Posted on January 26, 2024

Let’s Spend $14 Trillion Into Existence

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 26, 2024

Only for blacks, of course.

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Last May, a group of colorful congresspersons introduced “House Resolution 414: “Recognizing that the United States has a moral and legal obligation to provide reparations for the enslavement of Africans.”

It pulls no punches.

First, you, the taxpayer, are responsible for slavery from before there was even a United States of America, that is, from 1619, when the first slaves came to Virginia, until 1789, when the US congress first met: 170 years. We have to compensate blacks for that because “the United States was founded based on Black plunder.”

The bill says that “at least 12,500,000 Africans were kidnapped from their homelands by European traders and forcibly brought across the Atlantic Ocean.”

Except that Europeans didn’t kidnap people. Africans gladly sold them slaves that they had caught.

And, of that 12.5 million, only about 2-1/2 percent came to what became the United States, but we’re apparently to blame for all of them.

Ever since the first black man set foot in the colonies, “the economy of the United States, in both the North and South, flourished as a result of Black trafficking, torture, and exploitation.”

Torture was apparently good for the economy.

North and South, all are equally guilty. “New York began to abolish slavery in 1799,” but it then “produced the agricultural tools that were used in Southern plantations.”

Did you know that “bodies of enslaved people [were] gorged and congealed in the name of White supremacist hate”?

Well, they were.

And did you know that “scholars have estimated that the United States benefitted from 222,505,049 hours of forced labor”?

They’ve got it down to the hour! But no link or footnote.

“Respected economists have estimated totals, at minimum, $14,000,000,000,000 to eliminate the racial wealth gap.”

That’s about $350,000 for every black man, woman, and child, for a cool $1.4 million for a family of four. Here are median household wealth figures by race for 2022.

The white-black gap is only $223 thousand, but the Asian-black gap is twice that – $474 thousand – so it looks like reparations means not just keeping up with Joneses, but pulling way ahead of the Watanabes, too.

That $14 trillion, by the way, is more than twice the annual budget of the United States. HR 414 is silent on where the money will come from.

But once the checks are cashed, “the National Parks Services must seek to erect markers on every site where a Black person was lynched.”

There’s a lot more stuff, such as targeted mental health treatment to help blacks overcome racial trauma that won’t go away. Maybe not having reminders of lynching everywhere would help.

In short, this is cuckoo stuff, and HR 414 will never get out of committee. At least not during this Congress.

Let’s look at the initial sponsors – but only at their own words from their Congressional websites. This video would be three hours long if I went into even just half of their slimy business deals, trick marriages, moronic statements and outright lies. Let’s just let them speak entirely for themselves.

Lead sponsor, Cori Bush, in her second term from St. Louis, Missouri, calls herself a “community activist, organizer, single mother, and ordained pastor.” She is the first black woman to represent Missouri.

She says, “Growing up, Cori’s father imparted on her the lessons of legendary Black leaders, whose photos hung on the walls of their house.”

After Michael Brown was shot, “Cori spent more than 400 days protesting for justice, leading on the Ferguson Frontline.

Whenever she rises to speak on the floor, she doesn’t say “I rise.” She says “St. Louis and I rise.”

Al Green of Texas says he has “devoted his life to the elimination of all forms of invidious discrimination and the rectification of America’s seminal sin: Racism.”

He is a big booster of “Slavery Remembrance Day, and is very proud that he was behind a “Statement by President Joe Biden Marking Slavery Remembrance Day.”

We mustn’t ever forget about slavery. This was part of his effort to “start healing the chasm of racial animus that exists within our nation today.”

Brand-new Congressman Jonathan Jackson of Illinois has a bio that starts with all you need to know: “Born to civil rights leaders Rev. Jesse Jackson and Jacqueline Jackson, the fight for underrepresented people runs in Congressman Jackson’s blood.”

Looks like the old man, doesn’t he?

He slid into the congressional seat that Bobby Rush, former Black Panther, held for 30 years.

“The daughter of working-class Guatemalan immigrants,” is the first thing co-sponsor Delia Ramirez says about herself.

Not just Guatemalan immigrants. Working-class Guatemalan immigrants.

She has a “bold and people-centered agenda,” and is “a staunch advocate of housing as a human right, healthcare for all, climate justice, and the fight to preserve and protect our democracy.”

Also, “as the only member of Congress in a mixed-status family, she is leading the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.”

“Mixed-status family” means her husband is an illegal, and “comprehensive immigration reform” means amnesty.

Another co-sponsor is Ilhan Omar, who needs no introduction.

She is “the first African refugee to become a Member of Congress, the first woman of color to represent Minnesota, and one of the first two Muslim-American women elected to Congress.”

What would James Madison have thought of that? She is “creating a just immigration system,” – I can see it now – and she is determined “to build a more inclusive and compassionate culture.” I’m not quite sure what that is.

She is a member of 33 caucuses, listed here, which include the Armenian caucus, hockey caucus, the bike caucus, and the Friends of a Free, Stable and Democratic Syria Caucus.

Who knew?

Congresswoman Summer Lee of Pennsylvania is another co-sponsor.

Her first sentence about herself says she is “a dedicated organizer, attorney, and progressive state legislator.”

She got it right later on when she bragged about being “the first Black woman ever elected to Congress from Western Pennsylvania.”

She says she is “leading efforts to build a more reflective democracy.” I’d like a more reflective democracy, too.

Jamaal Bowman, of whom a bit more later, is ambitious.

In his first term alone, he “introduced nine bills to invest in our schools, tell the truth, make the rich pay their fair share, [and] end corporate greed.”

And, of course there’s Rashida Tlaib, who introduces herself as “a well-known progressive warrior.”

Also: “She is the oldest of 14 children, born and raised in Detroit, the proud daughter of Palestinian immigrant parents.”

She is co-founder of the Congressional Mamas’ Caucus.

No grab for your money would be complete without Ayanna Pressly. Note her slogan: “Bringing the people closest to the pain, closest to the power.”

She calls herself “an activist, a legislator, a survivor, and the first woman of color to be elected to Congress from Massachusetts.”

She is a “champion for justice and healing: reproductive justice, justice for immigrants, consumer justice,” and lots more.

And then there’s Barbara Lee, who has represented California since 1998.

Her website says “her mother broke many glass ceilings and racial barriers” and that she “worked with the local NAACP to integrate her high school cheerleading squad.”

She’s the first black to do something, but I forget what.

Some other members have signed on. Sydney Kamlager-Dove says she was “born into a family of politically active creatives,” and “will always be a strong voice for justice.”

Yvette Clarke tells us she is the “Daughter of Jamaican immigrants” and “formed the Multicultural Media Caucus to address diversity and inclusion issues in the media, telecom, and tech industries.”

Surprisingly, there’s not one goofy white person in the bunch. So far, this is an all-BIPOC effort.

I mentioned that the bill is silent on funding, but “’Squad’ lawmaker explains ‘creative’ way to pay $14 trillion.”

That’s squad member, Jamaal Bowman. He says it would be like Covid relief money. “Where did the money come from?” Bowman said. “We spent it into existence.”

These are the people who want to splash out twice the annual federal budget to make black people richer than Asians. These are the people to whom we are handing over the country. It’s not just bad luck when you have people in Congress who are African refugees or who think we can just spend $14 trillion into existence. People just like them vote them into office.

And they’re not shy what they want: Massive wealth transfers and “immigration reform.” And they take for granted that white oppression is the only reason for black failure. It’s not.

Haiti is a wreck because Haitians live there, not because white people wrecked it.

Credit Image: © Helmut Fohringer/APA Picturedesk via ZUMA Press

Black neighborhoods were wrecked by black people.

Credit Image: © Edwin Remsberg/VW Pics via ZUMA Wire

They were thriving when they were white.

These are basic facts, ladies and gentlemen, like that pesky 15-point black/white IQ difference. Horace explained it all, 2,000 years ago.

“You can drive Nature out with a pitchfork, but she will always return.”