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Every major American city is now a sanctuary.

Irishman gets the boot.

Kris Kobach wants proof-of-citizenship laws in every state.

“We will not rest until our communities are safer and individuals like these are brought to justice.”

“No population is off the table.”

Liberals bemoan the new priorities Trump has set for ICE.

A UN grab bag: from Bangladesh to Trinidad.

Claims the three are “in breach of their legal obligations.”

John Kelly wants amnesty for about 1 million illegals.

62 were from Mexico.

Lefties complain that Trump is keeping his promises.

All We Need is Love … and Deportations

Ann Coulter goes full Katie McHugh.


There are legal barriers to ending catch and release.

Lefties claim it’s so bad, illegals would rather go back than be held there.

ICE arrests 19 of the gang’s top members.

With support from labor groups.

This is the last chance for the ban.

The work is being carried out under Trump’s executive orders.

One in 5 had been deported before.

Trump’s Executive Orders continue to make an impact.

It will decrease the penalties for crimes.

Proposal includes plans to hire 12 new lawyers.

ICE has a policy of not entering churches.

District Attorneys are doing everything they can to keep criminal aliens in the country.

ATF and FBI are targeting MS-13 leaders to throw gang into chaos.

Since Trump took office, ICE has made over 41,000 arrests–about 400 per day.

Eight countries have gotten in line this year — including Somalia.

8,726 to 7,580.

Liberal judges claim this is like the Japanese internment in the 1940s.

Leftists attack Obama’s legacy.

Spanish-only speakers can now help with ICE’s mission…

“I still believe in Trumpism. I have no regrets for ferociously supporting him. What choice did we have?”

A former INS agent on how illegals get away with it.

Three were “dreamers.”

Court cases could take years to resolve.

Another Mexican hit-and-run.

Watch out for “widespread racial profiling, baseless scrutiny, and illegal arrests of citizens and non-citizens alike.”

You have to go back.

ACLU promises to fight it.

It burdens the countries we send them to.

Trump’s supporters are unimpressed.

ICE will enforce the law even when local officials won’t.

Swamp People: 47; Trump: 0

We’re not sick of winning, we’re sick of losing.


Chinese man arranged nearly 100 fake marriages for green cards.

He is slated for deportation.

Judge let him post a $2,500 bail.

Some had criminal records spanning over a decade.

John Kelly: “All crime is terrible, but these victims are unique – and too often ignored.”

Not Building the Wall IS a Government Shutdown

President Trump must stand tall and save the country.


Trump: This is “egregious overreach by a single unelected judge.”