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He wants to see more Indian and South Asian writers, but not in a “token way.”

Video Games Can’t Win When It Comes to Race

So why even try?


Blacks should have been winning prestigious prizes all along.

The first Pulitzer ever awarded to a pop musician is just not enough.

His argument appears in an academic journal.

The Racial Hypocrisy of Charlize Theron

The South Africa native claims America is “racist.”


Museum will use the funds to buy paintings that “reflect the population” of Baltimore.

It’s always OK to make fun of white people.

#MeToo doesn’t care.

Episode dismisses criticisms as “politically correct.”

The Racial Politics of ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’

New video game sparks controversy.


White sports reporter claims she was not promoted because she is white.

The restaurant has had problems with dine-and-dashing.

Prioritizing diversity contractually.

Wakanda: The Perfect Ethnostate?

Blacks are dreaming of a homeland.


Report author claims audiences want to see diversity on the screen.

If you’re white and male and heterosexual at Comic Con, no parties for you.

80 percent of white customers give in to restaurateur’s pressure.

The Fall of Wakanda

The fantasy kingdom contains the seeds of its own destruction.


Author of Black Panther series is “not convinced” he can tell a great Captain America story.

Antifa didn’t care that band “vehemently denied any links to nazi ideologies or racism.”

Muslim travelers prefer to stay in places that cater to their dietetic and other restrictions.

“Brazil’s white elite’s ever-present racial and class-based fears are palpable.”

Production standards should be lowered “a smidge” to bring in more blacks and other minorities.

Islam becomes chic.

Wakanda, the New Black Homeland

A fictional answer to whites’ real-world success.


Opera directors say requiring Porgy and Bess to be black is racist and politically incorrect.

Reviewers outdo each other with praise for a “magnificent” film.

It’s not a political message; it’s a “national” message.

Blacture is to be the “go-to” destination for seeing the “state of black America today.”

Hollywood is still too white.

Black comedian accused Netflix of racism.

Marvel Comics cancels “Black Panther: World of Wakanda” because of poor sales.

Let Them Build Wakanda!

In fantasy movie, blacks lead the world.


It’s “the most important movie of 2018”—even though no one’s seen it yet.

But Latin music has the highest growth rate.

There aren’t nearly enough black, women, or disabled superheroes.

Achilles is played by a black actor.

Actor says we’ll get better movies and more interesting stories once whites stop running things.

The henchman in plot to behead Pamela Geller gets the minimum sentence.

New movie turns “those covert [left-wing] ideas into overt messages.”

Immigrants also responsible for sexually molesting children at swimming pools.

The network that features white people doing white things is the only top-15 channel with double-digit ratings growth.

Publishing isn’t about books; it’s about role models.

Filmmakers have a responsibility to make sure children see “diversity” in the movies.

BBC marks death of Indian actor by playing clips of films with other actors.

Some on Twitter even say the skit was a hate crime.

To protect the honor of a fictitious queen, Hindu group is calling for the actress to be beheaded.

NFL viewership is down by one million, and the reason can only be racism.

Obama praises rappers despite their vulgar, misogynistic lyrics.