versions of white-on-black crimes, which titillate viewers who might be disturbed by the more banal color of crime. In a recent episode, it combined the Daniel Penny subway case with the spread of Active Clubs where young whites train in fitness and martial arts.

National Museums Liverpool is decommissioning a museum ship because it claims it doesn’t have the money.

It does have the money for a major anti-racist program and to revamp a slavery museum that will cost about 60 million pounds.

A snapshot of American life.

Finally, I offer a sincere tribute to the New York Post Euphemism Guy, who comes up with descriptions of black criminals that never call them black.

Whoever writes that stuff, I salute your creativity.