Posted on March 8, 2024

Illegal Immigrant Controversy Mars Biden’s Triumph

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, March 8, 2024

President Joe Biden scored a political success last night, beating the low expectations for his State of the Union. However, white advocates watching it rolled their eyes. Within a few seconds, he had invoked World II, Hitler, and January 6. This was a shameless campaign speech as he claimed “freedom and democracy are under assault at home” and blamed “my predecessor” and “some of you here.” His strategy of spite, linking “freedom and democracy” to the survival of his administration, is effective. Most Americans had a positive reaction to the speech. Mr. Biden is also attacking President Donald Trump in personal terms, hoping to goad him into a reaction.

There was one notable mistake. Rep. Major Taylor Greene (R-GA) had given Mr. Biden a button with Laken Riley’s name on it and told him to “say her name” during the speech. He did, but he called her Lincoln Riley. He also said she was killed by “an illegal,” infuriating Democrats who think the word is a slur. Mr. Biden is probably not senile, but it’s hard to keep up with the swift changes in language his allies demand.

Alabama senator Katie Britt gave the Republican response. It didn’t land. She delivered it from a kitchen, and her speech was obviously expected to appeal to women and swing voters. However, you can’t say the American dream is a “nightmare” and call the border crisis “despicable” while also trying to be cute, friendly, and approachable. She looked fake and stage-managed, and was confusing even to allies.

By contrast, Mr. Biden was confident in his attacks: “In its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court majority wrote the following — and with all due respect, justices — ‘women are not without electoral or political power.’ You’re about to realize just how much you were right about that.”

He posed as a champion of law and order:

Now, through my American Rescue Plan, which every Republican voted against, I’ve made the largest investment in public safety ever. Last year, the murder rate saw the sharpest decrease in history, and violent crime fell to one of the lowest levels in more than 50 years.

But we have more to do. Help cities and towns invest in more community police officers, more mental health workers, and more community violence intervention. Give communities the tools to crack down on gun crime, retail crime, and carjacking.

He appealed to blacks:

A transformational moment in our history happened 59 years ago today in Selma, Alabama.

Hundreds of foot soldiers for justice marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, named after a Grand Dragon of the KKK, to claim their fundamental right to vote. They were beaten, bloodied, and left for dead.

Our late friend and former colleague John Lewis was at the march. We miss him.

Selma today is a ruin.

Mr. Biden accused Republicans of having “ancient ideas” despite saying he wanted a country for “all Americans.” He accused President Trump — without ever naming him — of sabotaging the so-called “bipartisan security bill” that would be a “win for America.” His canniest tactic was to portray himself as forward looking despite his age: “My fellow Americans, the issue facing our nation isn’t how old we are, it’s how old our ideas are.” “Hate, anger, revenge, retribution, are among the oldest of ideas.” Mr. Trump has said his administration might seek retribution.

Mr. Biden caused the border crisis and now blames Republicans for not giving him the money to “solve it.” Even his supporters now acknowledge he could do it through executive action. He said equal treatment defines America, but his political coalition operate a vast system of special privileges for non-whites. Modern leftism would collapse if there were “equal treatment,” and diversity “experts” and affirmative action appointees would have no jobs. He says he is for “democracy” and “freedom,” but his administration fights to censor speech. Senator Katie Britt, of course, was incapable of making these points.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump still isn’t posting on X, instead sending lame messages on Truth Social. It diminishes him as Mr. Biden makes his case not just for a second term but for how to define the country.

Mr. Biden may have mumbled occasionally, but he appeared so energetic that people wondered whether he was on drugs. Calling Republicans internal enemies while appealing to optimism and unity was cynical, but with most media on his side and no coherent Republican response, he will get away with it. Except for immigration, the speech was a success for the president. Republicans will need to rely even more on the immigration issue in the months ahead.