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The End of White Celebrity

Whiteness is a birth defect.


You have to “nip racism in the bud.”

What’s next? Jihadi Ken?

Just when you thought you had seen it all.

Movie about racism gets 5 stars and standing ovations at Sundance

It’s Like an Army

And it will crush Eminem and his corporate “homies.”


Artist says walls are narrow-minded and create hatred.

London mayor wants quotas in place on both sides of the camera.

Another show in the growing trend of Hispanic sob stories.

No cultural appropriation, of course.

‘Detroit’: A False Morality Play

Twisting the facts to fit the narrative.

Review by Glen Lenhoff

Another superhero goes PC.

DACA: What Is Trump’s Plan?

It may be only a setup for a later amnesty.


It will offer “hot chicks, cool cats and cult classics.”

Notes from a White Country, Part IV

Diversity and tokenism in Poland’s media.


They had shown it every summer for 34 years.

An egalitarian complains about the existence of common sense in another society.

Tough Guys, Honest Opinions

Race realism in American hardboiled fiction.


“Of last year’s top 100 films, 47 had no black female characters at all.”

“Death Wish” remake tries to have a racial balance of criminals.

“Is Death Wish alt-right fan fiction?”

Black country becomes a superpower while the US declines.

One of the five helped launch #OscarsSoWhite.

Should white men be allowed to make a show with black slaves in it?

Critics said the same about “Gettysburg.”

Another way to demonize the South.

He once called a Hispanic opponent a “cholo.”

Young man is half Nigerian.

Most valued fight of all time will be in black and white.

Not enough non-whites are in her new movie.

BBC make a compelling dramatization of the Rochdale sex grooming scandal.

It turns out vocal supporters of the comic weren’t buying it.

A team has been assembled to look into the problem.

Edward Enninful of Ghana plans to move beyond token black models.

But says, “our new heroes are not going anywhere!”

“The animosity [the executive vice president] had towards Caucasians was clear.”

This from an actor who is of Pakistani origin.

#OscarsTooWhite no more.

The villains are creepy whites who “steal” black bodies.

Beyonce fails to win a Grammy; it’s racism of course.

Mexicans in Hollywood refer to themselves as “Frijolywood.”

Compared to zero last year.

An American Renaissance Reading List

What are the best books for race realists and white advocates?


They weren’t “racist” enough for the producers.

British theater will not survive without non-whites.

‘Hamilton’ as the Ultimate Expression of the System

The musical’s fans are all incoherent in different ways.


“Birth of a Nation” Bombs

Are whites fed up with white-guilt films?


Production’s attempt to “reimagine” the opera and “subvert authorial intent” not good enough.

Some owners admit “black lives matter” protests are sinking ratings.

Ratings are down, and it doesn’t appear to be a result of the election.