Posted on April 16, 2023

Susan Rice Roasted for Claiming Racism Has Cost the US $16 Trillion

Lindsay Kornick, Fox News, April 13, 2023

Social media users mocked White House Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice’s claim that racism has had a massive impact on the U.S. economy during a speech on Wednesday.

Rice appeared as a guest at the National Action Network’s, founded by Al Sharpton, convention in New York City to speak about the White House’s commitment to promoting civil rights. {snip}

“In the last 20 years, the U.S. had a GDP shortfall of $16 trillion due to discrimination against Black Americans. If we closed our racial gaps, we could add another $5 trillion to GDP over just the next five years. And in case you’re wondering, that’s not my math, that’s, according to Citibank. We all benefit when every community has the chance to thrive,” Rice said.


Elsewhere during the conference, Rice attacked Republican policies regarding education and critical race theory.


“Today, in states across the nation, we’re seeing bans on innocuous children’s books just because they feature prominently Black or Brown characters. We’re seeing Black history erased from our classrooms and textbooks. And make no mistake: Those who are doing this are trying to tell us that we do not count, that we do not matter, and that perhaps we should not exist. Black history is American history,” Rice said.