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Trump vs. the NAACP, American Thinker

President refuses to address their convention.

AP insists “raza” doesn’t mean “race.”

NYT thinks it’s because students don’t want to go to a “racist” university.

Black land-confiscation group outraged at presence of white judge at their trial.

Nominee for Civil Rights Division worries the yahoos.

What is Racism?, AR Classic Article

Everyone talks about ‘racism’ but no one ever defines it.

A longtime liberal offers some advice.

They want both African Studies and Black Studies departments.

It’s called “National Mama’s Bailout Day.” It’s for black prisoners only.

Hispanics rarely win office even with system rigged in their favor.

The Congressman wants Trump to know he disagrees with administration’s immigration plans.

Bank commits $60 billion to help 250,000 blacks buy homes by 2027.

Lefties calling for a general strike on May 1.

The mainstream are starting to get it.

$10 million black student center is not enough.

Trump wants to help black colleges.

W.E.B. Du Bois taught us all what to think.

Many NGOs want Canada to make up the difference.

Mother says, “It could go all the way to the White House.”

They say requiring voter ID is racist.

La Raza criticized for its “ties” to ethno-nationalists.

But black and white officers have differing views.

Non-whites in Britain also defend the obviously guilty.

They held up “black power” fists.

“In these uncertain times, we need these places more than ever.”

Trump could restore law and order.

Will the Democrats Ever Nominate Another White Candidate for President?

Hillary’s failure may be the end of the line for whites.


Abu-Jamal is serving a life sentence for murdering a cop.

Blacks and Hispanics are one third of the Democratic Party, but 3 percent of the senate staff.

He also defended the Nation of Islam.

BLM protesters want to “attempt to redirect people to businesses owned by people of color and women.”

A bad sign.

Race info no longer available for housing or employment ads.

Black people can ask white people for handouts.

Among white Millennials with an opinion on the Alt-Right, “the favorable-unfavorable divide is 33%-19%.”

Blacks and Liberals Want to Abolish Science

The South African “fallist” movement finds another target.


They want $11 million in state funds for things like “culturally sensitive prenatal care.”

Non-white demonstrators blocked a bridge on campus and demanded whites “go around.”

The were “Black Lives Matter at School” rallies before class.

He’s a “stark embodiment of the white supremacy.”

This is to fight the “campaign of hate against Mexicans.”

They plan to appeal.

Protester: “You’re irrelevant. You’re white.”

Viewers are urged to “rise up.”

Vermont is 1.2 percent black.

Even though a black police chief announced that a black officer did the shooting.

Activist says plan will work, “if we’ve got enough people and we’ve got enough rope.”

Offer an inch, they want a mile.

She filmed herself sitting during the morning colors.

Black Lies Matter, Washington Examiner

Heather Mac Donald fights lies with facts.