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Cities would have to notify ICE 48 hours before they release any detainee.

Hispanic politicians denounce any kind of border control.

Every one of them has a criminal record.

No cooperation with ICE will be allowed.

Exempting “bona fide” family relations is not good policy.

Cooperating with the federal government no long necessary for receiving money from the federal government.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor double-down on support for statewide anti-sanctuary bill.

30 didn’t even have criminal records.

New visa requirements are rigorous.

He thanks the President for “taking the handcuffs off law enforcement.”

But also says promises from refugee resettlement agencies won’t be honored.

The year’s total so far is 583.

“The center contributes more records to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) than any government entity.”

Sanctuary Cities of Defiance, The American Conservative

It may not be easy to bring them to heel.

Grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins of US citizens can now get in.

Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon are behind it.

DHS Secretary John Kelly says feds won’t defend the law in the face of challenges from states.

Feds may cut the city’s funding if police aren’t working with ICE.

CNN host can barely contain her rage.

Mark Meadows boards the Trump Train.

“Ohio Man” = “Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud” from Somalia.

Iraq knuckles under. China and Hong Kong still holding out.

As many as 500 migrants arrive in Paris every week.

With the latest challenge blocked, the decision goes to SCOTUS in October.

ICE: “We’re still focusing on criminals, but we’re not confined to them.”

Democrats may vote for the law for fear of defeat in 2018.

Enforcing the law works.

It passed in the House and is headed to the Senate.

Local cops tipped off ICE.

10-year-old crime finally caught up with him.

The same judge who successfully challenged the earlier ban is now challenging this one.

One of his many murders was of a young girl—while he forced her parents to watch.

California continues to do all it can to defy Trump administration.

Some think the organization should be declared a terrorist group.

He did the same thing last week.

Ban is in effect for now, SCOTUS will hear case in October.

Courts now interfering with ICE removals.

All 11 names have something in common . . .

Every major American city is now a sanctuary.

Irishman gets the boot.

Kris Kobach wants proof-of-citizenship laws in every state.

“We will not rest until our communities are safer and individuals like these are brought to justice.”

“No population is off the table.”

Liberals bemoan the new priorities Trump has set for ICE.

A UN grab bag: from Bangladesh to Trinidad.

Claims the three are “in breach of their legal obligations.”

John Kelly wants amnesty for about 1 million illegals.

62 were from Mexico.

Lefties complain that Trump is keeping his promises.

All We Need is Love … and Deportations

Ann Coulter goes full Katie McHugh.