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The Truth About Brown v. Board of Education

Shocking fraud and legal malpractice went into the decision.


Muslim students threaten teachers, other students with knives and pepper spray.

Toleration of classroom violence is the price of getting federal funds.

Black mother: “He’s 8 years old. What does he need to know about racism or white privilege?”

Previous approach was “eurocentric.”

Students Should Protest About What Really Matters

They used to demonstrate against “diversity.”


The NAACP pushed for integration in Topeka against the wishes of black teachers and parents.

The truth is no defense.

She said the case “helped minorities everywhere.”

How the Obama Administration Eroded School Discipline

The notorious “Dear Colleague Letter.”


Trudeau’s party wants a “national anti-racism strategy.”

Cool Lawsuit, Clock Boy

Charges of bigotry thrown out.


Rules were changed because blacks were breaking them.

In Minnesota schools, blacks are suspended eight times as often as whites.

Life in a White Country

Ukraine may be poor, but it is white.


Parents think the school was teaching their daughter to be a white supremacist.

School administrators say “Somalis vs. blacks” melee was not racially motivated.

Thugs belong in prisons, not classrooms.

Blacks and Hispanics are 67 percent of NYC’s school population, but only 10 percent get spots in specialized high schools.

Effort to end “school-to-prison pipeline” masked Nikolas Cruz’s crimes.

The boy raised an ISIS flag on the pole of another Utah school.

How to Bust the ‘Racial Is a Construct’ Myth

Whites should “identify” as non-white.


She’s been removed from her classroom while the district “investigates.”

Projected graduation rate will drop more than 10 percent after fraud investigations.

Author thinks teachers’ union members would start firing at blacks and Hispanics in self-defense.

Racial preferences trump competence.

In some districts, “ethnic studies” classes are compulsory for all.

A scrupulously researched account of how the public schools were wrecked in the name of racial equality through Brown vs. Board of Education.

Their kids can’t get in because there aren’t enough white kids enrolled.

Students squirm at the word “slave.”

New school districts can be formed only if there is no “discriminatory purpose.”

The local NAACP is helping the school district figure out how to improve.

The NAACP says the books contain “oppressive language.”

An Asian student’s science project reflects “an undercurrent of racism at the school.”

The causes are environmental; the solution is spending more money.

All heavily non-white districts seem to have the same problem . . .

Putting “social justice” ahead of learning didn’t close the achievement gap. It just lowered everyone’s scores.

Study wants integration not just of schools, but of classrooms.

Colorblind casting is racist.

“Students in impoverished urban communities often present challenges.”

The test measures tolerance, cultural awareness, and the ability to spot fake news.

“All of the kids saw his private parts. Very embarrassing, very upset.”

Even French leftists are discovering the costs of multiculturalism.

Nowhere to Run

Why we must unite across class lines.


The school now has 240 pupils, more than 30 employees, and upgraded classrooms.

Teachers covered for absences and boosted failing students’ grades.

Victim tried to fend off group of bullies with pepper spray.

NYC policy has made schools more integrated than neighborhoods.

The purpose is to foster racial discord and seize power.

He’s accused of assaulting 42 juveniles, some as young as 11 years old.