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LA sets aside $500,000 for people to talk about race over a free dinner.

Garrett Hardin tackles questions most choose to ignore.

Who Misbehaves?, City Journal

Black students are disciplined more often because they misbehave more often.

Liberals think demographic changes may be to blame.

The Color of Gun Crime in America’s Big Cities

Media claim white men are the problem; the facts say otherwise.


Hate Crime Hoaxes in America, AR Classic Article

What leftists don’t want you to know.

“Why are only patriots expected to play by the rules?”

The truth is no defense.

How the Obama Administration Eroded School Discipline

The notorious “Dear Colleague Letter.”


Now it’s easier to “discriminate” against black mortgage applicants.

Not renting to applicants receiving housing assistance is a “proxy” for racial discrimination.

Protesters make it clear they don’t want to assimilate.

Students must learn how to “decenter whiteness.”

They will make amends by hiring more non-whites.

“The idea that white people commit fewer crimes, is ridiculous. It’s a myth, it’s a fabrication.”

“Condescending depiction . . . fails to acknowledge racism, colonization, and genocide.”

Conservativism is a “creepy, weird worldview.”

How to Bust the ‘Racial Is a Construct’ Myth

Whites should “identify” as non-white.


“The vast majority of terror suspects are alleged Islamists, but the number of white suspects has rocketed.”

“It is long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents.”

Author thinks teachers’ union members would start firing at blacks and Hispanics in self-defense.

Exploring the outer limits of black racial thinking.

The truth is no defense?

Wakanda, the New Black Homeland

A fictional answer to whites’ real-world success.


Cheddar Man and the Pharaohs

Media show their biases again.


“The enrollment crisis at Evergreen, and make no mistake about it, it is a crisis . . . .”

Hakuna Wakanda, TheZMan

“Black Panther is the ultimate Dissident Right movie.”

Myths About Slavery and Lynching

The truth can help set us free.


“Generally speaking, we are comfortable excluding white supremacists.”

If people feel frightened, then there’s a real threat.

Family of bad eggs is “the exception,” not the rule, among “Dreamers.”

#MediocrityToo, City Journal

Heather Mac Donald hits another homer.

Is “affordable bail” the new “affirmative action”?

“So beautiful. So beautiful.”

“It’s okay to be white” is an opening to “dangerous messaging.”

“Black Egypt” story loses its queen.

There was affirmative action long before it had a name.

Study wants integration not just of schools, but of classrooms.

Previously untapped data contradict liberal claims that immigrants have lower crime rates.

Paved With Good Intentions: 25 Years Later

It was my introduction to sanity.


His views on race, culture, and religion make him “unfit” to be a town official.

The Left vs. Natural Instincts

Liberals want to abolish human nature.


The Doctor in spite of himself.

Who Wants to Abolish the White Race?

And how do they plan to do it?


92 percent of the increase in violent crime in Germany can be attributed to immigrants.

“People are willing to be tolerant, but past a certain point, it feels like being ordered to eat peas.”

View of lefty activists did not represent the view of the black community.

The Illusion of Inevitability

Ephialtes returns.


The explanation, of course, is poverty and flaws in the education system.

Is ‘Racism’ Killing Black People?

What else could it be?