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Living with blacks is chic so long as you don’t have to talk to them.

Democrat Alliance hopes that punishing Zille will improve their chances in the next election.

A white liberal tiptoes towards racial consciousness.

Women in the Alt-Right

Lana Lokteff explains why so many women are joining us.


White Environmentalism

Where conservatism and conservation meet.


Is Democracy in a Death Spiral?

Democracy is increasingly seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself.


Colin Flaherty documents Hillary Clinton’s anti-white presidential campaign.

Your Choice: a Green America or a Brown America

Most “environmentalists” choose brown.


James Kirkpatrick on the state of American politics.

“Being shown the middle finger everywhere by white people because they’ve gained a new confidence must come to an end.”

Zuma claims it’s the opposition that’s racist.

White South African professor asks blacks: “Teach us how to be South Africans.”

‘This Century is Ours’, AR Classic Article

The triumphalism of Jorge Ramos.

He is the son of Egyptian immigrants.

Beth Fukumoto says GOP won’t oppose racism.

What Rep. Steve King’s ‘Racist’ Statements Teach

“There’s a class of people for whom no identity is permitted. They’re the people of Europe and the Anglo-sphere.”


It’s About Erasing White People

The left thinks diversity will be a success once we’re gone.


Is Turkey Lost to the West?

Rising ethnonationalism across Europe may mean Turkey is out, and Russia is in.


Daily Caller publishes Peter Brimelow.

Chronicling Chronicles

An important but mostly forgotten forerunner of the Alt-Right.


“Majority rights are uncharted territory for liberal democracies.”

Shelby Steele analyses “white guilt.”

The mainstream are starting to get it.

What an idea!

President is worried whites are taking over the country.

She wanted to know which programs could be expanded.

Bill Clinton was the first president to explicitly champion the decline of whites.

The left is furious.

Can they be a gateway drug to race realism?

Why Whites Should Oppose Entitlement “Reform”

The current structure of Social Security favors whites.


Next Step: Sainthood, AR Classic Article

Where will adoration for President Obama end?

White self-hatred bordering on mental illness.

32 percent of Californians support secession.

Calling the Election for Obama, AR Classic Article

The start of the media’s love affair with President Obama.

I Was There

Jared Taylor reports on the inauguration.


Trump is politically safe so long as he stays in the good graces of whites.

Victor Davis Hanson on the Americans who back Trump.

Paul Kersey on the the Trump and Lewis spat.

Helping The Sharpton & Obama Afrocentrism ‘Fade to Black’ (Part I)

How much damage can a Trump presidency undo?


The Real Obama, AR Classic Article

F. Roger Devlin reviews “America’s Half-Blood Prince” by Steve Sailer.

Asks blacks and minorities to empathize with poor, middle-aged whites.

The battle over Trump’s cabinet begins.

Despite outreach by David Cameron, UK’s Conservative Party as white as American Republicans.

American Renaissance Fuels Leftist Infighting

American Renaissance is now a talking point when Bernie Bros and Clintonians are at each other’s throats.


Is Liberal Democracy an Endangered Species?

“European peoples are largely fleeing from the future America preaches and promises.”


To the Edge of the Precipice, AR Classic Article

A black man’s remarkable racial insights.

Will the Democrats Ever Nominate Another White Candidate for President?

Hillary’s failure may be the end of the line for whites.


He wants President Trump to increase racial polarization so blacks say “I’m outta here.”

Also points out that Hillary’s popular-vote margin was less than her margin in California.

The Anti-Anti-White Left: A Reply to Critics

They are a source of future allies.