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“This Administration seems determined to Make America White Again.”

DOJ says Obama appointee oversteeped his authority.

Former mmigration judge explains the connection between immigration policy and gang violence.

Who is surprised?

Dianne Feinstein, Janet Reno, and Barbara Boxer used to be in favor of enforcing illegal-immigration laws.

The current 600,000 backlogged immigration cases should go down.

Obama holdovers continue to stymie efforts to enforce immigration laws.

Tom Homan: When it comes to enforcement, “No one is off the table.”

DOJ alleges they falsely claimed to be a family.

Ban doesn’t apply to people with “bona fide relationship” to someone in U.S.

“The Trump Effect”: Number of illegals down; automation up; wages up.

Removal orders are up 29 percent.

He lost DACA privileges when he returned to Mexico voluntarily.

Officials are targeting Asian immigrants with criminal convictions.

He hit a 7-year-old girl and three others.

Applications given extra scrutiny are up 44 percent.

No more “catch and release.”

Heritage Foundation has sensible views for real “reform.”

Referendum campaign is now gathering signatures.

They’re up 34 percent over same period last year.

DACA applications were not regularly verified.

Finally: real employer sanctions.

A promising start; about 49 to go.

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh is finally gone, and permanently barred from reentry.

They Don’t Call It ‘the Great Tweet of China’

“The wall has to get built, and nothing else matters.”


The law is an ass.

We’d rather return voluntarily than be deported.

ICE Director to MS-13: “You are not welcome in the United States and you will find no harbor here.”

Nancy Pelosi not leftist enough for activists.

Hispanic Consciousness, AR Classic Article

Happy Mexican Independence Day.

A ‘Read-My-Lips’ Moment for Trump?

Remember what happened to Bush in ’92 . . .


Is Trump playing Three-card Monte or 3D chess with immigration promises?

Guinea has refused to take back 2,137 criminals.

No Amnesty is a Good Amnesty

Trump must decide if he wants to save America, or end it.


Refugees don’t have a “bona fide” connection to the United States.

Esteban Rodriguez-Olivera.

Number four is that it was largely concocted by La Raza.

There are very simple ways for the state to prevent future 9/11s.

DACA: What Is Trump’s Plan?

It may be only a setup for a later amnesty.


Trump is wobbling.

It’s more complicated than many Trump supporters think.

Goes on to say that Dreamers in Chicago are safe.

New York, California, and Washington, of course.

Sessions: “The compassionate thing is to end the lawlessness, (and) enforce our laws.”

All 28 have something in common . . .

Final decision should come very soon.

Judge Orlando Garcia, that is.

But President Trump says shutdown will be inevitable without funding for the wall.

There is no need to compromise on one or the other.

622 so far this year.