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Why Joe May Be Courting Stacey

Biden has an unfashionable history to make up for.


Asians took 74 percent of the spots.

NBC: “This is what happens when anti-racism is no longer a major goal of educational policy.”

Muslims outraged; non-Muslims “pained.”

The school needs “conversations about race” and maybe some fired administrators.

“The school is misleading everyone.”

Especially schools with large numbers of non-whites.

Any Excuse to Blame Whitey

Congress goes full SJW.


Black girls make up 40 percent of the total arrests of girls at school.

Headline should read: “After Muslim Parents Protest.”

“The question of how to fix broken schools is a great unknown in education.”

Allowing students to op out of attending a Black History Month assembly is a “microaggression.”

Another misstep in Virginia.

Nooses, graffitti, hijab-cuttings—all fake.

People who live in whiter districts pay more in taxes.

It was a lesson about the Great Depression, not slavery.

The rise in “skilled” immigration, as measured by educational attainment, is often overstated.

The problem is that “white adults are too fragile to have a conversation about race and power.”

Student: Administrators are trying to “cleanse our ethnic beauty.”

School discovers limits of diversity and multiculturalism.

“Good schools are integrated schools.”

The worst the group did was “tomahawk chop” to the beat of the Indian’s drum.

There are too many white students in Hartford magnet schools.

Now there will be a PTSA meeting focused on “tolerance, racism, and bias.”

Black students in New York schools know the anti-discrimination laws protect their behavior.

That’s a good thing because it will help young Hawkeyes become leaders.

“This all comes down to people trying to see one another’s point of view.”

It’s a “barbaric incident.”

Investigation finds that the white teacher was wrongfully accused.

The key is to get more non-white teachers.

Integration isn’t working in New York’s schools.

Much of formal math is “metaphysical junk” and must be replaced with indigenous ways of teaching.

She claims teachers and students taunted her with racist comments.

Another crisis to fret over.

Obama policy had pedictable results.

They’re also demanding more black teachers be hired.

In Lincoln, non-whites are 33 percent of students but 70 percent of those referred to police.

Next in line is Texas.

When Blacks Won’t Follow the Rules

Do we just ditch the rules?


Showing each school’s white proportion breeds “hatred and fear.”

Whites were 49.9 percent of K-8 students in 2017.

Blacks make up 5 percent of the student population but 21 percent of the suspensions.

“Several Asian speakers highlighted the outsized toll the new plan would exact on their community.”

Inferior education is “of course” to blame.

Black Lives Matter says assaults are part of a “power struggle.”

Fraudulent transcripts, abused students, embezzled funds—a black success story.

Adults pose as teenagers to get free education.

The tests are excluding “talented people of color.”

The costs to change athletic gear will be taken out of the budget to renovate the school.

18 percent of Austin’s public school students need English-language services.