Posted on March 26, 2024

Lizzo Calls Out White People for Using AAVE

Armon Sadler, Vibe, March 8, 2024

Black culture is ubiquitous, and it has caused other races to try and poach certain aspects of how they move. Lizzo recently called out white people for “talking like Black people.”

The “About Damn Time” singer jumped on TikTok on Wednesday (March 6) to respond to a white woman speaking about her suitors using the phrase “type sh*t.” {snip}

“Why don’t we bring back gatekeeping?” she asked. “So that AAVE is reserved for the people who created it and grew up speaking it. So that all these people that are now talking like Black people because they read words on the internet and don’t know the origin and don’t participate in the culture don’t overuse it {snip}”


{snip} “When police would call someone a ‘thug’ but it’s really a Black person, which is the new hard ‘r’ N-word. {snip}”