Posted on February 4, 2024

Zero Guilt for Whites

Anonymous American, American Renaissance, February 4, 2024

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This is part of our continuing series of accounts by readers of how they shed the illusions of liberalism and became race realists.

I grew up in Northern Virginia in the early 1990s. In elementary school, we had seven translators and students from over 50 different countries. As a white child being taught about American history, I learned that whites uniquely condemned interracial relationships among their children and how racist and evil they were. I had many friends of different backgrounds including an Indian and a Korean. I asked them one day, “Who would your parents want you to marry when you grow up?” Immediately the Indian boy said his parents would kill him if he did not marry an Indian woman. The Korean boy said his parents would kill him if he did not marry a Korean woman. At this point I became aware that other races and ethnicities were more tribal than white people and were not condemned for it. A year later, these same two friends asked me why white people feel such guilt for their past.

In middle school I was taught the evils of segregation and how whites cruelly imposed this on black people desperate to join them. Every day at lunch I’d notice that blacks chose to sit among themselves and that any attempt of a white like myself to join them was rebuffed. I realized that blacks voluntarily prefer segregation from whites; it was not imposed on them. 

Finally, by my high school years, I saw a fully diverse school that was roughly 25 percent white, 25 percent black, 25 percent Asian, and 25 percent Hispanic. I saw that the Hispanic kids stuck together, black kids stuck together, Asian students mostly stuck together, and white students, after having their attempts at integration rebuffed, then stuck together also. Fights did not break out too often, but everyone preferred to be with members of his group. All the honor roll students were white or Asian. Most of the athletes or jocks were black depending on the sport, and sports were very segregated as well. 

In conclusion, what I began to see was that our current woke ideology was being imposed on whites alone, and that all human beings are naturally tribal. Whites had the right to want to remain a majority and to keep marrying each other and supporting one another. My whole school experience reinforced this as all other groups do it for each other. Once white people wake up to the double standard on a mass scale, they will see they never had anything to be ashamed of. I am often jealous that other groups feel zero guilt for this stuff. I for sure hope that white people can regain this same feeling of zero guilt.

If you have a story about how you became racially aware, or about your firsthand experience with race, we’d like to hear it. If it is well written and compelling, we will publish it. Please feel free to use a pen name and send it to us here.