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The Doctor in spite of himself.

Empirical evidence is wanting.

Trayvon Martin — Wonder of the World.

If it weren’t for overachieving Asians and whites and “unconscious stereotypes,” there would be no gap.

The facts about murder and race.

Unarmed black men are killed by police as often as they are hit by lightning.

Yet another data set discredits black opinion.

Black students display their ignorance.


Rumors of Wars, AR Classic Article

Two books with which to cure a liberal.

Basically, they claim that nothing has changed since 1909.

Objectivity is a plot to hold non-whites down.

Blacks Fear the Police?

They don’t act like it.


Black professor: ”Nearly everything in the movie . . . is a complete fabrication.”

MTV has curious ideas about the importance of blacks.

73 percent of whites say they get angry about current events at least once per day.

Neither grand juries nor trial juries are swayed by nonsense about “racist” cops.

Black Lives Matter: Hysteria and Lies

Today’s best argument for white racial consciousness.


Black claims of “racism” again debunked.

But Bernie Sanders has “no doubt” she would be alive if she were white.

Blacks are particularly gripped by political myths.

Even black police are tired of the lying.

Blacks are still pretending Michael Brown was a martyr.

Ta-Nehisi Coates: The New Messiah

His new book is even worse than you think.


The Power of White Racism

It’s like magic!


Girl’s mother kept silent for fear of a voodoo curse.

The history you won’t read in National Review.

The parts that Hollywood glossed over.

. . . coming to your neighborhood.

Chicago students will learn about blacks even during physical education.

Into the Heart of Darkness

Vice Magazine ventures into Liberia.


A Curious Madness, AR Classic Article

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Rosa Parks.

Did you know a black man built Stonehenge?

The King Holiday and Its Meaning

The origins of our national celebration of multiracialism and political correctness.


Black Poverty

Crying for help on the newest Blackberry.


A diverse approach to medicine.

Lending to people who can’t repay is a much better way to get rich than lending to people who can.

It’s all about “righting a wrong” committed against a black man.

New book proves blacks invented civilization.

King was hardly the greatest American.

Will read King criticism on the air twice a day until MLK Day.

This is the mush that comes out of “white studies.”

We Wish You a Phony Festival, AR Classic Article

Kwanzaa was invented by a black criminal in California.

New White House rug attributes a white man’s quote to Martin Luther King.

Even to suggest honoring someone else on King’s birthday can harm Utah.

Activists Still Vital, Speakers Declare, News & Record (Greensboro, North Carolina)

It’s necessary to remind people that “racism” still exists.

Time to get rid of the silly term “African American.”

Tour guide: “Amadou Diallo is like the Disneyland of the Bronx.”

Youths See Slain Black Panther as Role Model, WBEZ (Chicago Public Radio)

NPR glorifies black would-be revolutionary Fred Hampton.

Is Dreams From My Father as fraudulent as Roots?