Posted on April 22, 2024

Oklahoma House Passes Texas-Style Illegal Immigration Bill

Melissa Jacques, Tulsa World, April 18, 2024

A Texas-style immigration bill passed through the House on Thursday without any of the amendments put forward by House Democrats.

The measure passed by a vote of 77-20.

House Bill 4156, which was authored by Speaker of the House Charles McCall, R-Atoka, and Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, does not have to follow the normal legislative process. It may now be scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor.


The bill would legally define “impermissible occupation” as when a person “willfully and without permission enters and remains in the State of Oklahoma without having first obtained legal authorization to enter the United States.”

Impermissible occupation would be a misdemeanor upon first offense, punishable by a fine of up to $500, imprisonment in a county jail for up to a year, or both. The person would also be required to leave Oklahoma within 72 hours of the date and time specified on a written order. After that the person would be prohibited from reentering the state.

The second offense would be a felony, punishable by imprisonment in a state prison for up to two years, a fine of up $1,000 or both. The second offense also would require the person to leave the state within 72 hours.

The passage of the bill was celebrated by Attorney General Gentner Drummond, who said in a press release: “The Oklahoma House of Representatives has taken a strong stand today in favor of public safety. President Biden’s blatant refusal to follow federal law and his complete failure to secure the border are forcing states to take action. {snip}”