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No Defense Against ‘Racism’

Even marrying a black will not save you.


Giving miscegenation more “visual representation.”

Left’s Latest Demand: Race-Based Reparations

Presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have both called for reparations.


Race Discrimination Commissioner thinks apps should ban those who express racial preferences.

Both the Muslim conquest of Spain and the subsequent Reconquista had genetic consequences.

White mom “chose to look away” while her black boyfriend beat her child to death.

Actor: “If I play for the NBA, I want ’em all.”

He said that slicing the man’s jugular and skewering his lungs was an accident.

NGO’s co-founder wants us to believe the tweet was not about marriage.

“The more Mexican they are, the more discount they get.”

Claims his 80-year-old grandmother “tried to touch him sexually.”

Black man, white woman.

‘Sexual Ostracism’

A new name for an old preference.


Nationwide, one in seven infants is of mixed race.

There just aren’t enough non-whites and homosexuals in Christmas movies.

It’s “sexual ostracism”!

The Last White Man, AR Classic Article

A look at the future.

Washington-Lee High School may become Washington-Loving.

They worry it will wake whites up.

Forbes author thinks it’s “cool.”

The girl’s parents didn’t want her dating a black man.

The woman he killed was working with police to build a case against him.

She broke it off when she found out he was a sex offender.

White girl and her black date were attacked by a group of blacks on a robbery spree.

Black boyfriend, dead white girlfriend.

A Racial Introduction to Chile, Part I

It may be whiter than the United States.


Black magic and white privilege all in one.

Mixed-race ads elicit more negative responses than same-race equivalents.

Most Irish don’t want intermarriage with Muslims or gypsies.

“If it’s another race, then it’s even worse.”

“A growing number of people think interracial marriage is a good thing.”

Meghan Markle Is Not Enough

The quintessential monarchy must forfeit its character.


He insists that his personal views “never translated to unfairness on the bench or discrimination in any way.”

Announcers were *too* focused on the non-white aspects of the wedding.

She’s not biracial; she’s black—with a capital “B.”

“When you got little white girls in Wales saying ‘I want to be like Meghan,’ there’s a shift worldwide.”

“It would appear that the ’emerging Democratic majority’ requires anti-white identity politics as its midwife.”

Redefine “white” to include “Hispanic white,” and whites remain a majority.

Trump’s way of doing things is objectionable, unless it corrects “historical injustice.”

The Mohawks believe that non-Mohawk spouses will use the land in ways detrimental to Mohawk culture.

Mixed-race families claim miscegenation proves Powell was wrong.

Married to a Muslim

Interview with a Ukrainian woman.


Opinion Pages Don’t Reflect America

Both Left and Right agree.


Keith Ellison’s Ties to Louis Farrakhan

Black racial consciousness is not verboten.


The War Against Whites in Advertising, Counter-Currents Publishing

“Mass-marketing of interracial relationships . . . has become ubiquitous.”

The victim had recently ended their relationship.

Who Are the Jews?, AR Classic Article

Using DNA to find out.

Man Took Pictures of Body After Murdering Pregnant Wife, Deputies Say, Adrienne Cutway, clickorlando, March 5, 2018

Perp took photos “that showed his wife bloody, with severe facial trauma and a gunshot wound to her abdomen.”

White-Hispanic is the most common form of intermarriage.

An inspiring video from a dating site for white people.