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ICE may not make arrests at N.Y. state prisons or jails.

The “bed rate” alone is $127.82 per day.

Border Patrol reports that so far there have been no attempts at illegal crossing.

About 130 to reach Mexicali today, with hundreds more to follow.

About 90 of them were released in California.

Her fake husband tried to bring in his real wife.

He’s happy to accept funding, but only to “combat transnational crime.”

State funding will be revoked for any would-be “sanctuaries.”

More than 2,000 DACA students currently receive the in-state rate.

Some states resist the call to send their National Guard troops to the border.

Paroling immigrant detainees is “dangerous.”

Selma: A Civil Rights Legacy

Former activist says “Selma is dying.”


Trump Must Stop ‘Refugee Caravan’ Invasion with Executive Order

“Other than stare these brazen people down, what will the National Guard do?”


All were in the country illegally; most were from Mexico.

They’re to stay there until Trump gets his wall.

Brown of California is set to do likewise.

Homeland secretary: “We will not allow illegal immigration levels to become the norm.”

Trump’s new plan if Congress won’t tighten immigration restrictions or fund the wall.

Does Trump Have the Right Stuff?

Will he hold firm like Israelis or crumple like Spaniards?


Congress has budgeted funds for 100 miles of barrier.

Illegals’ private information will be kept from the federal government.

Trump argues that a border wall serves national defense.

ICE has an ally in California.

He’s the only sheriff in New York to cooperate with ICE.

Sheriff says ICE never let him know the perp is an illegal immigrant.

Hail Cesar!, National Review

Congress could make Chavez’ birthday National Border Control Day.

Coulter “can’t imagine how it could be any worse.”

City councilors say sanctuary law conflicts with US Constitution.

Illegals need more representation in government.

He says cities should be sanctuaries for Americans, not safe havens for criminals.

Says it won’t happen again.

He was released on bail before ICE could get to him.

Building the wall would save taxpayers $64 billion.

The suit is modeled on the one Obama used against Arizona’s SB1070 immigrant law.

59 percent of Hispanics want local police to help federal authorities detain illegals.

Federal judge says judges need to “butt out of politics and stick to the law.”

Israel’s deportation program costs $86 million per year.

City will spend millions on lawyers for every single illegal ICE tries to deport.

Oakland mayor says she does not regret tipping off illegals that ICE was coming.

North Dakota ranks highest.

Oakland mayor says that immigrants convicted of felonies are not dangerous.

Half of those arrested have convictions for assault and battery and crimes against children.

High Court supports positions of both the Trump and Obama administrations.

Closings due to record low numbers of refugees.

Border Walls Work

That is why many countries have them.


Employers will often not even consider hiring native-born non-Hispanics.

This is, of course, unacceptable.

California defies Washington.

Taxing remittances and charging fees for expediting green card applications are just two ideas.

This is supposed to be a point against it.