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Officials set targets based on how the groups are performing now.

NAACP: “What we are trying to do is tell the real truth.”

It’s calling for a “civil rights audit” of CNN employment practices.

His presence could “incite discord.”

Headline should read: “After Muslim Parents Protest.”

Former co-chair of the Conservative Party calls the party “institutionally Islamophobic.”

And she does “the dirty work of powerful white men.”

Kansas City is one of the largest cities without a street or major building bearing King’s name.

Allowing students to op out of attending a Black History Month assembly is a “microaggression.”

“Confucius Centers” spy on us and promote Chinese interests.

Things haven’t changed for black students since 1962.

Another misstep in Virginia.

“I don’t recall that. . . . I don’t recall much of that evening.”

Indians don’t like him.

The problem is that “white adults are too fragile to have a conversation about race and power.”

You have to be careful how you celebrate Black History Month.

Student: Administrators are trying to “cleanse our ethnic beauty.”

In defiance of the state’s agriculture and tourism industries.

Destroying Confederate memorials is “about restoring the dignity of black taxpayers.”

It’s the “biggest issue” in “immigrant communities.”

“It’s no longer good enough not to be racist.”

There are too many white students in Hartford magnet schools.

“It’s politically unacceptable for a Democratic candidate to not have a diverse staff.”

HBCUs are enlisted in the politics of personal destruction.

Speaks against integration, in favor of a new black nation.

Only white Europeans can be illegals.

Streets named after white men do not “fit in the Rotterdam of today.”

She’s attacked for not respecting Muslim women’s “dignity.”

Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Billy Crystal, Ted Danson, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Joy Behar . . .

Convincingly places the blame exactly where it belongs.

The statue is no threat; it’s unruly mobs that are the threat.

The mayor is an Indian.

Abrams’ Ascent, Unz Review

Follower of the “reverse Sailer strategy” will deliver the Dems’ SOTU response.

Latino Group Sues to Stop Texas from Scrubbing Voter Rolls, League of United Latin American Citizens

It’s racist to ask people who voted to prove they were citizens.

Democrats outnumber Republicans 26-16 in the state senate, 46-24 in the house.

He never set foot in Nam and spent most of his service as a refrigerator technician.

The New Deal created an “heirloom” for whites.

Nathan Phillips is just another left-wing troublemaker.

Enforcement had a disproportionate impact on blacks.

“Upgraded version” should pledge “allegiance and love to our indigenous and immigrant heritage.”

Nathan Phillips is just another race hustler.

She’s demanding “an explanation.”

Black writer: “White women have no right to demand anything of Black women.”

Group says HuffPo staff need to take cultural sensitivity training.

SPLC and NAACP team up.

CAIR is “working with” Amazon to make sure it doesn’t “exploit bigotry for commercial gain.”

Placard reads, “This is an unreinforced masonry building.”

Companies “should feel the fire is getting started and will burn, at least for two years, and hopefully beyond.”

Israel calls illegals “infiltrators.”

And, of course, she wants an official apology.