Posted on March 8, 2024

Blacks Don’t Want a Payout. They Want Payback.

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, March 8, 2024

Foolish whites understand nothing.

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Amiri Baraka was an important black American poet. In 1967, he wrote “Black People!”

Credit Image: © Beowulf Sheehan/ZUMA Press

“You can’t steal nothin’ from a white man. He’s already stole it. He owes you anything you want, even his life. All the stores will open if you will say the magic words. The magic words are: Up against the wall M-Fer, this is a stick up!”  goes on: “Run up and down Broad Street, Negroes, take the shit you want. Take their lives if need be, but get what you what, what you need.”

Strong words from a man who was poet laureate of New Jersey, but the Anthology of Modern American Poetry, published by Oxford, says his works “have been described by scholars as constituting defining texts for African-American culture.

Those scholars are right. White people owe black people anything they want. That is one of the defining ideas of African-American culture. They want – and are convinced they deserve – reparations.

After all, these nine important people spent two years holding hearings all over California and published a 500-page report to explain why the state owes every black Californian $1.2 million.

Here they are, lining up at the mic in Sacramento, shouting their demands.

Credit Image: © Lezlie Sterling/The Sacramento Bee via ZUMA Press Wire

These two, at a hearing in Oakland, explained, “We’re not asking [for reparations]. We’re telling you.”

San Francisco set up a reparations commission that recommended that the city pay $1.5 million to every black.

I have lost count of the places that are talking reparations: St. Lous, St. Paul, Boston, Evanston, Illinois, New York City, Oakland, Durham and Asheville in North Carolina. And Harvard, Brown, Princeton, Yale, U Penn, Columbia – all the fancy schools – agonize over what they owe blacks because of slavery.

Georgetown has a plan to raise $100 million and ultimately $1 billion to give to the descendants of  272 slaves who worked on their plantations.

And, of course,  “House Dems introduce $14 trillion reparations proposal for descendants of slaves.”

That’s more than twice the annual federal budget.

But it’s all talk. If I were black, I’d be asking, “Where’s my check, damn it?” And that’s why I salute the wisdom and prescience of the poet laureate.

Fifty-three years after he pronounced the magic words, “Looting Is Reparations,” was the headline after a glorious night of “up against the wall” on “the miracle mile” in Chicago in 2020.

A BLM organizer explained the looters: “Anything they wanted to take, they can take.”

This might startle the white people who came by to gawk the next morning, but if very important people keep telling blacks they deserve $1.2 million each, it’s a bargain for whitey if he loses only some plate glass and a few designer handbags.

Credit Image: © Antonio Perez/TNS via ZUMA Press Wire

Last year, Karen Ivery went shopping at Target in Blue Ash, Ohio.

She rolled up to the cashier with $1,000 worth of goodies in her cart and said she was taking them for free as reparations. She must have been surprised when the cashier didn’t just wave her through. She started yelling about white privilege and probably terrified the white lady cashier. Miss Ivery then barged into a manager’s office so aggressively he decked her.

Karen Ivery has heard all her life that she is a victim and deserves reparations. Maybe she even heard Target bragging about its “$100 million investment in black communities,” “advancing racial equity.”

Why can’t she get something for that money?

Miss Ivery told police that this was supposed to be her “Rosa Parks moment.” But instead of being treated like a civil-rights hero, she got a punch in the nose, arrested, a night in jail, and a $100 fine. I almost feel sorry for her.

Karen Ivery is a nobody, but high-profile blacks think the same way.

Terrence Howard is such a fancy actor, he has his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Credit Image: © Kay Blake/ZUMA Wire

But he doesn’t pay taxes: “Terrence Howard hit with nearly $1M judgment after saying it’s ‘immoral’ to tax descendants of slaves.”

You don’t owe the IRS $1 million unless you get a fat paycheck, but he called up the feds and said, “Four hundred years of forced labor and never receiving any compensation for it. Now you have the gall to try and prosecute and charge taxes to the descendants of a broken people . . . . In truth, the entire United States should, by default, become the property of the descendants of slaves.”

As the poet laureate explained, “You can’t steal nothin from a white man. He owes you anything you want.” Slaves built this country, so nothing white people think they own is rightfully theirs. Disney Plus is teaching children this important lesson. [0:00 – 0:39]  I don’t understand. If blacks are such magnificent builders, when are they going to build their own neighborhoods – or Haiti or Uganda?

But after they watch Disney, to keep the reparations mindset going through high school, students can study “reparations math.”

The Pulitzer Center worked up a course to help you learn algebra while you calculate how much white people owe black people.

This guy didn’t have to take “reparations math” to know what he’s owed. He’s talking to the Tampa, Florida city council. [0:23 – 0:45  1:01 – 1:11] Whites are like child molesters and blacks are their victims.

It’s not just goofballs and actors.

“America’s First Black Billionaire Wants His Reparations Check, Now.”

That’s Robert Johnson, founder of BET. He likes the $14 trillion plan.

Black people are running out of patience. Michael Harriot is a writer who says he is a board-certified wypipologist. That means he’s a genuine expert in “wypipo.”

That’s you. He wrote a recent article called  “Take things from white people.”

Simple message: “We play defense because America takes our things. We should take things from white people.”

The smash-and-grab mobs we have all seen on countless videos certainly got the message.

Until it was suspended, there was a website called the National Black Foot Soldier Network.

It said that what we call black-on-white crime was really reparations for slavery, and that black skin was a “receipt” for legitimate repayment.

Sometimes, it’s more than just taking things. A story the Raleigh News & Observer no longer has on its website is about a white woman who wept on the witness stand as she testified about a black man who raped her. He told her he was punishing her for the historic crimes of whites.[i]

A 2010 article likewise no longer on the Dallas Morning News site was about Theron Lacey, on trial for stabbing a white woman to death. His girlfriend LaShaunda Johnson testified that he told her not to feel sorry for the woman because “I could just think she was prejudiced” and that “her family probably owned slaves.”[ii]

I’m sure you have seen the endless videos of blacks – men and women, boys and girls – attacking whites without provocation and beating them mercilessly. They are so sickening, I won’t show you any. How much of that brutality is a primitive form of reparations, blacks taking out in pain and humiliation what they have been taught all their lives is due to them from whitey.

White people who set up these commissions don’t understand. Blacks are deadly serious. They will not graciously accept an apology and then we’ll all be friends. They think just like Maureen Simmons who worked for the California Reparations Task Force.  “How can we let bygones be bygones when the knee of white supremacy is still on the necks of Black Americans choking the very life from us?”

Read the rest of what she said. They don’t want a payout. They want payback, and every one of these commissions, studies, and reports tells them Amiri Baraka was right.

But last December, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill setting up a yet another commission, just like the one in California.

Yep, that’s Al Sharpton smiling down on her at the signing ceremony.

“Healing the scars.”

What a sick joke. The only way this commission could do any good is to say, “We don’t owe you people a dime – and here’s why – and you are a tremendous burden on our society.” But New York will be just like California. What’s its number going to be? One million dollars? Two million? Which the state will never pay, and will make blacks even more furious, hateful, violent.

Healing the scars! White people are such fools. And every one of us will pay the price.

[i] Sarah Ovaska, “Woman Tells of Attack,” News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), Feb. 7, 2008.

[ii] Diane Jennings, “Lawyer Says His Client Stabbed Cedar Hill Woman But Didn’t Mean To Kill Her,” Dallas Morning News, March 10, 2010.