Posted on January 8, 2024

Golden Globes Host Jo Koy Claims Royal Family Are ‘Rich, White and Dysfunctional’ as He Goes on Woke Rant

James Gordon, Daily Mail, January 7, 2023

Stand-up comic Jo Koy attempts at woke humor – targeting both the audience and Royal Family – fell flat during his opening monologue for the Golden Globes on Sunday.

Koy’s comedic approach saw him praising nominated shows before taking a dig at them.

‘I love this year’s nominated TV shows, like ‘Succession.’ Coming to an end after four beautiful seasons. I loved everything about it. The one thing this show taught me is, if you are a billionaire, pull out. None of them are going to be like you. They’re going to be a bad version of you,’ Koy began.

”Succession’ has nine nominations. Just a great series about a rich, white, dysfunctional family, all scheming — oh, wait, that’s ‘The Crown.’ I’m sorry.’

Koy wasn’t done with roasting the royals as he made a quip about working habits of the Royal Family.

‘Harry and Meghan Markle got paid millions for doing absolutely nothing – and that’s just by Netflix.’

It saw Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos visibly laugh at Koy’s joke.

One joke that appeared to resonate with the audience came when Koy joked about Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon.

‘White people stole everything!,’ said Koy, whose mother is Filipino but father was white.

‘Not like 97 percent. You guys stole 100 percent of everything. You took the land, you took the oil, you took the premise of the movie.’

‘Was that was your premise? That’s hilarious, I don’t care. It’s just that the room is really white,’ Koy went on.

Scorsese did not appear impressed by the joke.

Koy, who was hosting the ceremony for the first time, warned the audience about setting high expectations about his performance.

‘I got this gig 10 days ago,’ he told the audience. ‘You want a perfect monologue? I wrote some of these jokes and they’re the ones you’re laughing at.’

Koy made his name by appearing in four Netflix stand-up comedy specials and the sitcom Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens.

He has attempted to make a more determined attempt at humor following last year’s more somber performance from host Jerrod Carmichael who encouraged the audience to be quiet before stating bluntly. ‘I’m here because I’m Black.’

A few years ago, the Golden Globes were on the cusp of collapse.

After The Los Angeles Times reported that the HFPA had no black members, Hollywood boycotted the organization. The 2022 Globes were all but canceled and taken off TV.

Following reforms, the Globes returned to NBC last year in a one-year deal, but the show was booted to Tuesday evening.

With Jerrod Carmichael hosting, the telecast attracted 6.3 million viewers, a new low on NBC and a far cry from the 20 million that once tuned in.

The Golden Globes has since added 11 new members, bringing its total voting body to 300 people and 60 percent diversity, the organization announced last fall.

‘Our commitment to maintaining the diversity of our voting body continues,’ said Helen Hoehne, president of the Golden Globes. ‘Our voters represent 76 countries bringing a unique international perspective on nominating the best in motion pictures and television this year.’

The 300-person voting body is now 47 percent female and 60 percent racially and ethnically diverse, including 26 percent Latinx, 13.3 percent Asian, 11 percent black and 9 percent Middle Eastern.

Voters are from various countries including Armenia, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Serbia and Tanzania.