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“White supremacists” are hiding in law enforcement and the military.

Blacks are afraid there’s something sinister afoot.

“We will relentlessly resist. We will not rest. We require restitution.”

Reparations for Slavery: The Worst Idea in American History

Blacks keep hoping to cash in on white guilt.


Racism. Where Do You Fall?, racismscale.weebly.com

“Identify your own bias and help others explore theirs.”

Allowing students to op out of attending a Black History Month assembly is a “microaggression.”

Once you’re called a racist, you can’t win.

Blacks still believe the initial false narrative.

“Hegemonic whiteness,” to be exact.

You have to be careful how you celebrate Black History Month.

Now it’s a federal matter.

Plaque would critique the monument “as a symbol of white supremacy and racism.”

Destroying Confederate memorials is “about restoring the dignity of black taxpayers.”

It would classify lynching as a federal crime punishable by life sentence in prison.

Hint: It’s causal.

Featuring products that “feel authentic, relevant, and respectful.”

Virginia’s governor has no “moral or rhetorical credibility” in the “struggle against white supremacy.”

She says the charges are “an attempt to criminalize Black protest.”

The numbers don’t support the BLM narrative.

White privilege: It’s not just for white people any more.

Because “you can’t have instutional learning that’s not complete.”

And, of course, she wants an official apology.

They’re also demanding more black teachers be hired.

Providing insight into black accomplishments and tribulations.

Starbucks’ all-comers bathroom policy has predictable results.

Inferior education is “of course” to blame.

Black student groups: “They are building a safe space for white supremacy and forcing us to pay for it.”

Fraudulent transcripts, abused students, embezzled funds—a black success story.

The plaque “taunts” blacks.

Toy manufacturers are waging psychological warfare against blacks

Without more blacks on the arbitration panel, he’s deprived of “equal protection under the law.”

“You got to grind your boot into white supremacy’s throat until you hear it stop breathing.”

Whites promote “black history sites” because that’s where the money’s going.

I’m not a “foot soldier of the patriarchy.”

Democrats are depending on a quarter of the white vote and high black turnout.

The officer was also black.

What Do Blacks Want?

What I learned at the premiere of “Race War.”


“Black history is British history.”

With enough money and “direct strategic action,” we’ll have plenty of black Nobel laureates.

They weren’t satisfied when store owners agreed to their demands; now they want the store.

“Negrophobia” is the flip side of white privilege.

Parody is no longer possible.

“Vic” refused to stop, refused to drop his gun, and faced the cops with a gun in his hand.

New York Times: “Police violence is flooding our screens.”

Seattle blacks say they’re victims of “ethnic cleansing.”

A complete reading list for the self-hating white person.

He is bad, bad, bad, and “our civil rights hang in the balance.”

He thinks the British flag should be scrapped because it was flown during the Crusades.

Fighting “racism” is more important to professional blacks than the welfare of ordinary blacks.

Republicans facilitated the mission creep of civil rights.