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The Color of Corruption

What’s the source of Latin America’s woes?


“Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.”

Diversity Is Our Strength? I Have a Collapsed Bridge to Sell You

Firm responsible for FIU bridge was a “Minority Owned Business.”


White people “bear a serious threat to the fundamental interests of British society”; jihadis don’t.

Muslim mayor calls for more censorship.

Met deputy commissioner has no idea why sex offenses are on the rise.

Hawaii is only 23 percent white.

Murder, torture, forced disappearances are the norm for Mexico’s security forces.

Muslim activist called the victim a liar because, she said, men didn’t sexually assault fat women.

One woman says, “He was sexually harassing, abusing and I feared for my life.”

250,000 people get bonuses. An average $600 for current workers, and $200 for retirees.

He wants to keep Dems from “abandoning” Hispanics after elections.

Twin Falls refugees bring TB and horrific crimes, but Republican governor is happy about “growth.”

“Whether we recognize it or not, mathematics teaching is a highly political activity.”

Hispanic ICE officer also convicted of harboring an illegal immigrant.

They’re allegedly reserving goods for their political supporters.

London mayor wants quotas in place on both sides of the camera.

NAACP stuck in a perpetual rut.

The mainstream are starting to get it.

He’ll help “safeguard the values of the people of California.”

Students of all races must be disciplined at the same rate.

He may face trial on 12 felony charges.

Sonia Sotomayor Cites Ta-Nehisi Coates in a Supreme Court Dissent

Race is everything for the “wise Latina.”


London’s first Muslim mayor claims the ban is for feminist reasons.

Mario Obledo was a notorious white-hater.

White judges must be watched carefully, but Hispanics must never be questioned.

Pat Buchanan is right on target.

He says the idea of a border wall “is frankly astounding and asinine.”

Trump and establishment clash over judge who is a member of “La Raza Lawyers.”

New voucher scheme will drive non-whites to the suburbs.

He prevailed in the face of an “appalling dog whistle campaign.”

He’d be the first Muslim mayor of any major Western city.

PR governor blames “a brutal campaign of racial discrimination and lies against us.”

Complaints have been filed against 92 officers.

Puerto Rico can’t pay its debt; it will stiff its lenders.

Labour elected him to succeed Boris Johnson.

Hispanic appointing fellow Hispanics.

“The compadre system” creeps north of the border.

Swedish bureaucrat calls anyone who points it out “Islamophobic.”

It’s a “misunderstanding by an overzealous prosecutor.”

They would have to sell a certain number of units below market rates.

Four of the top six commanders are non-white.

Much hand-wringing because blacks are 13 percent of the population, but only 12 percent of police.

Arabs tell a Mexican he’s being “un-American.”

He’s their senator, right or wrong.

No free speech for him.

Government needs to raise $3 billion in three months.

She had her third-graders write to Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Lawmakers give illegals tips and tools to avoid deportation.

And even illegals can get two years of college tuition free.