Posted on April 14, 2024

Meta’s AI Image Generator Can’t Seem to Grasp the Idea That Interracial Couples Exist

Beatrice Nolan and Jordan Hart, Business Insider, April 5, 2024

Meta’s AI image-generation tool is struggling to understand the concept of interracial couples.

The tool failed to correctly generate a Black man with a white wife when prompted by Business Insider. Instead, delivering images of a Black couple.

The same happened when BI asked it to produce an image of an Asian man with a white wife — only pictures of Asian couples were shown. However, the generator was able to successfully depict an interracial couple with a Black woman and a white husband.

Meta launched the standalone AI-powered image generator — Imagine with Meta — late last year. {snip}

The Verge first reported the issue on Wednesday, with reporter Mia Sato claiming she “tried dozens of times” to create images of Asian men and women with white partners and friends. {snip}