Posted on February 21, 2024

Joy Reid: Black People ‘Literally, Physically, Built this Country’

Paul Bois, Breitbart, February 18, 2024

MSNBC host Joy Reid lamented that black Americans have not received sufficient reparations for “literally, physically” building this country, believing that former President Barack Obama’s eight-year tenure is the best they will get.

Reid issued her comments during an interview on Salon Talks with writer Dean Obeidallah {snip}

“To be a Black person in 2024 in America is to be in a state of complete perplexed confusion about what is wrong with a country that hates your history, that to this day can’t admit even the basics of what was done to your ancestors {snip}” she said.


“And to find out that literally Barack Obama’s two terms as president are your reparations, and Juneteenth, which you already celebrated anyway, is your reparations. Yet you built this country. You literally, physically, built this country, and yet the attitude toward you from a lot of your peers and your fellow citizens is: Just shut up and be grateful,” she said.