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They claim there is a secret policy that discriminates against conservatives.

Translation: Coulter vowed to speak no matter what, university caved.

Libertarians Prove Their Irrelevance in Auburn

“Freedom—yes, but for whom? To do what?”


The Anti-Free Speech Movement, Frontpage Magazine

Berkeley cancels Ann Coulter.

Which ensures that there will be no diversity of thinking.

Auburn administration tried and failed to ban him.

“VDARE, American Renaissance and Radix have become part of the political landscape.”

Looking into Tweets, Inside Higher Ed

Professor who championed white genocide is under investigation by his university.

Objectivity is a plot to hold non-whites down.

Prisoner of Democracy, AR Classic Article

Reflections of a man who has gone to prison because of his racial views.

“Hate group” is Center for Immigration Studies.

Precedent set that anonymous Twitter users can stay anonymous.

How I Became Conservative

It was a slow, reluctant process.


Register before it’s too late!

In the future everyone can claim to be ¼ black for 15 minutes.

Not even Catholics will stand up to Communism.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has canceled a speaking tour due to security concerns.

Huge effort to teach computers to detect “hate” in videos.

Hate speech laws stay draconian in Australia.

Says the man who designed the “Make America Mexico Again” ball caps.

They threw rocks through her windows after she spoke in support of Trump.

“Where [white] people refuse to be educated on their wrongs, they must be punished by the law.”

“Contemporary art is a fundamentally white supremacist institution.”

Amendment to Australian law will raise the bar for speech to be deemed illegal “hate.”

The situation is worse than Trump said.

School says students weren’t suspended for their views, but for being “disrespectful.”

Even Charles Murray gets the Milo treatment.

She can now face charges for her tweets.

Too many people wrote “racist” or “sexist” messages on them.

The Benefits of Leftist Violence

It pushes fence-sitters into our arms.


Censorship in universities in the UK is nearly as bad as in the US.

First use of the law in 46 years.

He also must write a letter of apology to the professor.

They are planning a recruiting conference next month.

Illegal-immigrant student praises antifa shut-down of Milo’s talk.

Harvard newspaper officially endorses bigotry.

And the crowd gives her a cheer.

No Campus for White Men

New book explains the mentality that led to the Milo Yiannopoulos riot at Berkeley.

Reviewed by F. Roger Devlin

What exactly can Trump do about campus free-speech violations?

Ban took place the day Reddit co-founder condemned Trump’s executive order.

Protestor: “It’s absolutely acceptable to use violence.”

The SPLC is trying to get Google to block results from websites it doesn’t like.

Private lodge says VDare violates their pro-diversity values.

“Free speech is vital. Of course it is. But is defending it like this really helping?”

Defendant was a racist, after all.

If enough students are offended, speech is considered “harassment.”

They clearly tilt Left.

There was just too much “hate.”

The Not-Talking Cure, Weekly Standard

Some Muslims probably lie about their hatred for the West.

Hyde doesn’t plan to quit comedy.