Posted on March 8, 2024

Oscars Woke DEI Quotas Filled with Loopholes

David Ng, Breitbart, March 7, 2024


On Sunday, the 96th Academy Awards broadcast on ABC will mark a new, woke chapter in Oscars history. For the first time, the ten best picture nominees all had to meet a complex set of DEI rules that spell out quotas for race, gender, and sexuality. But even a casual glance at this year’s nominees shows that no on-screen diversity is actually required.


{snip} The Academy’s DEI mandates are broken down into four sections — (A) On-screen diversity (i.e., cast and story); (B) Behind-the-camera diversity (i,e., crew); (C) Industry access (i.e., studio provides internships and training for women and minorities); and (D) Audience development (i.e., women and minorities in executive roles in studio marketing, PR, and distribution).

Under the Academy’s rules, a movie only has to meet two of the four requirements {snip} If a studio employs an army of minority interns and some of its marketing executives are also minorities, then any movie the studio puts out is automatically “diverse” {snip}

In another loophole, the Academy considers women of any color to be a minority. {snip}


This explains why Oppenheimer is eligible for best picture. Christopher Nolan’s three-hour biopic of J. Robert Oppenheimer is wall-t0-wall straight white males {snip}

Oppenheimer fulfills B thanks to white women serving as editor, costumer designer, production designer, and set decorator.

Universal — the studio behind Oppenheimer — can easily fulfill C and D, thus completing the movie’s diversity requirements.