Posted on September 26, 2022

John Boyega’s ‘I Only Date Black’ Stance Exposes the Elite’s Hypocrisy on Race

Michael Deacon, The Telegraph, September 21, 2022

Given that, for the past two weeks, the media have been focused on a somewhat more important matter, the exploits of mere celebrities have received rather less coverage than usual.

There is one showbiz story, however, that I think deserves more attention. If only because it says so much about the double standards of the progressive Left.

The current issue of GQ features an interview with John Boyega, the Bafta-winning British actor best-known for his roles in three recent Star Wars films. And during the interview, we learn that, when it comes to his love life, this hot young Hollywood star follows certain “rules”.

In his words: “I only date  black.”

Now, I hope no one will misunderstand me here. I’m not criticising Boyega. Far from it. The man is free to date whoever he likes. He may rest assured that I am not about to lead a protest march furiously demanding that he revise his official policy on dating, to ensure equal opportunities for women of all ethnic backgrounds. Nonetheless, I was intrigued by what he said, for one simple reason.

Which is that I can’t help imagining the reaction from modern progressives if a white actor were to tell a journalist: “I only date women who are white.”

This is just a guess, of course. But I tend to suspect that the reaction would be rather lively. Especially in America.

Within hours of such an interview’s publication, Twitter would be in flames, while progressive commentators would be treating this white actor as if he were a member of the KKK, or, even worse, a supporter of Donald Trump. In panic, their target would be forced to choose between three courses of action.

1. Release a statement insisting that the journalist took his words entirely out of context. Meanwhile, in the background, his agent would be ringing round a hastily compiled list of non-white aspiring actresses, to arrange for one of them to be photographed enjoying a candlelit dinner with him that same evening.

2. Issue grovelling apology, promising to educate himself, grow as a person, enter rehab etc.

3. Accept his time in Hollywood is over, so attempt to forge a new career as anti-woke pundit on Fox News, railing against the evils of cancel culture.

None of these fates, I’m glad to say, has befallen Boyega.

Instead, the reaction from progressive commentators has been either to say nothing – or to defend him.

HuffPost, one of the world’s biggest liberal news outlets, ran an opinion piece headlined “John Boyega Only Dates Black Women. Get Over It.” The actor’s comments, argued its author with spirit, were “actually refreshing”, because “we live in a world where white womanhood is perennially on a pedestal”.

So, if I’ve understood that correctly, dating women who are all the same race is actually a way to fight racism. Not an argument that had previously occurred to me, I must admit, but I’ll do my best to take it onboard.

Of course, there was a time before the advent of social media and the Left-wing outrage industry. Almost 30 years ago, Damon Albarn, the singer from Blur, gave an interview to Loaded, the 1990s lads’ mag. I have a copy: it’s the issue dated September 1994. And in it, Albarn, then aged 26, was asked what qualities he looked for in a prospective partner. Or, as the interviewer put it: “What kind of women give you the horn?”

In reply, Albarn was quoted as follows. “I like Caribbean girls, Indian girls, African girls and Mediterranean girls.” But, he added: “I don’t like Orientals at all. Well, I like them, but I never fancy them.” As I recall, this remark about not fancying “Orientals” sparked absolutely no controversy whatsoever.

In 2022, by contrast, the mere word “Oriental” is considered so offensive that the University of Oxford has renamed its Oriental Institute, after a report concluded that the name had “unfortunate connotations of colonialism”. It is now to be called the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

So, to any male celebrities reading, my advice is this. If an interviewer asks you what you look for in a woman, say: “A good sense of humour and a nice personality.”

Then again, the question may be a trap, because, as so often these days, the interviewer may seize the opportunity to ask what you mean by the word “woman”.

So, to be on the safe side, just say you’ve never kissed a Tory, and leave it at that.