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Also, “white supremacists” are as great a national danger as ISIS.

Why Nationalists Like Andrew Yang

Is he better than Donald Trump?


The “start of a healing process”?

“We will relentlessly resist. We will not rest. We require restitution.”

Reparations for Slavery: The Worst Idea in American History

Blacks keep hoping to cash in on white guilt.


Reparations for Slavery?

The return of a terrible idea.


Everyone Was White!

Signs of hope from Eastern Europe.


Left’s Latest Demand: Race-Based Reparations

Presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have both called for reparations.


Six in ten blacks favor reparations.

Someone discovered an “offensive” 1971 interview.

And give the Congolese reparations.

Her plan is to “lift people up” who make less than $100,000.

Students can alleviate their unearned guilt.

“Spiritual” in this case means $100 billion in reparations.

The New Deal created an “heirloom” for whites.

How to get white people to feel bad about being white.

Yet Another ‘Racist’ Unmasked!

Nobel laureates are really smart people.


Atoning for the sins of the fathers.

Anti-white discrimination is a “government imperative.”

And, of course, she wants an official apology.

Providing insight into black accomplishments and tribulations.

They also want reparations for blacks and Indians.

And they want the U.S. government to overthrow Honduras’s government.

The ‘Reparations’ Hoax, AR Classic Article

Activist groups are trying to build momentum for a new racial shakedown.

“You got to grind your boot into white supremacy’s throat until you hear it stop breathing.”

Whites pay $10 to every non-white who shows up.

Blacks deserve reparations since they were punished for drug crimes.

The university has launched a “reparative justice program.”

They weren’t satisfied when store owners agreed to their demands; now they want the store.

Network news is not interested in the plight of white South African farmers.

What do “conservatives” want to conserve?

Commission says Jefferson wanted an institution to protect the South from abolitionists.

Front-runner in Brazil’s presidential race says Africans turned over the slaves.

Black student discusses the data black pop-intellectuals wish to ignore.

Apology document calls for creating an “office of racial reconciliation.”

More than 100 white people donated to an event they were not allowed to attend.

Al Sharpton says he’d prefer health care and education as reparations for blacks.

Preening editor confesses other people’s sins.

The shakedown includes a separate settlement from Starbucks for an “undisclosed amount.”

The humanities “perpetuate white supremacy.”

He also wants Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

It’s part of the “Way to Win: 2022 Victory Party.”

White guilt gone wild.

The city needs to “develop and implement an equity action plan.”

State senator says Democrats take black votes for granted.

Budget doesn’t allow HUD to compel local neighborhoods to rezone along racial lines.

One student calls it “reparations.”

The “descendant community” wants $1 billion.

They provide a way for whites to pay back their debt to blacks and Hispanics.

He makes $300,000 per year.