Posted on October 5, 2023

Verified Hate: White People Being Friendly

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 5, 2023

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Azerbaijan recently won another brief war against Armenia and took control of the Nagorno-Karabakh region. In response, Armenians have begun fleeing the region, fearing reprisals. It’s a massive population transfer in the first Christian country in the world, but hardly anyone seems to be noticing. At least according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Armenians are white.

It’s a reminder that population transfers and even ethnic cleansing still happen, but without media outrage, it’s just not a moral issue. Demographic transformation is not impossible, it’s just a question of will.

The connection between ethnicity and nation is natural.

Jared Taylor is not Japanese.

One of the most interesting sociological findings in recent years is the Chirp Discourse. Blacks love Tik-Tok (white advocates are not allowed on) but even though the videos are just a few seconds long, there is often a mysterious chirping sound. This is because blacks don’t pay attention to the sound a fire alarm makes when the battery is about to die. This is so common that some have suggested that they may not even hear it.

Here is a millionaire rapper (Listen at 0:02 and 0:15).

Another example from someone making a satirical video:

We whites also have idiosyncrasies, a widespread subject of mockery on X. These include, uh, being friendly while hiking . . .

Using dividers at the grocery store . . .

And speaking Spanish at a Mexican restaurant:

(Do they know Spanish is a European language? Never mind).

Razib Khan posts on the Indo-European conquerors from the Steppes.

Free speech is still under attack in the Western world. Another important source to follow is Tom Roswell of Survive the Jive. He also reports on what’s happening to Russell Brand, and the larger effort to control what people can say online.

Tim Wise is always good for a laugh.

If this was true, we wouldn’t have the problems we face today. In truth, as some others pointed out, the Founders just didn’t think about blacks very often. They took for granted that white people would define the country but didn’t follow through on the popular idea to send blacks back to Africa.

The “genocide” at Canadian residential schools didn’t happen. That isn’t stopping Justin Trudeau from using the myth to push white guilt.

The myth inspired several church burnings. The Canadian government is not backing down and churches remain largely silent.

Canada is also moving to restrict free speech. Among those blasting the move is Elon Musk.

Of course, the tycoon’s devotion to free speech would be more compelling if he gave Jared Taylor his account back.

From the United Kingdom:

To repeat what I’ve said before, there may be whites in power, but there are zero whites who hold power on behalf of whites, in contrast to most non-white politicians who see themselves as racial tribunes. If we had power, signs like this wouldn’t exist. Imagine a sign like that in an African country directed against blacks.

The United States military is having a hard time finding recruits, mostly because it is sending a clear signal that it doesn’t want patriotic white men to join. However, its preferred workforce also has some problems.

The Great and the Good have discovered nuance in the Second World War because of what’s happening in Ukraine.

Mass immigration proponents occasionally use Tactical Nihilism. Be on the lookout for it. Obviously, racism, or homophobia, or climate change are Very Bad Things. However, why should you care about population replacement? In the long run, we’re all dead.

So much for the measure of civilization being old men planting trees in whose shade they will never sit.

Let’s see what schools in one district in Minnesota are teaching staff about white people.

Could a district make a video comparing another group to bloodsuckers?

Finally, there was rioting in Philadelphia. An Instagram influencer called “Meatball” took part. Her lawyer says it’s racist to criticize her.

She will not lose her Instagram. She will not be deplatformed. Our rulers think this sort of thing is fine. But they are terrified that someone might read us.