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Harvard is still profiting from this slave’s suffering.

From Communism’s ‘Enemy of the People’ to PC’s ‘Hate Criminal’

In New Zealand we have seen the consequences of repression.


The committee wants to know what DHS and the FBI are doing to combat it.

They do not tolerate affiliations that “even romotely” seem to them to be biased.

Do They Want More Christchurch Massacres?

Media and government elites act as if they do.


Sensitivity training to become part of statewide 4-H programs.

Event was to feature Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern.

When science contradicts liberal dogma, the scientists must be punished.

‘Hoaxed: Everything They Told You Is a Lie’

New documentary explores how left-wing media distort reality.


The country is expected to have 507,000 “non-Western” immigrants by 2060.

Her reports were “not good for the country’s image.”

Crown Court grooming trial continues to dog him.

His presence could “incite discord.”

Too many white characters.

Former co-chair of the Conservative Party calls the party “institutionally Islamophobic.”

UC-Berkeley’s commitment to free speech is “unwavering.”

Her party is polling a close second to Macron’s party in run-up to the May elections.

Case could have ramifications for dissident government employees.

But not before spilling beans on the company’s censorship strategies.

Why ‘Apartheid Denial’ Must Be Made a Crime

“The present system’s failures cannot be excused unless the past is utterly demonized.”


Robinson’s unpersoning from the internet continues.

Things haven’t changed for black students since 1962.

Amazon and the End of Free Speech

The internet giant’s new wave of censorship.


Censorship at the world’s largest bookseller.

His opinions “amount to hate speech that may create an environment of intimidation and exclusion for certain groups in society.”

School discovers limits of diversity and multiculturalism.

Minister for Public Safety blames the internet and wants more censorship of it.

“Acknowledging the sins of the past.”

Now there will be a PTSA meeting focused on “tolerance, racism, and bias.”

Antifa thug is “linked” to Maxine Waters and Sherrod Brown.

Author is “so g****mned tired of listening to white boys.”

Seventy-three percent of knife crimes were committed by non-whites.

Cuomo wants to keep the public from seeing who “disparately” commits crimes.

McInnes says SP that “in the world of SPLC fundraising, mo hate is mo money.”

The Bern canton plans to create 36 camping spots for Gypsies despite local opposition.

Lawyer claims SPLC published stolen documents and engages in “ritual defamation.”

GuideStar and Amazon relied on the SPLC to determine CIS is a “hate group.”

“Hostile voices”— aka anyone who is “unsupportive” of diversity.

He will not be able to earn any revenue from his 270,000 subscribers.

White people have a right to be heard, but not “at the expense of other people.”

The Disgraceful Shaming of James Watson

Not even the world’s most famous scientist is allowed to speak the truth.


Democrats are working on resolutions to censure him.

Germany’s security agency can act against “perceived threats to the democratic order.”

Senator gets prison sentence for comparing black politician to an orangutan.

He again let slip the truth about race and intelligence.

He’s defended by a white lawyer.

Reports by tax-supported “speech monitoring group” have led to 144 “hate speech” convictions.

Lawsuit accuses SPLC of racketeering and seeks $6.5 million in damages.

Museums affirm “Europe’s cultural prestige.”

He promises to free Brazil from “ideological submission.”