Posted on April 18, 2024

NPR Senior Editor Resigns After Blowing Whistle on Network’s Liberal Bias

Meghan Blonder, Washington Free Beacon, April 17, 2024

NPR senior editor Uri Berliner resigned from the company on Wednesday after he was suspended for speaking out against the taxpayer-funded outlet’s transformation into a liberal echo chamber.

Berliner’s resignation announcement noted the way that NPR’s new CEO, Katherine Maher, reacted to his critique of the network, as well as Maher’s “divisive views.”


On April 9, Berliner wrote an op-ed for the Free Press titled, “I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust,” in which he lamented how the outlet developed a “devastating” bias over the years.


Maher, meanwhile, is battling criticism for her left-wing activism and inflammatory opinions—such as excusing rioting and looting in 2020—which she consistently aired on social media prior to joining NPR.

Maher shrugged off widespread looting and property damage during the 2020 riots, saying it was “hard to be mad” about the destruction in a May 2020 post. “White silence is complicity. If you are white, today is the day to start a conversation in your community,” she wrote one day later.

In another post, Maher invoked her “cis white mobility privilege” as a reason to help the country get rid of the “spectre of tyranny” following the death of George Floyd.

“Lots of jokes about leaving the US, and I get it. But as someone with cis white mobility privilege, I’m thinking I’m staying and investing in ridding ourselves of this spectre of tyranny,” Maher wrote in July 2020.