Posted on April 22, 2024

‘Doctor Who’ Star Ncuti Gatwa: ‘There’s So Much White Mediocrity That Gets Celebrated’

Alana Mastrangelo, Breitbart, April 19, 2024

Actor Ncuti Gatwa is promoting his first season as the star of Dr. Who with a litany of woke grievances, from “white mediocrity” to “transphobia.”

Gatwa, born in Rwanda and raised in Scotland, did not hold back his opinions on a range of political topics in an interview with Attitude magazine. The actor, who rose to fame in the Netflix series Sex Education, accused British politicians of bigotry for suggesting restrictions on grotesque sterilization procedures in children and opposing male dominance of women’s sports.

“Everything trickles down from the top, and when you see politicians openly attacking marginalized communities, when you see our politicians openly attacking trans people, it makes it okay for everyone else,” Gatwa told Attitude magazine.


“You’re going to put the blame on immigrants, black and brown people, trans people, queer people, to hide the fact that you are not doing anything for people? It’s easier to just create discord amongst people. It’s divide and conquer, isn’t it?” the Barbie actor said.


“There’s so much white mediocrity that gets celebrated, and black people, we have to be absolutely flawless to get half of [that] anyway,” the Sex Education star said. “So, I’m slowly training myself out of that and being like, ‘No shit. You deserve love just for existing.’”


Gatwa is the first black actor to portray the title character of Dr. Who {snip}