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Why I’m Leaving the Los Angeles School District

And why so many others are, too.


How I Became Conservative

It was a slow, reluctant process.


Whites don’t want their children going to heavily non-white schools.

Anything over 30 percent is too many whites.

Researcher says integration would lead to “trusting and cohesive communities.”

Maps used in 86-percent non-white school district bring Europe “down to size.”

The Left’s eliminationist campaigns didn’t stop last century.

Because too many non-whites couldn’t pass it.

Asians don’t count, of course.

White Teacher in a Brown School

Mad-dogging the gringo.


How I Saw the Light About Race (Part VIII)

Stories of people who could no longer lie about the racial realities around them.


Black student says his people don’t feel welcome in band because composers are all white.

How I Saw the Light About Race (Part VII)

Anti-white racism and casual observation of other races often lead whites to their sense of racial identity.


How I Saw the Light About Race (Part VI)

Stories of white identity developed through urban crime, foreign war, and mixed schools.


Many black charter schools are “intensely segregated.”

No Thug Left Behind, City Journal

Racial quotas set on school discipline with predictable results.

According to a familiar pattern.

Shaun King–who pretends to be black–is in high dudgeon.

How Blacks Changed Our School

A once-vital Catholic school is now is steep decline.


He said it was a “problem” that some classrooms in his city are 91 percent Muslim.

It was a fight between blacks and Hispanics.

School district refuses to say if she will face discipline.

The latest PISA results.

SPLC up to its usual tricks.

Diversity campaigner decides to practice what she preaches.

“To Kill a Mockingbird” is one of them.

“She’s a very nice [white] teacher. I can’t say what happened that day. I think she was at a breaking point.”

She was accused of “hating Mexicans” because she said she supported Trump on social media.

White men aren’t allowed to wear rubber masks of blacks.

Tuesday’s ballot initiative overturning Proposition 227 is likely to pass.

They can already vote in some elections in Maryland and Illinois.

Schools must teach students to read, but illiteracy is the norm at many Detroit schools.

They speak languages such as Quiche, Mam, and Chuj.

Admission standards are “already about as low as you can go.”

Black students are three times more likely than whites to be charged with an offense.

The were “Black Lives Matter at School” rallies before class.

High school teacher was explaining how to “heal the racial divide.”

Three appear to be college students.

Boy’s skull cracked; probably because of statements in support of police.

In South Africa, Black Hair Matters

The unending saga of multi-racialism.


That’s the cost to educate the 4.9 million students designated as Limited English Proficiency.

Indoctrination starts young.

Non-white students now outnumber white students.

There has been a slight decrease in the achievement gap between rich and poor preschoolers.

She was up front in the job interview but will now not be allowed to teach.

A White Teacher Speaks Out, AR Classic Article

What is it like to teach black students?

Drugs and iPads in the Class Room

A report from LA public schools.


Louisville bureaucrat: “We understand you need to teach these boys a little bit different.”

Forty Years Since the Soweto Riots

A legacy of arson, destruction, and killing one’s benefactors.


“You know they be trippin’.”