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Into the Digital Gulag

The internet goes Soviet.


Preofessor tweeted that a “white Europe of fraternal nations” is a “wonderful goal.”

“Hate” is not allowed.

Plaques honoring parish members Washington and Lee are removed.

Incident highlights sharp differences with more sensible Denmark.

Student Council passed a resolution for a “discrimination and harassment report” against the Republicans.

Claims it would be “difficult, if not impossible, to secure the safety of everyone.”

75 percent of blacks think “hate speech” is violence.

She offered to refer him to a “behavior intervention team.”

“We do not support . . . giving a platform to beliefs that blatantly oppose our livelihood and humanity.”

The backlash against “deplatforming” begins.

“Finish Germania” causes an uproar.

College Republicans are “white supremacists and fascists” who engage in “violent racist activity.”

Free Speech at a Cost

$600,000, to be exact.


“The current campus KGB . . . prefers present power to future freedom.”

Florida Governor declares emergency in anticipation of Richard Spencer at University of Florida.

A prelude to more censorship?

BLM condemns ACLU support of “white supremacists.”

Chinese authorities criminalize Koran due to “extremist content.”

Another attack on free speech.

Campus Democrats and Republicans alike support the use of violence.

The hammer continues to fall.

The Soviet Roots of Today’s Corporate Censorship

We’ve entered a precedented era of censorship.


Bad, Bad, Bad, News Topic

An excellent letter to the editor.

A Public-Private Initiative to Curtail Debate

A response to calls for the IRS to revoke tax-empt status from dissident organizations.


Black students display their ignorance.

Robert Spencer targeted again.

MSU was one of many universities that have recently cancelled on him.

“I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins.”

Satirizing YouTube Censorship

Maybe humor will shame the commissars.


Media Wake Up and Smell the Antifa

“Anti-racism” smells like violence.


These companies wield more power to censor than any government in history.

Commenter notes that when YouTube targets videos it doesn’t like, those videos become more popular.

Am I the First Victim of YouTube’s New Censorship?

Big Brother quarantines my video.


They had shown it every summer for 34 years.

Boycott the Goolag

We can fight back against corporate censorship.


Stormfront joins the Daily Stormer.

The Left Reveals Itself

Its censorial, anti-white impulses are taking hold.


A liberal worries about who will be purged after “racists” are.


Anti-Islam activists escape the purge.

“It would lead us down a path of internet censors and controls akin to a country like China.”

They are setting a precedent for something they oppose: a much more controlled internet.

The “magical thinking” behind memorial destruction.

Counterprotest was 40,000 people.

No end in sight to wave of deplatforming.

She can’t be fired unless she is convicted.

Rebel Media reports.

My Struggle with Race Realism

Confessions of a mixed-race college student.


America’s Second Civil War

Pick a side.