Posted on February 5, 2024

NYC Gifted and Talented Students Arrested in Horrific, Caught-On-Video Bus Beatdown

Deirdre Bardolf, New York Post, February 3, 2024

Ten middle schoolers were arrested for allegedly assaulting a Coney Island classmate in a brutal, caught-on-video bus beatdown.

The victim — who one fellow student later callously declared “deserved it” and “shoulda died” — could be heard shrieking in pain as a pack of kids collectively rained punches on him in the Jan. 26 incident, footage shared with The Post and posted on social media show.

The boy can be seen trying to protect his head from the relentless fists while he’s passed down the aisle by his attackers on an MTA shuttle bus, which brings kids from Mark Twain IS 239 for the Gifted and Talented to the Stillwell Avenue subway station.

The beating continues for several minutes, moving from the back of the crammed bus to the front as the boy is punched, slapped, kicked and even hit with a sneaker.

Kids can be seen with their phones out, filming the madness, while others are standing on seats and hanging from the railings.

There is no adult in sight to intervene.



The victim “f—ing deserved that he’s a f—ing weirdo and he shoulda died,” according to a chilling caption on an image posted to Snapchat showing two of the handcuffed students.

“Free them!!,” it adds, referring to the cuffed kids.

Ten juvenile reports were prepared, according to police.

The victim targeted by the pack is an eighth-grader at the school, sources said.

“Isn’t Mark Twain considered a school for the gifted and talented?” one incredulous viewer commented on a video posted by the NYC School Safety Coalition on X.

“If this happens there, imagine what goes on in regular schools,” said another.