Posted on July 1, 2024

Reparations Effort for Black Washington, D.C., Residents Moves Forward

Isabel Yip, NBC, June 26, 2024

The Washington, D.C., city council approved a budget for next year that includes funds for a reparations task force scheduled to study restitution and to develop proposals to address the harms of slavery.

The allocation makes Washington the latest city to develop legislation aimed at rectifying historical wrongs against Black Americans and their impact on their descendants.

The funding makes up $1.5 million of the city’s $21 billion budget, which the D.C. Council approved Tuesday, according to The Washington Post. The 2025 budget includes a provision directing the chief financial officer to allocate money for the task force.

The legislation to create the task force is aimed at developing reparations for Black residents “directly wronged and traumatized by the ills of slavery, Jim Crow, and structural and institutional racism,” the bill reads. It also requires the commissioner of the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking to create a slavery-era database of slaveholding records, including life insurance policies on enslaved persons.