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He also wants Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

Speaker Ryan wants to pass a bill only if a majority of Republicans back it.

Protesters demand that the manager be fired.

Five Dreamers and their contributions to society.

Students say the school is not safe for black students.

Hate Crime Hoaxes in America, AR Classic Article

What leftists don’t want you to know.

“Experts” will help Target “implement appropriate changes.”

Maryland’s marijuana industry is run by white people, and that’s “shameful.”

His own wife called for his resignation after he referred wrongly to “people of color.”

California town says William McKinley statue is a symbol of hate.

Ben Carson has removed “inclusive” and “free from discrimination” from HUD’s mission statement.

Missouri blacks think Democrats take their votes for granted.

More than 56,000 Puerto Ricans relocated to Florida.

There is nothing important about him except that he owned slaves.

Opponents say illegals will be afraid to fill out the Census form.

Another shakedown.

He insists it’s a serious idea.

Trudeau’s party wants a “national anti-racism strategy.”

New Black Panther Party will also participate.

Australian media must hire more Africans to overcome their biases.

“That bill is a sellout to the entire community, we would never support something like that.”

World Hijab Day ignores women who are actually oppressed.

Eight in ten black voters think the NRA’s policies are bad for America.

“Condescending depiction . . . fails to acknowledge racism, colonization, and genocide.”

NAACP president thinks Australia is good example for Americans to follow.

Courses “normalized white experiences.”

“Ties” to radicals matter only if you’re white.

“The vast majority of terror suspects are alleged Islamists, but the number of white suspects has rocketed.”

Memorials, protests, and sit-ins brought the beloved attraction back.

CNN anchor: Farrakhan is more dangerous than the Alt-Right.

Proposed ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Law Targets White Advocates

Aim is to prevent demonstrations like “Unite the Right.”


New Black Panther Party leader is forced to repay money he took from a client.

They want more non-whites and more women.

Is new sub-prime lending in order?

Activist for illegals: “We’re supposed to be a united community and we obviously are not.”

In some districts, “ethnic studies” classes are compulsory for all.

Their message to Black Caucus: “Represent or go away.”

The local NAACP is helping the school district figure out how to improve.

The NAACP says the books contain “oppressive language.”

Since 2005, 85 percent of all law clerks have been white.

Victor Davis Hanson’s “Mexifornia: A State of Becoming.”

Black photographer feared the photo would damage Obama’s career.

Says it’s racist.

Trump dismissed demands of Black Caucus, saying he wasn’t making policy to cater to them.

House liberals fear that Democratic senators will force a bad deal on them.

The “Lakeside Alliance” will receive the $300 million contract.

Lefty activists are threatening primary challenges to Dianne Feinstein, others.

London police must use this incident as an opportunity to “educate.”

Muslim and Buddhist holidays aren’t celebrated with enough gusto at a Catholic university.

Makes comment at Native American “Un-Thanksgiving Day” held on Alcatraz.