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Proposed ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Law Targets White Advocates

Aim is to prevent demonstrations like “Unite the Right.”


Expropriation Without Compensation

South Africa is a window into a non-white future.


AmRen “touts a philosophy that it’s ‘entirely normal’ for whites to want to be a majority race.”

Twitter claims its censorship tools are “apolitical.”

Wall Street Journal reports on Taylor v. Twitter.

Op-ed in the Daily Caller on our lawsuit against Twitter.

“Infamous white nationalist” and “white supremacist site” sue Twitter.

A UC Berkeley op-ed said to contain “libelous, racist, sexist, homophobic or highly offensive” content.

If people feel frightened, then there’s a real threat.

A word so taboo, even academics can’t use it to illustrate taboos.

Their algorithms are designed to keep viewers on the platform.

Washington Post stereotypes conservatives as haters.

All freshmen will be subjected to it.

She thinks “the real terrorist is [the French] government.”

What Future for Sweden?

Can the people take back their country?


Whites must figure out how bad they are on their own.

Israeli Journalist and Politician Interviews Jared Taylor

Former Knesset member thinks race realism should be censored.


There is dissent in the ranks.

Under it, groups like antifa may get labeled “domestic terrorists.”

Ron Unz provides a haven for victims of censorship.

No backing down—yet.

The test measures tolerance, cultural awareness, and the ability to spot fake news.

AmRen is “heavily influenced [by] the ideology of the KKK.”

Egalitarians refuse even to consider the evidence on race and IQ.

“[I]s the idea of “free speech” just a marketing tool for them to harvest your data?”

Her goal: “to terrorize and threaten people in their most private spaces.”

A required course for those majoring in elementary education.

MSU will pay for security and legal fees.

In her stories, she casts misbehaving non-whites as whites.

Social media reps boast how they are keeping “extremists” off their platforms.

Police visited authors of Facebook comments and “provided them with words of advice.”

Only 21 percent of Trump supporters think the media are fair.

Current and former employees explain Twitter’s politically-motivated censorship.

Let Them Build Wakanda!

In fantasy movie, blacks lead the world.


She posted letters from constituents supporting her position on residential schools.

Twitter said it was hateful for ALIPAC to state its political position.

It’s turning patriotic politicians into martyrs.

London police must use this incident as an opportunity to “educate.”

Law will target social media.

Police accuse member of Bundestag and EU parliament of “inciting hatred.”

But head of state still has a Twitter account.

“Hate” speech is “disguised as free speech.”

Race-relations foundation considers criticism of human rights abuses committed in the name of Islam to be “racist.”

A Tweet Too Far

They must ban what they can’t refute.


Startlingly reasonable.

What we call “free speech” benefits only white people.

AR accused of “being affiliated with a violent extremist group.”

Jared Taylor, Jayda Fransen among the first to be censored under new rules.

Polish government gets the same treatment as AmRen.

Report is being treated as a “data crime,” and is more of a problem than the crimes themselves.